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Friday, May 14, 2010

Different Facets of Home Decoration

Different Facets of Home Decoration
Home decoration business has become one of the most sought after home grown business especially for the women. It just takes some creativity and some ability to read the mind of the people. Once you understand the needs of the client, you can hit the bull's eye. But as a customer, we have to spend a lot behind these interior decorators. If we think logically, then we too can accomplish the things, without hiring a home decoration expert. We just need to learn about the different materials, their use and application. Along with we must develop a creative bend in mind. Once we are done with these requirements, we can easily decorate our home beautifully, in a much easier way.

To understand the facets of home decoration, we should try to understand the use of different furniture. Cabinets are the most commonly found furniture in every house. Every house has a certain design of cabinets installed in their rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Still there are so many varieties in the cabinets that you will never get tired from a single design or theme. This is the way you can make your home look unique from others.

If we look at the cabinets, then the knobs and pulls are the most important part from the decoration point of view. The type of cabinet knobs or pulls you choose will define the overall look of your home. If you want to give a modern look to your home, then materials like stained glass, cut glass, porcelain, etc are the best to choose from. They are very modern in look, and it is very easy to maintain them. You can simply clean them by just spraying water, or just with a dry cloth. If you want something more durable and strong, then you must go for the cabinet knobs and pulls made from ironwork. They are really strong and beautiful at the same time.

Decorating the Contemporary Way

Decorating the Contemporary Way
Features of Contemporary Decorating styles
The best way to explain the features of this style is by comparing it with the minimalist approach of designing. The main feature is the presence of comfort levels in the texture and the color that is used. There could be a once in a while inclusion of bright colors in the form of paint on the accent walls or in rugs, cushions etc. The main feature that should be highlighted is the simple nature of anything and everything that is included.

Remember comfort and simplicity is your aim and also peace. Without peace there can be no comfort. Functionality and practicality too are the other keys and therefore anything else, the elements need to be modernized too. It is best to avoid delicate designs of carvings on furniture and accessories because the soft lines disappear and cleaning and keeping them free from dust will be a task.

Moroccan Interiors For Your Home

Moroccan Interiors For Your Home
Advantages of Moroccan interiors
This design is very mysterious and it includes very intricate designs on mosaic. If you are feeling a little lost about the designs then all you need to do is to imagine places like Tangier, Casablanca and others and you would have triggered off your memory. The colors used are vibrant and brighten up any room. These colors are inspired by the geographical features of the place. The colors used are abundant and they range from shades of orange, red and deep blues and also green that is sparkling.

Features of this design
The main feature of this design is the use of abundant colors and dramatic arrangement of furniture in the room. Furniture is made of dark wood and the tiles are made of terracotta. The rugs too are of many colors and on the walls there are hangings that look like ornamentals made of glass.

The patterns on the fabric are in big and bold prints and they get their inspiration from the sand and sea. There is a lot of texture that is involved in this type of design. On the contrary it is a blend of many textures.

Four Great Wood Stove Accessories

Four Great Wood Stove Accessories
Life is made up of thousands upon thousands of details. Every time, every space, every person, is just a huge collection of details, all arranged in such a way that they create the concerted whole. When decorating, controlling those details is vital, as they allow you to evoke the type of space that you desire. The more you are able to influence the nature of the very tiny, the greater power you will have over the entire space.

While a home has a certain architecture to it which is inherent, there are a variety of smaller details that make up even the bare bones of a space. Walls, fireplaces, shelves, and windows are all important elements in the home, but they are made up of seams, of lines, of molding, and of panes. You can decorate all of these features using stencils or paint, or even just by trailing lines of ribbon or garland along them.

Once you get into home décor items, details become very important. Each piece will be a tiny portion of the concerted whole, an intricate portion of the jigsaw puzzle that is your home. Things such as drink coasters, clocks, place mats, candle holders, vases, and other decorative and functional items are all part of the atmosphere, and should be chosen to compliment one another, rather than to detract from any other portion of the space.

One of the important things to note about details is that they speak to perfection. When you have something that is perfect, smooth, solid, unbroken, it is the congruous nature of its details that makes it that way. This can only be maintained however through constant vigilance. Trash cans should be floated throughout a space for getting rid of debris, beverage coasters should be slipped under glasses, place mats should adorn tables, and napkins should be bountiful and easy to find.

