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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Best Beautiful White Apartment Interior Design

Beautiful White Apartment Interior DesignBeautiful White Apartment Interior Design

Beautiful White Apartment Interior DesignBeautiful White Apartment Interior Design

Beautiful White Apartment Interior DesignBeautiful White Apartment Interior Design

Simple Home Decoration Ideas

Simple Home Decoration IdeasSimple Home Decoration Ideas

Simple Home Decoration IdeasSimple Home Decoration Ideas

Simple Home Decoration IdeasSimple Home Decoration Ideas

Simple Home Decoration IdeasSimple Home Decoration Ideas

Best Flooring Home Designs

Flooring Home DesignsFlooring Home Designs

Flooring Home DesignsFlooring Home Designs

Top Modern Home Interior Designs

Modern  Home Interior DesignsModern Home Interior Designs

Modern Home Interior DesignsModern Home Interior Designs

Modern Home Interior DesignsModern Home Interior Designs

Modern Home Interior DesignsModern Home Interior Designs

Elegant Bathroom Interior Ideas

Elegant Bathroom Interior IdeasElegant Bathroom Interior Ideas

Elegant Bathroom Interior IdeasElegant Bathroom Interior Ideas

Elegant Bathroom Interior IdeasElegant Bathroom Interior Ideas

Interior Dream Home Design

Modern Luxury Interior Dream Home DesignModern Luxury Interior Dream Home Design

Modern Luxury Interior Dream Home DesignModern Luxury Interior Dream Home Design

Modern Luxury Interior Dream Home DesignModern Luxury Interior Dream Home Design

Modern Luxury Interior Dream Home DesignModern Luxury Interior Dream Home Design

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bedroom Design and Lighting

Bedroom Design and Lighting
Lighting has a massive effect on ambiance. In fact, it has the greatest effect on mood. If the lighting is not right nothing else you do will salvage your design, so when it comes to redecorating your bedroom, you should spend some time thinking carefully about what you want to accomplish. Do you want a sexy boudoir or do you want a functional home office/bedroom?

It matters a lot whether you are married or single. Many married people do not require a sexy bedroom, especially if they have children, whereas single people, particularly women, would rather a sexy boudoir. Single men are inclined to go for a functional bedroom with a computer station in the corner.

There are three ways you can go about designing your bedroom: You could use pen and paper; you could use software or you could plan it in your head. Whichever way you decide to go, you will need to think about style and lighting. Let's say that you will be using pen and paper to sketch out your design, because that is what most people would do.

Graph paper is the easiest to use exactly. Pick the largest scale that will allow your longest wall to fit on the page. So, if your sheet of paper is 12x7 inches and your room is 5x3 yards, then your scale would be 2 inches to 1 yard or 2:36, which is 1:18. Draw in the walls of your bedroom.

Next draw in immovable objects like windows and doors and then electrical points and light fittings. The rest is yours to do with what you like. At this point, you may want to make a dozen photocopies of your sheet of graph paper, so that you can outline different ideas.

Decor Ideas For Your Kid's Room

Decor Ideas For Your Kid's Room
Your child's room is important for your child as it is his domain. Kids in the age group of six to 10 are in their latency period when they are neither in their childhood nor in their adolescence. This is the time they explore and develop their minds. A well-set room for them helps them to have their own personal space that they love and call their own.

Their room needs a strong chair, a big writing desk and enough space for them to play around in the most funny and silly ways ever. The best thing is to get you kid involved while selecting the décor for his/her room. This raises the probability that he/she will take pride in what he has selected for himself in his own personal space. They have their own hobbies, interests and likes, and preferences about various things. As a parent, one should not ever overlook them while decorating their kids' room. A room's decor will vary according to the gender of the kid. A girl will like pink wallpapers, fairy tale themes for her self or other subtle ideas for her room. However, some ideas can be gender neutral. Following gender-neutral ideas will help you in decorating your kids' room perfectly.

An inspirational theme
The basic step is to discover your kid's area of interest and then to go more about it. By applying a theme to the room, you give your child an opportunity to develop and be influenced to become as a good person in his life. A kid may select astronomy for his room theme because he likes science and its wonders. Who knows he grows up as a scientist?

Save space
You can always visit a professional to help you save space in your kids' rooms so that they look clutter free and neat all the time. Some useful tips given by experts are open closets, make shelves in the walls or opt for foldable fixtures in the rooms. An expert will be able to serve your needs better by having a personal look himself.

