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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Very Pink of Perfection

Softness, affection, innocence, and love...
Hues of carnation, fuchsia, cherry blossom, magenta, lavender rose, puce, amaranth, cerise.
Oh the beauty and bliss of being tickled pink...

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Great Air Plane Interior Design

If you are rich enough to buy a personal jet, you might be want to design it with some great interior to make your jet a flying five star palace. There is some of the great air plane interior design that I collect for you as a design inspiration, hope you like it.

Pokemon Plane Interior


The popular Pokémon (Pocket Monsters) television series entered the fleet of All Nippon Airways* in late June. ANA had asked elementary school children to compete featuring Pokémon characters chosen from about 40,073 entries. Shota, the winner of the competition, signed his name on the aircraft’s door. In explaining how he chose his design, he said, “I wanted to give the Pokémon that usually live at sea a chance to experience the thrill of flying in the sky. I can’t believe that planes carrying my design are really going to fly.”


Boeing Dreamliner Interior Design


The Dreamliner’s interiors, designed by Seattle’s Teague, a firm with a 60-year relationship with Boeing. The Teague team strove for a design language that would convey a sense of comfort and offer subtle yet memorable cues meant to signal the Boeing brand. The idea is to help passengers recognize a Dreamliner as a Boeing jet, no matter which airline owns the plane (the planes also feature modular elements that can be customized).

Seen here is the plane’s entry, which features a soaring vaulted ceiling and a curvaceous, skylight-like overhead detail that gives a sense of space. “The idea is to welcome passengers to the airplane,” says Teague Vice-President Ken Dowd. Teague, in partnership with Boeing, focused on customer needs when developing its design strategy, using a combination of international airline surveys, personal anecdotes, and ethnographic-style research. Teague was involved from the start of the design process, which began in 2001.


Teague and Boeing wanted to extend a sense of comfort to the pilot and co-pilot of the plane, too. So the Teague team designed the flight deck, seen here, to be harmonious with the sleek interior design of the rest of the plane and not just to have the generic, technical feel of most cockpits.


The Teague team wanted to keep signature architectural details of the Dreamliner consistent throughout the plane. Seen here is a view of the cabin; visible is the continuation of the arch motif from the entryway. There is a bar-like area at the front of the coach-class section (toward the back of the plane) where passengers can stand and rest. It’s there to encourage them to move about and be both active and comfortable during the flight.

Alex Nakobo Airplane Design


If you are rich enough to buy a personal jet, you might also want to customize it with some rich luxury to make your jet a flying five star palace. To do just this for you, Belarus based designer Alex Nakobo has a host of custom designs which are already doing duty in Russian corporate jets. To bling your jet up, how about custom leather chairs and wide aisles for a very comfortable and an ultra luxurious flying experience? If this is not enough, you can warm your backsides on plush leather seats and even have an impromptu dinner over the ornate dining table, 30000 feet in the sky. For entertainment, you have options of large HDTVs with custom lighting for the cabins. All this luxury is nicely done up in a cabin that has plenty of wood to make it almost like your very own living room in the sky. These are just examples of what can be done to make your jet a palace in the sky. Like all custom jobs, you can specify your very own jet with whatever it takes to satisfy all your whims and fancies.

Versace Jetplane Interior


Mock-up plane interior after Versace announced they were expanding into private jet design.

Virgin America Plane Interior


Someone try to take this picture from the back of the plane but sadly the cool glowing blue and purple lights were off. fortunately The super nice staff helped out and turned the light up for him and you can see how great the plane interior.


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