Decorative Pendant Lighting Options

Decorative Pendant Lighting Options
There are more than a hundred different types of quoizel chandeliers to choose from. You will find them in various finishes and styles to match the theme and style of your home. You can decorate a room with them without them having to look out of place. They will enhance the beauty of your home and will be the center of attraction for all. All you need to do is simply do a search on the web and you will be provided with many options in front of you.

You can choose from different materials such as iron, gold, silver, bronze and brass. You will also find lamps and other lighting fixtures for purchase which you can add to the room with the quoizel chandelier. If you want something elegant for a room in your house then you can purchase a wall mounted lantern which will be worth your money. These items will last you a long time and will provide with quality lighting inside your home. They will look beautiful and elegant no matter in which style you decide to purchase them.

You can either purchase it in European style, contemporary, Americana, global or arts and crafts. In the European collection you will mainly find antique styles mainly made from different metals and the lamps and shades will either be frosted or clear. The Americana collection will consist of western styles which will be perfect for the modern home. The contemporary collection has polished metals, classic lines and products made from earthy wooden materials. You can view all the different styles right on the web while reading detailed product descriptions and viewing pictures of the products.

New Wooden Bathtubs classic variouse

New Wooden Bathtubs classic variouse
New Wooden Bathtubs classic variouseWooden Bathtubs

If you believe that a wooden floor can be used to your room and then, believe me, that's unconventional thinking. Look at these incredibly exotic wooden tub, which models Arteggiando. Their main objective was to build

Antique Style interiors

Antique Style interiors
The style is reminiscent of ancient Greece, Rome. old style we all know the beautiful monuments of ancient Greece and Rome, monuments of architecture, sculpture. So far, they evoke in us the admiration of her incomparable beauty and complete. Coliseum the triumphal arches, columns, barrel vaults, beautiful sculptures of characters from the nobility, gods, goddesses, paint an amazing art drew its harmony and for many are the standard style interior utility function of separation emulated.Antique and beauty. domestic premises have been decorated with murals and cuffs. The soils are mostly after tile - carpet. coffered ceiling painted by relief images, large pots with designs tapagrami (clay figurines).

Antique-style interior furnishings Greek originals did not survive, but the preserved reliefs, drawings, and vases. The shapes are simple chairs and then working as a model for stylistic forms. Essentially three different types: a bench, plain and ceremonial (toropoobraznye) chairs. Together with simple desks were lower trapezius and dining tables with three legs (legs in the form of animals). Materials: fine wood and bronze.

Antique Style interiorsAntique Style interiors

Home was a small coffin. In the third century BC in Greece occurred in furniture of bronze, decorated with gold, silver, fully lined. Greek ornament typical elements such figures and floral motifs and geometric and architectural. typical decoration - a downward spiral and wavy line. The architecture is used columns Doric, Ionic and orders kofinfskogo and sculptural portraits of famous people, carvings, reliefs and stone slabs. Colors: ivory, shades of gold, bright yellow, blue and green, red (clay), black.

Modern Interior Design Picture White Color

Modern Interior Design Picture White ColorModern Interior Design Picture White Color

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Luxury Home Interior Design

When you’re choosing a firm for luxury home interior design, your first decision will be your definition of “luxury.” Some define “luxury home interior design” as exquisite workmanship; others think of it as including fine antiques; and there’s a segment that thinks of luxury in terms of customizing for their every whim.

However you define “luxury home interior design,” it will almost always involve renovation. In most major metropolitan cities, the basic cost of renovation is $300 -$350 per sq. ft. For luxurious details, such as mahogany bookshelves, you can easily go up to $800-$1000 sq. ft. Finding the right balance between luxury and value is very important.

Designer Previews will show you the work of many of the finest luxury home interior design and architectural firms and help you compare their strengths in relation to your needs.

Interior Design For Your Home

We are talking about your home, are you have satisfied with your home? A person who is creative can do some interior designing on his own even without formal training. Those who have an eye for what is aesthetic can just as easily decorate and design his own house depending on his tastes. Of course, it helps to read books and articles about designing to be updated on the basic and latest design methods.