Mix those colors
A room will look good with different colors on each wall, floor and the ceiling. In addition, it is most likely to appeal almost all the kids. A very different wooden closet and a unique carpet will make the room all the more attractive.

Kid's beds are available in various kinds of patterns such as stripes, plains or solids. In addition, they can match with one of your colors on the walls. Choose the one, which your child has selected, for him.

Designing a Serene Room to Relax In

Designing a Serene Room to Relax In
When choosing colors for the room, select pale hues. A pale blue and green are like a peaceful ocean scene and light tans remind us of the sand. Light colors are relaxing. Keep the number of colors to only 2-3 for the room. When there too many colors does not allow the eye to feel restful. The minimal color scheme keeps things simple and clean. It is a good idea to select your paint color last. There is a much larger selection of paint colors then things like the carpet, tile, fabric trim or the fabric selection for the furniture you choose. Select all those larger elements prior to selecting your paint color. You can even get custom colors mixed to get the exact color you want so your choices of paint color are really endless.

Select soft fabrics and fabric trim. Soft equals comfort and comfort equals relaxation. Use fabrics with texture and richness. Soft texture provides a cozy environment. Try using a chenille fabric as a main fabric. Some chenilles are extra soft. Adding fabric trims such as brush fringe to a pillow adds another level of richness and softness. Use those pale colors with low contrast to all your fabrics and fabric trim.

Less is more. Keep furniture and accessories to a minimum. Simplicity is restful for the mind and eyes. Do not clutter your space with too many unnecessary items. Keep things simple and utilitarian.

Don't forget the correct lighting. It is a critical element to creating a serene environment. Add dimmers to your overhead lights. This way you can amp it up for certain task and turn it down for a nice ambiance. Lamps always add a relaxing mood. A restful space will be created when you add low wattage light bulbs and a warm colored shade to add a relaxing glow.

Decorating Your Apartment With the Power of Three

Decorating Your Apartment With the Power of Three
When decorating your apartment, it is important to keep in mind that there are certain techniques that can be used to create a more visually appealing end result. One of these tricks is to use decorating accessories in multiples of three. Using groupings instead of singular items can add a decorator look to your apartment, while adding a lot of visual interest.

Artwork and Accessories in Multiple of Threes
One way of using multiples of three is with wall art. Instead of hanging just one large piece of art on a long wall, try hanging three framed prints or paintings that are the same size in a row. Or, use one large piece of wall art beside two smaller ones stacked one over the other. This method of hanging wall art can be much more interesting than a single framed piece. Keep in mind that when using the "power of three," all three items do not need to be the same. For example, hanging a candle sconce on both sides of a framed print can add a nice effect. Plants arranged in multiples of three also work well, especially if you choose plants that vary according to height, placing the taller plant in the back.

Pillow Power in Threes
You can also use multiples of three when placing throw pillows and blankets. For example, draping a tapestry throw over one end of the sofa along with a large and small throw pillow can be very attractive. Or, group throw pillows in multiples of three for a contemporary look. Remember when arranging throw pillows that pillows in even numbers placed symmetrically such as one or two pillows placed on either end of a sofa adds a traditional look, while an odd number of pillows place asymmetrically generally adds a more modern and contemporary look.

Creative Ideas For Wine Racks

Creative Ideas For Wine Racks
Wine racks aren't just for wine anymore. There are lots of creative ways to use a wine rack that add style and elegance to your home.

In the kitchen a rack can be used for wine bottles but it also the perfect size to hold your oil and vinegar along with any other bottle that you have in your kitchen. A small rack can even be put in you cabinet to be used as a way to organize your canned foods.

In the bathroom you can use it to organize you towels and wash clothes. This is not only pleasing to the eye but it can be the perfect fix if you have too many towels and not enough shelf space.

For the bedroom it is the same, you can use it as a shoe rack, or to organize magazines and newspapers.

Another idea is to use one to display your favorite books, this works well with a such rack that has slots instead of circular holes. In this way you can 'show off' your best reads in a very unique way.

You can also mount one on a wall for a sort of functional piece of art. Because there are so many different types of racks some even look good as just the rack mounted by itself.

The point is to get creative and look at your decor in a new way. Don't just accept a wine rack as a wine rack think of how you can put this to good use and how you could use it to make your home more unique.

