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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ideas For Bedroom Design

With the exception of your kitchen, bedroom design is the second most popular room to revamp in our homes. Bedrooms need to be places of calm and peace with soft colours and shades and comfortable furniture. Bright colours are not really recommended as they do not befit a calming ambience. Warm, soft and neutral colours are more suitable for your bedroom. Your furniture should reflect the atmosphere you wish to create and should be of the best quality you can afford. Do not neglect to plan your flooring either. Bedroom floors should be carpet or natural wood, both of which are warm and if you choose wood, rugs can be placed for further comfort. A cold floor is not really recommended, so tiles or marble are nor really suitable as they are quite cold and could be slippery - not really a good idea when one is still a bit sleepy.

To begin with, you need to devise a plan of your bedroom complete with correct measurements and positioning of windows, doors and electrical sockets or switches. You can do this on graph paper or you could use one of the many interior design programs for your computer. Once you have chosen your colour scheme, you can then choose fabrics, carpets or rugs and other soft furnishings. If you are having new furniture, measure the available space carefully so that you maximize your storage space. You might like to have fitted furniture which really will make the most of your available space, particularly if you only have a limited amount of space or an unusually shaped room. There is so much beautiful furniture to choose from that you will be spoilt for choice.

If your bedroom windows face east or west, you might like to consider blackout linings for your curtains. This will restrict the amount of light that gets into your room and this can be a huge factor in regions where light increases as the seasons change, nobody wants to be woken up at 4am with bright sunlight blazing into their bedroom. Curtains are a feature of bedrooms and can make or break the design, so choose your curtain fabric carefully. You may like to have your bed linen to match your curtains and there are many manufacturers who produce beautiful sets.

Carefully consider how you wish to light your bedroom. There are so many different styles to choose from. It would be best to choose something in keeping with the rest of your decor. A bedside lamp is always nice and you should be able to find colours to match the rest of your linen and soft furnishings. Be careful of the amount of electrical equipment you have in your bedroom. Whilst having a television and a pc in your bedroom might be convenient, but do remember that bedrooms are a place of rest, peace and tranquillity and neither of these items promote that.

There are many TV programmes, websites and magazines offering advice and ideas for interior design, so make use of them to form your own ideas and get the bedroom of your dreams.

Interior Design For a Children's Bedroom

A bedroom for children should be a safe haven. They should be able to think, play, sleep and grow safely and happily. You can actually create a look that your child will love for years to come with a little paint, creativity and organization.

Rooms for children come in all shapes, sizes, colors and themes. They will have certain likes and dislikes, so it would a good idea to decor as the way as they want.

You will want to decide on furniture, an organization system and a theme when you are decorating for kids. You can begin to make several choices on window coverings, what to put on the walls, and which comforters and sheets will go on the bed once the theme has been picked.

They may even be able to help you decorate if your children are old enough. First thing to do is make a miracle touch on furniture. You may want to get durable furniture.

Since furniture is a big investment, you do not want to buy something you will cry over if it gets scratched or damaged. Look for beds and dressers that will suit with their needs.

It is better if your furniture allows for easy upgrades and fit into a variety of decor. Solid wood such as oak will be a great choice and keep looking good.

Next thing to do is creating a play area. A room with small space can still have an area on the floor for them to play. You need to place beds against a wall so there is area for toys or maybe a space to spend time with friends.

When it comes to the theme, it should be fun. Sometimes make a theme based on their favorite hero like Spiderman is not a good idea. Spider Man furniture and accessories is difficult to update with interior design living room as your child's interests grow and change.

Another important thing to consider is kid's storage. Keeping a kid's room neat and tidy is a must for both parents and children. Storage can help to achieve it easily.

Bedroom Design and Lighting

Lighting has a massive effect on ambiance. In fact, it has the greatest effect on mood. If the lighting is not right nothing else you do will salvage your design, so when it comes to redecorating your bedroom, you should spend some time thinking carefully about what you want to accomplish. Do you want a sexy boudoir or do you want a functional home office/bedroom?

It matters a lot whether you are married or single. Many married people do not require a sexy bedroom, especially if they have children, whereas single people, particularly women, would rather a sexy boudoir. Single men are inclined to go for a functional bedroom with a computer station in the corner.

There are three ways you can go about designing your bedroom: You could use pen and paper; you could use software or you could plan it in your head. Whichever way you decide to go, you will need to think about style and lighting. Let's say that you will be using pen and paper to sketch out your design, because that is what most people would do.

Graph paper is the easiest to use exactly. Pick the largest scale that will allow your longest wall to fit on the page. So, if your sheet of paper is 12x7 inches and your room is 5x3 yards, then your scale would be 2 inches to 1 yard or 2:36, which is 1:18. Draw in the walls of your bedroom.

Next draw in immovable objects like windows and doors and then electrical points and light fittings. The rest is yours to do with what you like. At this point, you may want to make a dozen photocopies of your sheet of graph paper, so that you can outline different ideas.