Any interior designer can create a specific atmosphere just by putting together several pieces and unifying them in a single theme. There are interior designers who have a bias for certain motifs like eclectic, modern or even country style. Some go for simple designs without the clutter.

Interior design is not only aesthetic but also functional depending on the requirements of the client. An interior designer can make a small room spacious and an otherwise cluttered room into an orderly one. Interior design is used just about anywhere from homes, offices to commercial buildings.

The interiors of a room should always match the personality of the person who will occupy that room. This is the reason why designers always work closely with their clients so they can make sure that they get a feel of what their clients want in terms of design style.

Imeüble Shelves: 3D or not 3D?

Here’s a very interesting idea that could mess with one’s mind. Imeüble shelving system comes from designer Bjørn Jørund Blikstad and at the first glance it appears to be just another picture on the wall. Its creator says that the concept behind the idea works with your mind the way associating words with their meaning works. He says that when you read the word “cornfield,” you imagine a field full of corn, not the word “cornfield”. In this particular case, the shelving system looks 2D, but as you get closer you will see storing is possible so the logical thing is that it is actually 3D. On Freshome we treat optical illusions and mind games with a high amount of fascination, so we hope you enjoy this one as well.-via Yanko Design

Making a Classic Vanity Look Modern : Kult by Lacev-Mobilacev

Designed by Italian company Lacev-Mobilacev the Kult vanity is putting a contemporary spin on a classic design. This chic vanity design takes elements from traditional pieces, like the hourglass-shaped leg and silkscreen designs, and combines them with exciting, unexpected, ultra-modern features like the avant-garde angled bottom and a trendy color palette, standing on a single leg. High-polished or semi-gloss lacquer finish offers these vanities a luxurious look that brings some real glamour to your bathroom. This collection takes the somatic marks of classicism: the curved, the leg, the serigraphy on the crystals and changes them in sinuous shapes, gentle and modern, joining them to perfection.

Alligator House : Affordable Abode in New Orleans

The spectacular “Alligator House” comes from buildingstudio, a team with an impressive portfolio from LA. Its design really stands out, as the facade resembles the shape of an alligator head. The place was built in order to help some of the Katrina refugees. Here is a specialized description from the architects: “This 13-ft. wide home is based on a common typology in the New Orleans area: the “Single”, meaning a one-family shotgun residence designed to fit the long narrow lots typical in the City. Metal grate steps stretch across the front of the house for casual sitting while visiting with neighbors.

Cute Small Room Arrangements

We try to cover a wide range of indoor products here on Freshome, from the most unusual ones to the more practical. We also had a lot of indoors for kids, but we somehow neglected sharing ideas on teenage rooms. We will try to make up for that starting with this post, in which we will show you 10 ways to decorate a teenager’s bedroom. Sure, these designs are addressed to the age group 9-14 and don’t include any eccentric decorations, but warm and peaceful colors. There are plenty of shelves for Cd’s, books and magazines, so we are also dealing with conscientious pupils. I particularly like the cartoon black and white wall drawings as they seem to bring personality to the rooms.

Nicholas Tamarin -- Interior Design

Duda/Paine Architects is done duking it out: they've won the American Institute of Architects annual National Design Award for Health Care for the Duke Integrative Medicine in their hometown of Durham, North Carolina.

Part of the Duke University Health System, the $11 million, 27,000-square-foot building is snuggled next to the woods and streams of Duke Forest. The firm incorporated elements found there as well as on the school's Gothic-style West Campus and health system structures into the building, which is also the first medical facility in North Carolina to receive LEED certification.

The buildings three main branches radiate out from a curving entry loggia which features a vaulted colonnade that references the Gothic language of the West Campus. As the branches move toward the forest, they provide quiet glass-walled corners for reflection, framed views, gardens with seating areas, meandering paths, and fountains. The Gothic versus nature battle continues in the two main waiting areas and the library : The areas boast a bench-lined hall faces a water-wall surrounded by a bamboo garden while the overhead arches in the library provide comfort through their structure and light.
Duda/Paine design partner, Turan Duda, says, "As architects, we rarely have the opportunity to design a project with a mission that aligns so profoundly with our own. One of the strongest threads running through Duda/Paine's work is the emphasis we place on the human experience of architecture—how we understand our surroundings episodically, experiencing with our senses and interpreting with our intellect. Just as the visionaries behind Duke's integrative medicine program view well being as an holistic endeavor that embraces mind, body, and spirit, our approach to design unifies theory and practice by focusing on the human experience."