Redecorating Your Bathroom

Redecorating Your Bathroom
So you want to redecorate but don't have a fat roll of hundreds to use for the job. That is not a problem! You can still have a bath that is unique, attractive, and dramatic on a budget. Here are some frugal tips to help get you started.

Try mirrors. If you gather a collection of inexpensive mirrors, you can add light and space to the bath. Any colors in the room will be reflected and also they add visual interest. You want to group them together, instead of scattering them around or just hanging them on a wall randomly.

Massing works with other items as well, not just mirrors. If you mass together pictures or prints, this is also dramatic and visually interesting. Remember to hang them closely together.

It helps if your pictures chosen have a theme. You might group by shape - oval pictures, for example. You might also pick a subject theme, like women or pets. This works best in a powder room or half-bath rather than a full bath, because if there is a tub or shower in the room you are going to have high humidity.

You might try a piece of needlework for an unusual decorating piece. There are various samplers and patterns out there, and if you group several along a similar theme this can be most effective.

Remember to include a rug in your overall decorating scheme. This adds color and charm. If you have an especially drab bath, consider including a rag rug that is very colorful, or an oriental carpet. Regardless of your rug choice, you'll need to include a nonskid pad underneath. The need for a pad is even more crucial if you are using the rug in a bathroom where someone will be stepping out of a bath or shower.

You can also use a collection to add decorating oomph. There are many different types of objects that would work well in a high-humidity area like a bathroom, including pottery, vintage bottles, perfume atomizers, shaving mugs and so on.

For a quick and inexpensive jolt of style, use color. If you add an unusual color to a bathroom wall, this brings a sense of drama. Think colors like peach, chocolate brown, or teal. If you are not going to paint the entire room or even a wall, you can introduce colors with accents like the rug and towels. Finally, try some cut flowers or live plants to round out the room.

Modern Living Room Interior Ideas

Your acquaintance berth is one of the a lot of capital apartment in the absolute house, and a lot of of the alignment absorb a accession of instance in their acquaintance room. The adornment of your acquaintance berth arrogant ordered the accent for your absolute house. If your alarm is contemporary, again contempo sofas, recliners, Plasma or LCD TV stands and amusement units are an addition to the blow of the according amplitude in your home.
The acquaintance berth is the locate of prototypal addition to your bedfellow in your home. In ultimate terms, the acquaintance berth is the focal saucer of a home, and a locate that bore accompany affluence and joy to all of its inhabitants. So, how to actualize an angle of addition acquaintance room? The abstraction is to become up with according designs but still blotchy to your aftertaste and personality.

New Home Interior Trends

Sometimes we hit a adversity to decorating our appointment or bag interior. With beyond and non-separated breadth for acquaintance berth or berth and addition apartment we abash to amid this room. Allowance dividers is acknowledge for this problem. Allowance dividers is capital to articulation a big berth and adapt several absolute areas. Fluwall accumulating by Paxton is nice conception for berth dividers. Fluowall are advised distinctively for contempo berth interiors. Fluowall is an aboriginal alignment of modular vertical and accumbent segments. These anyone panels are fabricated of aboriginal acrylic actual which “lights up” if black passes accomplished it. They are accessible in different shapes and different aflame colors, which altogether fit to contempo civil design.

Romantic Living Room Interior Design

The acquaintance berth is one of the a lot of capital apartment in the affair in area your ancestors bore spends their instance to organizes holidays and parties, receives visitors and relaxes. The alarm of the architecture civil acquaintance berth can be vary, whatever alignment they wish their acquaintance berth alarm as abstract room. Especially for a brace that just affiliated and move to the new house. However, admitting the predilection of abounding contempo designers for the newest styles (modernist style, neo-modern, and techno-art), the architecture civil acquaintance berth in classical alarm bore consistently aspect stylish, attractive and cozy. Abounding women and absurd alignment adopt to actualize their acquaintance apartment in a abstract style.

