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Friday, September 10, 2010

Trends In Interior Decorating

Trends In Interior Decorating
It is easy to see why you feel so relaxed when you are surrounded by nature. The
colors are calming and it just feels right to commune with this particular
environment. Environmental Decorating is a popular trend that addresses these
feelings to "get back to nature."

Extending this design area into your home or office can easily be done with simple
accessories. Faux textures that resemble marble, stone or granite can set a nice
background for any room with this theme. Look outside your window to see what
palette Mother Earth is offering. Take these colors and use them in wallcovering or
upholstery. Look for patterns that contain vegetables, florals, leaves or fruit.
Combine these items with natural wood or marble flooring. Top it off with wood
blinds and you have created an environment where you can relax and feel embraced
by nature.

Anyone can take responsibility to bring design trends into their home or office. The
trick to having a room that truly looks "put together" is to coordinate items as
simple as your bedspreads, pillows and comforters. Does your wall go with your
tables? Are your blinds complimenting your furniture? They do not have to match.
They do, however, need to compliment each other and give will help to give you a
more professional, "put together" look if you can accomplish this.

Do not be quick to spend money on your interior design. It is easy to look through a
catalog and buy everything you need that might match. It is savvy to find an
accessories store or website where you can pick and choose the items creating a
room that is uniquely about you and the life you lead.

A good way to dive into decorating is by looking at a trend you enjoy such as
Environmental Decorating. Buy one items you truly love and build your ideas around
that one item. Before you know it, you will have additional items that compliment
each other and a theme you truly love. All that is left is enjoy your new environment.

Interior Redesign Career - Get The Facts

Interior Redesign Career - Get The Facts
The field of interior decorating is fast changing as many traditional designers have been forced to add interior redesign to their services just to stay competitive. Hiring a decorator is no longer just for the rich and famous! Interior redesign is a credible and affordable service which has opened the decorating market for just about everyone.

If you have dreamed of becoming an interior decorator consider entering the alternative decorating field of Interior Redesign. This is a great starting point for anyone interested in learning the basics of interior decorating. Many training resources can even assist you with business start-up basics.

Interior redesign is fast becoming a credible alternative to the traditional interior design industry! The professional is not required to complete the costly and drawn out education experience. Many students are starting their new careers within only a month or two of completing training!

Redesign professionals are unique in that they have to be more creative in completing a decorating project than the traditional designer. This is due to the fact that they work with furnishings and accessories their client already owns. Concentrating on focal points and architectural details should always be a major consideration when designing a space.

By joining this relatively new decorating field now, you should be able to build a business rather quickly. No previous experience is required and there is not much competition. In fact, many areas of the United States have very little if none at all...yet! This creative field of design does not require much start up capital and may be run from your home.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Plano de Casa de dos pisos 4 habitaciones y 234 metros cuadrados

En la planta baja tenemos garage para 2 autos, estudio, living, comedor, cocina con isla y medio baño.

En la planta alta tenemos 4 habitaciones y el baño principal. La habitación principal tiene baño en suite y un walk in closet enorme.

Plano de Casa de 2 pisos, 3 habitaciones y 174 metros cuadrados

Este plano es una clara muestra de como un plano puede cambiar mucho con unos ligeros cambios.

En la planta baja tenemos garage para 2 autos, living, cocina con isla, comedor y medio baño.

En la planta alta tenemos el baño principal, lavadero y 3 dormitorios (El principal con baño en suite).

Beachfront House in California

An architectural beauty sits on the Pacific coast of Southern California where the blue ocean and sky provide all the color you need. It could be why this modern beach house is dressed in white from head to toe. Or perhaps architects Richard Meier and Michael Palladino left it up to the clients high-end art collection to do all the coloring. This home is a beautiful representation of intelligent design caused by the desire to create an interior/exterior experience with glass ceilings and walls throughout the home as well as an unobstructed view of the sea from the highway. With 4,280-square-feet of heavenly space and a massive view of the ocean, we don’t see any reason to ever want to leave…

Gorgeous stream lined architectural details define the courtyard which has been designed for a private oasis.

