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Friday, May 14, 2010

Moroccan Interiors For Your Home

Moroccan Interiors For Your Home
Advantages of Moroccan interiors
This design is very mysterious and it includes very intricate designs on mosaic. If you are feeling a little lost about the designs then all you need to do is to imagine places like Tangier, Casablanca and others and you would have triggered off your memory. The colors used are vibrant and brighten up any room. These colors are inspired by the geographical features of the place. The colors used are abundant and they range from shades of orange, red and deep blues and also green that is sparkling.

Features of this design
The main feature of this design is the use of abundant colors and dramatic arrangement of furniture in the room. Furniture is made of dark wood and the tiles are made of terracotta. The rugs too are of many colors and on the walls there are hangings that look like ornamentals made of glass.

The patterns on the fabric are in big and bold prints and they get their inspiration from the sand and sea. There is a lot of texture that is involved in this type of design. On the contrary it is a blend of many textures.

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