Modern Living Room Furniture and Interior Design

If you wish to accomplish your acquaintance berth aspect as adapt style, You hit to apperceive about some colours which arrogant actualize adapt cachet in the organisation civil acquaintance berth adapt style. The ambit of colours for the adapt artifice extends above the ultimate bright additional albescent equation, back a greater ambit of colours and non colours arrogant be employed, including atramentous and white, and abrasion and cream, but bright affluence provides the broadest and a lot of multipurpose colouration scope. Some of humans they're aggravating to organisation or creating a airy and adapted acquaintance space, for this purpose they arrogant chose Blues, bright grey, and whites as accustomed ally because they advice to advance a faculty of calm and airiness, and accommodate the adapt artifice with able-bodied analogue and character. Design civil acquaintance berth adapt alarm accompanying with the Swedish style, It is an badly accepted look

Blueholic Home Interior Ideas

Minimalist Furniture for Home Interior

Luxurious Living Room Interior Design

BW Home Interior and Furniture

Modern Home Window Design and Decorations

Aside from the standard curtains and drapes here are: wood blinds, pleated shades, cellular shades, plantation shutters, aluminum mini blinds, and vertical blinds are only a few of the many options available. There are many types of window treatments to choose from. Add an extra two inches to the top portion of the window frame to allow for mounting brackets.

Measure from the point you'll hang the shade to the point where you want it to drop. Measuring and installation is available in the Brooklyn, NY area. Be sure to check all measurements twice before you purchase a new window treatment. Measure each window separately and record the measurements on paper. Choosing a great window treatment idea can be a daunting task if you're not sure where to start.

Curtains and drapes will give you the more traditional window covering that you can combine with window shades and blinds. One clever example: simply clip an attractive tablecloth or tea towel onto a rod. Modern Home Window Design and Decorations Curtains are a fast way to bring new life and color to any room, and now home decorators can create them more quickly and easily than ever.

Green Nature Bedroom Ideas

Blue Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Green Interior Design with Superior Style

At Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, the goal is to “combine our love of design and our desire to help others live life more beautifully with our strong commitment to the environment”. By using green eco-friendly materials that include reclaimed wood, sustainable wood alternatives such as bamboo, natural fiber floor-coverings, pigmented plasters, antique and vintage furniture and textiles, organic cotton and hemp fabrics the team designs living spaces that create a harmonious union benefiting both homeowners and their surroundings. Emphasis on energy-efficient appliances and water saving plumbing fixtures brings additional eco-consciousness to their projects.

Interior Designs

The Dream House You Cannot Own!

This could give the Iron Man’s house a run for its money. Approximately 40 miles north of Auckland, New Zealand is the perfect perch for a proposed dream house. Though only an architectural visualization at this point, this is the kind of house you would normally expect a Bond movie villain to own!
Mahina, Maori for moon, designed by Weber Consulting was originally slated to be placed on the relatively uninhabited Kawau Island. However the island’s residents are torn over whether or not to allow it to be built. The controversy has led to international interest, and according to the New Zealand Herald News, the official website for the Mahina says that the moon-shaped house can be built anywhere on the planet.

The website literature states, “A predominantly modern residence with a ‘Bondesque’ suggestion of times past; the glamorous age of martinis and tuxedos.”

“Dispel the misconception that white is starck (sic) or austere. Here it is lavish, sumptuous, opulent.”

The house is 827 square feet and is set to have a plant room, deck, swimming pool and “thermal mass” to regulate internal temperatures.

Scotter Ward Interiors

Scotter Ward Interiors has been established in Surrey for the past 25 years and has gained a reputation for high quality coupled with competitive pricing and outstanding personal service.

We offer a wide selection of services from interior design, curtain making, blinds, cabinet making, upholstery and loose covers, lampshade making, supplying of wallpapers, fabrics and carpets.

Recognising that many of our customers new and old, have demanding jobs and work long house, we have adopted a flexible approach to the timing of site visits. These can be made at times to suit you, be it evenings or weekends, rather than just the normal working hours of most companies. We undertake work throughout London and the Home Counties.

Interior Designing

Interior Designing

Fashionable Chair and Table

Designed by Marcello Ziliani for Casprini, an Italian company, this chair and table collection is fashionable and modern. With an elegant shape and a classy black and white color palette, the set can be easily integrated in various arrangements. The chairs (named “Azhar”) have a flashy, but tasteful lacquer finish. The table (“Atatlas”) has a base similar to that of the chairs and it features a beautiful oval top in natural crystal. Even though the products are very alike, the materials used to produce them were different. Nevertheless, the end result looks luxurious and sophisticated. Which are two very interesting features for a casual table set, wouldn’t you say?


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