"We are truly fortunate to have had visionary partners in the development of Duke Integrative Medicine," adds its executive director, Tracy Gaudet. "Working with Turan Duda and his team, we have been able to realize a clinical facility that sets a new standard, where the partnership we have with the patients and the support we provided is mirrored in our physical place, where our whole-person approach to health is reflect in every detail of our building."

A slice of boudoir heaven

If I were Samantha the good witch and could wiggle my nose and create the ultimate boudoir for myself this pretty much would be it!

Claudia Strassers The Paris Apartment book was first published 16 years ago, but to me it NEVER gets old. I've mentioned on many occasions this book has been my bed companion for a long time and even travelled with me to Europe as I couldn't bear to part with it. Pages 74 and 75 are almost permanently open on my dressing table and often when passing I find myself wishing I could dive into those glossy pages.

I love absolutely everything about this room, from the parquetry floors to the 12 foot high ceilings, The recessed shelving for books and treasures complete with pelmet framing. The sheepskin rugs, the painted Louis furniture, the tufted tub chairs, the silk sumptuous fabrics, the turquoise vases and the grand sparkling chandelier! I know swags and tails in most bedrooms can look completely over the top but in a room this grand how could you have anything less? Ok perhaps I would hide the speakers.

I thought I'd finish with another one of my favourite images from Claudia's book. Would you feast your eyes on this treasure trove?! You would have to call security to force me to leave such a place. It actually reminds me alot of Vintage Glamour in Enmore, Sydney. I could spend hours rummaging through that store.
If you haven't already bought this book you are missing out! It truly is a slice of heaven.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Interior Design Ideas

bedroom designs cool designs design design your own bedroom home interiors interior decorating interior design interior design ideas modelos en ropa interior room design

interior design ideas
interior design ideas
interior design ideas

Luxury Traditional Dining Room Interior Design Glamour Styles

Some people want to decorate their dining room interior design with elegant and comfortable styles. And, for doing that, there is contemporary dining room interior design with luxury and glamour styles pictures which may be can inspire you to make your own beautiful dining room design. You can use some contemporary chairs and table furniture to combine in your house decorating ideas. Impressive chairs and big tables furniture offer a surprising mixture of curves and angles; the extending metallic legs of the furniture are topped through ball twisted swellings. Other than this is an exceptionally modern gothic interior design concept, every dining room decoration idea presents astounding differences. When you look for the first time, it is the nature references which grab you off lookout. I like this beautiful and elegant dining room design concept. And, here it is some dining room contemporary and luxurious design for your source of interior design ideas.

Luxury Traditional Dining Room Decoration

Luxury Stair and Void for Elegance Interior Home Design

Funtastic Stair and Void

Exclusive stair and void for elegance interior home design
Funtastic Stair and Void

Exclusive stair and void for elegance interior home design. The right combination of colors to add an impression on the luxurious interior design room.

Luxury Kids Room. Interior Design Ideas

Luxury Modern Living Room Design with Flower Wallcover

Luxury Modern Living Room Design with Flower WallcoverModern Living Room Interior Design with Flower Wallcover
Luxury Modern Living Room Design with Flower Wallcover

Modern Living Room Interior Design with Flower Wallcover

Luxury and Beautyful Furniture Design

Luxury and Beautyful Furniture Designluxury furniture model wood design

Luxury and Beautyful Furniture Designluxury furniture model eropa design

Luxury and Beautyful Furniture Designluxury bedroom furniture design

Luxury and Beautyful Furniture Designluxury shofa furniture design

Luxury and Beautyful Furniture Designluxury workroom furniture design

Luxury and Beautyful Furniture Designluxury furniture design

Luxury and Beautyful Furniture Designluxury workroom furniture orange colour design

Luxury and Beautyful Furniture Designluxury customer service furniture design


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