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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Minimalist Home Architecture


New Exclusive Celebrity Home Interior Design

It’s a new year, which means maybe it’s time for a new home - let’s not forget the tax credit extension and the new move-up tax credit for existing homeowners (learn more about that here

Or maybe you’re thinking of doing a bit of remodeling?

Either way, everyone loves a little inspiration - from browsing the latest home design shows on HGTV, home design books & magazines or just perusing your local home improvement store.

And here’s some unique inspiration that will get the creative juices flowing of any home enthusiast - an exclusive peek inside celebrity homes from around the world courtesy of Architectural Digest, The Bible of Home Design.

This spread takes you inside such notable addresses as the LA apartment of pop legend Elton John, the Bel-Air home of actor Kelsey Grammer, fashion designer Donna Karan’s retreat in the British West Indies (pictured above), the Paris apartment of couturier Elie Saab (pictured below) and the Italian villa of the scion of the Salvatore Ferragamo fashion house.

Also featured are the homes of television director James Burrows (pictured at the top of this post), advertising extraordinaire Mary Wells and Emmy-winning actress Patricia Heaton (pictured below).

So get your pens and pads ready and take notes - no matter your budget, you’re likely to find many ideas you can replicate in your North Texas homes (ok, maybe on a slightly smaller scale).

New Funtastic Small Bedroom Design – LGM 02 Bed

Today I’ve found on BonBon a bed named LGM 02. The LGM 02 double swivel bed converts with just one simple movement, LGM becoming a desk/bookcase or at night a comfortable bed with slatted base. But this post is not about that be, because the bed is just a simple bed. The thing that I liked is how the whole stuff are arranged in that room, a beautiful little bedroom, I love it, and I wanted to share this design with my readers.

New Luxury and Classic Italian Interiors Design

italiainterior design

italian interior design

italian style in interior design


italian decor in interior design

italian interior design

italian interiors

italian interior design

italian interior design

classic italian interior design

traditional interior design

italian bathroom

Classic Italian Interiors Gallery

If you are planning to give your home a classic Italian look, we suggest you consider the Florence based Savio Firmino’s collection. Though they are a bit expensive on the price side, their designs really capture the old Italian essence.

Interior Design Decoration With Rack

Interior Design Decoration With Rack

Interior Design Decoration With Rack

Interior Design Decoration With Rack
In designing a rack that is used as a decorative object, consider its placement. You can choose whether the rack will be placed on the floor, wall, or mounted on the wall flying. To make an accent in the room, place a rack in a clearly visible part of the room. For example, the wall that has different colors with the walls of the other. So that his own interior design with a variety of colors and styles can be comfortable and elegant.

Interior Designers Unique From La Maison Coloniale

Interior Designers Unique From La Maison Coloniale

Interior Designers Unique From La Maison Coloniale

Interior Designers Unique From La Maison Coloniale
India is always associated with its fragrance, sounds and color. This collection reflectes nature of India, its culture and traditions. These interior designs are unique and inspiring. All furniture is hand crafted, sculpted and assembled according to ancient tradition, so it is mostly made of natural materials. Interior Designers Unique From La Maison Coloniale brings nuance is a very thick Indian interior design.

Modern Concept Home Landscape Design with Natural Exterior Home

Modern Concept Home Landscape Design with Natural Exterior HomeMinimalis Concept Modern Home Landscape Design Ideas

With the ozone layer creating issues for the world and America being the leading country, we should work upon getting the green going. If you plant a tree, you are helping cure the ozone layer, helping global warming, and creating an image of a cleaner society.

1) Of course the Internet. it's sometimes called the information superhighway, so make use of this vast amount of information freely available to you. I'm not saying to copy someone else's design , but get inspired and add your personal touch to it. Work with your landscape contractor in this.

2)Landscaping and gardening magazines is another great way to get a lot of inspiration quickly and easily. The editors of these magazine take great care in showcasing the right kind of work by designers around the world, which can be a great source of inspiration.

3)Visit tread shows and product exhibitions related to landscaping and horticulture industry. Just by looking at the new product catalogues and their various benefits you can easily solve tour problems in particular are of your home.

4)next time you watch a movie slightly shift your attention and watch how the interior and exteriors are chosen. The art director of these movies and television shows are very specific about selecting the locations for shooting the films. You can get some good inspiration by looking into these movies and television shows.

5)Finally keep your eyes open to new things around you. Whenever you visit your friends, relatives, shopping malls, public parks, there are hundreds of places where you can easily get inspiration. If you don't live in a busy city then it is already easier for you, because the natural environment is the greatest source of inspiration.

Famaos Modern Home design concept

Famaos Modern Home design conceptElegant Spanish Home Design Concept Ideas

This design Modern Concept for home spanish is a famous home modern in spanis. The best way to identify a Spanish/Mediterranean house is by the following characteristics. Exterior walls are usually stucco or brick, often painted white or cream to contrast the roof of the home. The roof itself is generally covered with terra cotta or brightly colored roof tiles and normally have a low-pitched gable or hipped roof. Another distinguishing characteristic is the extension of the side or front wall to form a courtyard entrance or porch. Windows are sometimes casements, framed by wooden or wrought iron grills or second story balconies.The garages can be attached, or detached, sometimes combing guest quarters in the form of a small casita. There is a pronounced use of stucco arches that is usually over main entrances, doors, and windows. As for the floor plans, they are generally asymmetrical, with gabled wings in the form of an L, or U-shape configuration. The courtyards are designed centrally to provide ommunication to the outdoors, from most rooms. Carved doors, pilasters, columns, decorative railings, and carved pattern stonework are also traditional characteristics of Spanish style house plans.Mediterranean/Spanish house plans plans became very popular in the states of Arizona, Texas, California and Florida between 1917 and 1950. Spanish/Mediterranean house plans are built in a variety of forms, and still remain very popular in the United States today, especially in the southern states.

Interior Designer With Minimalist Interior Concepts

Interior Designer With Minimalist Interior Concepts

Interior Designer With Minimalist Interior Concepts
Take advantage of soft colors and natural. For example, beige, gray, green tosca, and so on. To provide a more modern impression, may also combine with a black and white. Interior Designer with a minimalist interior concept can be applied to this space.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Luxury home in Mexico by 7XA Arquitectura

house in el uro 1, modern architecture luxury house

Luxury house night view

Angel López and Carlos Ortiz of 7XA Arquitectura studio did a good job in creating a modern home on a 5,000 sq.m. plot in El Uro, México.

house in el uro 2,modern architecture , modern luxury house

Modern architecture and gardens

They aimed to bring the owners the best views to the Sierra Madre mountains and they succeeded.

house in el uro 3, modern interior design , modern architecture, modern design pool

Modern House view with the pool

The vast plot gives an opportunity for lavish planning and 7XA took advantage by designing the house in a cross shape.

contemporary architecture  house  in el uro 4 night view

mexican modern house night view

The house is articulated by a central space with a wooden cylinder in the middle, which serves as a guest bathroom.

modern architecture  house in el uro 5, modern design, modern interior, modern garden architecture

contemporary architecture white house with green garden

This space divides the house’s different areas: the more open ground floor that hosts social functions and the semi-closed and more intimate upper level with bedrooms facing the huge garden.

modern house  house in el uro ,living room interior design

modern dining room interior design

house in el uro 6, modern interior design , modern decoration, contemporary architecture

Dining room interior design

contemporary architecture  house in el uro stairs design

stairs interior design

house in el uro , bathroom interior design , modern interior design ,modern bathroom interior design

bathroom interior design

house in el uro, ultra modern house plans

Modern architecture plans


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