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Monday, May 10, 2010


Urbanista offer unique, luxurious eco-properties, individually designed and built for a niche market - those that prefer the individuality of non-resort living and those that yearn for on-resort originality. They provide discreet carefully considered spaces where both modernism and the traditional are morphed with a twist - original antiques & reclaimed materials are coupled with progressive eco-technologies giving their unique brand of modern eclecticism.

Mysteron Table. Circa 2001, London interior.

Nomadic lifestyles spawn exotic products. Global Urbanista merges the chic sensibility of sophisticated urban living with the exotic beauty of the most desirable settings. Urbanista's eco - ethos allows the pursuit or devotion to pleasure without feelings of guilt. Luxury can now be celebrated inconspicuously in their glamorous, sculptural projects that embody stealth-wealth.

British design brothers Luke and Matt Farren work at the highest end of the spectrum, offering a discreet service for an elite client base including rock stars and billionaires.

Restored Quinta, Obidos

The Global Urbanista partners immediately recognised the obvious regional parallels with California - sunny climate, fantastic waves and landscape. Locations perfectly suited to their sleek sculptural lines inspired by mid-century US West Coast modernism. Although currently involved with projects in Dubai, Verbier and London, the brothers have made the area their home. The landscape, climate and helpful planning laws enable the company to accomplish their entire vision with maximum control - designing and furnishing uber-homes for their select clientele.

'Urbanista's Club Lux has brought the company a packed order book. It's clean modernist lines has a certain energy that's funky' Financial Times 'How To Spend It'


Global Urbanista have their international HQ in an original nineteenth century quinta secreted away in a forest - ensuring complete privacy. Reminiscent in more ways than just location of Bond cool, Lautneresque lines - angular concrete, antique features, stone & flowing mosaic adjoin internal and external living. A multi-layered textural and highly individual form of three dimensional self-expression, Urbanista confidently combine classic and contemporary, linear with lustrous, ornate with organic and the unexpected with the exotic.

FAB. 1 and FAB. 2

The Quinta serves as Urbanista's international base and showcase for their own developments & consultancy in both architectural and interior design for commercial and residential projects.

Urbanista was cited as one of three protagonists for the Jet-Set movement by the Worth Global Style Network which is a predictor of future trends used by the major fashion houses,

'Think Savile Row bespoke, teamed with Tarantinoesque design. Think Urbanista' Watch Magazine

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