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Friday, May 14, 2010

Decorating the Contemporary Way

Decorating the Contemporary Way
Features of Contemporary Decorating styles
The best way to explain the features of this style is by comparing it with the minimalist approach of designing. The main feature is the presence of comfort levels in the texture and the color that is used. There could be a once in a while inclusion of bright colors in the form of paint on the accent walls or in rugs, cushions etc. The main feature that should be highlighted is the simple nature of anything and everything that is included.

Remember comfort and simplicity is your aim and also peace. Without peace there can be no comfort. Functionality and practicality too are the other keys and therefore anything else, the elements need to be modernized too. It is best to avoid delicate designs of carvings on furniture and accessories because the soft lines disappear and cleaning and keeping them free from dust will be a task.

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