A double decker living room with supported glass walls provides optimum sunlight to reflect the suspended sculptural art piece- how dreamy…

Artwork as the focal point is the staple of a modern home and these guys do it BIG.

HGTV Dream House Might Be For You

HGTV Dream House Might Be For You

You might be lucky enough to win a fortune which you thought could never be possible. Start visualizing your dream home which may become a living reality within 50 days. HGTV Dream house brings you the sweepstakes which you can take part in and be the lucky winner. You may just realize that your fantasy has been materialized by this lucky draw. If you are a resident of the US and above 21 years of age you can take part in this offer. Applications can be filled online or even sent by post. The postal address is available on the webpage.

Hgtv Dream House: Check out this House

To get ideas about the facilities offered, you can see the photos of the past dream houses HGTV has distributed to its winners. Different houses have different facilities and dimensions. HGTV also brings you along with the floor plans the construction updates and photos of the different periods of construction. Every detail of the construction is shared on the homepage. You can look into these details and know the quality of home you may just be lucky to get.

Hgtv Dream House: Master Bathroom

The woodwork is top quality and also the kitchens are furnished with all the necessary amenities. All the rooms are spacious enough. This is one sweepstake which you may not want to miss.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Ultra Modern – Morphosis Omega Shower System

The Morphosis Omega Shower System from Jacuzzi is a steam shower designed by Ferrari design company Pininfarina. Equipped with steam, arometherapy and massage systems, a complete lighting system and all the other features you would expect from a system like this, the Omega is a perfect solution for your showering needs. Also as you can see from the pictures below this stunning shower system incorporates a curved teak seat, massaging pebble flooring, with endless shower combinations from soft rain shower to invigorating body sprays all encased in a sleek glass panels. Electronic controls further enhance the showering experience with adjustable lighting and temperature monitoring. Finally I think that the Morphosis Omega Shower System looks very good, but is to equipped, and if something breaks I’m pretty sure that you’ll need serious assistance. Now if you want something like this in your home you’ll need a lot of money …$27,126 but you’ll be sure that from now on any bathroom will look like crap compared with yours.

morphosis shower

jacuzzi showermorphosis omega suite

jacuzzi morphosis omega shower

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

kitchen interior design, Elegant, Refined : The space feels both elegant and casual, with rich ebony doors and the banquette’s tufting and nailhead detailing contrasting with more rustic touches, such as the pine table, antique chandelier with chipping paint, and backsplash of whitewashed brick. The banquette facing away from the kitchen area allows the room to function as a comfortable gathering space. The hardware is understated to maintain the living room-like quality.

Formosa 1140 town houses in West Hollywood, an interior design living room at the Formosa 1140 town houses. Ten of the units are two stories high; the front unit is three stories.

Interoir Design of Sultan Lounge by Dupoux

Best interior design by Amanda Nisbet

Amanda Nisbet founder of Amanda Nisbet Design, Amanda believes in keeping both her company and number of projects small thus affording her control and commitment to each project. Her understanding of each of the families she works with is the parti for the unique palette of colors, finishes and solutions which define each project.

Interior design collections of Caroline Paterson

The way she combines abstract with tradtional so seemlessly is a delight. Nothing appears out of place or random. Not to mention the designed look.
Caroline’s style can best be described as eclectic and versatile, with the foundation of her inspiration based predominantly on architecture, about which she cares deeply. She enjoys the contrast of working on contemporary interior design projects as much as traditional and whilst at Colefax, spent many years working on corporate projects. is how I felt when I came across the portfolio of London designer, Caroline Paterson. Named by House & Garden to their Top 100 decorators list, I find her work inspiring and the attention to detail amazing. The first picture makes me swoon - love the blue/green silk pillow and hand blown glass vase paired with the contemporary styling of the bureau and the traditional artwork.

