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Friday, May 14, 2010

Antique Style interiors

Antique Style interiors
The style is reminiscent of ancient Greece, Rome. old style we all know the beautiful monuments of ancient Greece and Rome, monuments of architecture, sculpture. So far, they evoke in us the admiration of her incomparable beauty and complete. Coliseum the triumphal arches, columns, barrel vaults, beautiful sculptures of characters from the nobility, gods, goddesses, paint an amazing art drew its harmony and for many are the standard style interior utility function of separation emulated.Antique and beauty. domestic premises have been decorated with murals and cuffs. The soils are mostly after tile - carpet. coffered ceiling painted by relief images, large pots with designs tapagrami (clay figurines).

Antique-style interior furnishings Greek originals did not survive, but the preserved reliefs, drawings, and vases. The shapes are simple chairs and then working as a model for stylistic forms. Essentially three different types: a bench, plain and ceremonial (toropoobraznye) chairs. Together with simple desks were lower trapezius and dining tables with three legs (legs in the form of animals). Materials: fine wood and bronze.

Antique Style interiorsAntique Style interiors

Home was a small coffin. In the third century BC in Greece occurred in furniture of bronze, decorated with gold, silver, fully lined. Greek ornament typical elements such figures and floral motifs and geometric and architectural. typical decoration - a downward spiral and wavy line. The architecture is used columns Doric, Ionic and orders kofinfskogo and sculptural portraits of famous people, carvings, reliefs and stone slabs. Colors: ivory, shades of gold, bright yellow, blue and green, red (clay), black.

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