Interior Design by Jerry Jacobs Design pay attention to the above bedroom interior design. If you have a house you want to make a hotel-like design, it is probably a good reference.

Unique and Funky Interior Design by Tobias Rehberger

This unique and funky interior design appears in a bar in Venice, Italy called "La Biennale". This person behind the design is Tobias Rehberger. The interesting thing about this design is the powerful statement that it makes. A person could feel drunk in this bar even without having consumed any alcohol. The season for this is closely tied to the purpose of camouflage, a common design pattern used in hunting and warfare. Camouflage's purpose is to distort reality. A result of the distortion could be that you cannot see the camouflaged item or that it is impossible to pinpoint the object due to the camouflage. In the concept of "La Biennale" the mind is unable to sort through the funky patterns and colors which distort one's own reality and experience.

La Biennale
Drunk Bar in Venice Italy
Tobias Rehberger Design
Artists at Work
Bar Decorating
Camouflage in Design
Cool Storage
Funky Interior Design
Unique Interior Design
Venice Italy Bar
Entrance to Bar

Plush iMac by Kerry Hughes

Remeber iCushion, the Iphone 3GS Shaped Pillow that we presented a few months ago ? Today here is another another “Apple product” made from plush. Just like that computer on your desk, this 17-inch tall, one-of-a-kind plush iMac comes with a matching wireless keyboard and mouse. Unlike your computer, it’s made from felt with polyester stuffing. Created by textile artist Kerry Hughes, the plush iMac appears to be running Logic Pro 8, so it’s perfect for iMac fans who are also musicians. If you are an Apple fan and love Apple and their products as much as you say you do, then you will welcome the Plush iMac into your house with arms wide open. Finally we think that this Plush iMac would look great on a piece of furniture and we’re pretty sure that it can get a lot of attention. You can get one iMac like this from Etsy. – Via – FreshBump

iplush mac Plush iMac by Kerry Hughes

iplush mac apple Plush iMac by Kerry Hughes

iplush mac pillow Plush iMac by Kerry Hughes

iplush mac pc Plush iMac by Kerry Hughes

Compact Holiday Home with Uncommon Interiors- VilLA NM

We just received some photos from UNStudio showcasing this uncommon holiday home from Upstate New York. VilLA NM is a compact building, especially designed for weekend and vacation getaways with family and friends. The architects described it as a “futuristic hut” that has unobstructed panoramic views over the surrounding landscape and large floor to ceiling windows that establish a great connection with the exterior. Here is more information: “The kitchen and dining area on the ground floor are connected by a ramp to the living space above, the 1.5-meter (5 feet) height change allowing for a sweeping outlook over the surrounding woodland and meadows. A similar ramp connects the living area to the master and the children’s bedrooms on the second floor.

VilLA NM, a Compact=

Facilities such as the bathroom, kitchen and fireplace are clustered in the vertical axis of the house, leaving the outer walls free. Large glazed windows feature in all but the most private rooms.Technically, the volumetric transition is generated by a set of five parallel walls that rotate along a horizontal axis from vertical to horizontal. The walls become floor and vice versa. The ruled surface maintaining this transition is repeated five times in the building. Standardizing and pre-fabricating of this structural element lowered the building costs without reducing the spatial quality of the interior.”

Villa NM

villa NM exterior Compact Holiday Home with Uncommon Interiors : VilLA NM

VNM CRF 0513 Compact Holiday Home with Uncommon Interiors : VilLA NM

villa nm Compact Holiday Home with Uncommon Interiors : VilLA NM

villa nf2 Compact Holiday Home with Uncommon Interiors : VilLA NM

villan nm21 Compact Holiday Home with Uncommon Interiors : VilLA NM

villan nm2 Compact Holiday Home with Uncommon Interiors : VilLA NM

villan nm213 Compact Holiday Home with Uncommon Interiors : VilLA NM


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