Draw in where you want large furniture to go - things like the bed, wardrobes and the dressing table. Now mark in where you need extra electrical sockets to go. Next job is to clean everything from the room, lift the carpets and strip the wallpaper. Now what colours do you fancy?

Red or pink is sexy, blue or green is more neutral. Black is weird. Dark grey would be depressing, but a very light grey might be all right. Go down to the paint shop and try to get some sampler tins so that you can paint small patches on the walls. Or borrow a wallpaper catalogue to take home.

Install the extra sockets before you begin decorating. The woodwork is usually painted white or off white; cream or rose white are nice warm colours; apple white is a little cooler. After painting and decorating move your carpets and furniture back in along with any new furniture you have bought.

Install your new lighting. Table lamps, wall sconces and floor lamps can be a lot more effective than ceiling lights. They also allow you to highlight certain areas of your new bedroom. Table lamps allow one person to sleep while the other reads. A desk light will permit one to work and the other to sleep and a floor lamp will provide general lighting so that you do not trip over if you have to get up.

Traditional And Inspirational Chinese Interior Designs

China has a great deal of talent when it comes to interior design ideas. Chinese interior design business is hitting the market with great effect. A very well known design firm in china called as DYEast Design Consultant recently published some of their work done on interior designs and we found it very interesting hence decided to share it with all. These are random collection of work from their portfolio which includes style and luxury bedrooms, living rooms and restaurants. Most of their designs sport a wide mix of modern as well as traditional values. This company still has not come up with their own website and when they do we surely will add the link here too.

Chinese Interior Asian Hall Design
chinese interior design asian hall design

Chinese Interior Living Room Design Ideas
chinese interior design living room ideas

Chinese Interior Modern Asian Bedroom Design Ideas
chinese interior design modern asian bedroom design

Chinese Interior Modern Asian Bedroom Design
chinese interior design modern asian bedroom ideas

Chinese Interior Modern Asian Dining Room Ideas
chinese interior design modern asian dining room

Chinese Interior Modern Asian Living Room Ideas
chinese interior design modern asian living room

Living Room Interior Design With Water View

This living room has smart lighting, furniture and colors; it’s very luxurious interior design. And the add value of this room is the water view. You can get more inspiration with it.

Interior Design London

Interior Design Patterns

Interior design patterns

Interior Design Company

Those Design For Manufacture £60,000 homes look all well and good - but isn't that partly down to the way they've been kitted out? And what if the interior design departments have spent another £100,000 furnishing them? Over at The Move Channel, interior design company Roomservice gets a little well-earned publicity for furnishing a two-bedroom home from the floor up for just £6,000. And the results look great in just the kind of contemporary-inoffensive way that makes me think developers and landlords are going to be paying very close attention.

Modern Stylish Home Interior and Apatment design, furniture, decoration by CHRISTOPHER COLEMAN

Modern Stylish Home Interior and apartment design, furniture, lighting, ceiling and decoration by CHRISTOPHER COLEMAN. Some photos here shown the various interior design, such as living room, bedroom, bathroom, decoration interior furniture design with futuristic style, strong modern shapes, clean lines, festive colors and an eclectic mix of styles. Suitable for modern house or minimalist home design. This modern furniture shown in furniture lighting, ceiling and wooden furniture.

Ceiling Design Ideas

Oltre Ceiling Light

If you are looking for a light to brighten up your day and your home, check this out. The Oltre is the perfect illusion of the sun. Designed by Franco Zavarie, who must have had a fondness for nature, it is quite a striking ceiling light. The sun’s rays are iron spokes covered in gold leaf which offer more strength and stability to this visually interesting light. A white methacrylate dome acts as the beautiful daylit sun.

Loft House Interior Design with Home Theater and Modern Furniture

Loft House Interior Design with Home Theater and Modern Furniture, excellent interior design with amazing interior design and decorating. This design also can be applied into apartment, villa or real estate design with large interior design. Beautiful home theater and furniture ideas for your interior. Luxury interior design present in this picture, nice home, house design for you.

Modern Home Design Bedroom with Ceiling Art

Friday, July 2, 2010

Asian Interior Design

Asian Interior Design
There are many things to know when you are talking about Asian interior design, and this is especially true when you are looking at this in the context of the environment in Singapore. Because we are basically a Petri dish of mixed cultures and influences, there is no such thing as a one dimensional interior design, and because of this, you need to understand how this is going to be able to affect the aspect of this design as a whole, and we can look at how trends have affected Asian design in the first place and how this is going to evolve in the future.

The first thing that you are going to look at of course is the colonial design that is of course, a big feature within any home that started off when Singapore started the whole modernisation phase quite a long time ago. Now because of this, colonial design does not necessarily mean just classical roofs and sorts of things like classical furniture, but they can of course mean things like how the room is arranged, the patio area, the use of wood and of course, the grand scale of some of the older houses in Singapore.

One thing that you need to know about of course is how you are going to fit this in when thinking about Asian design as a whole. When the first of the boats started to come in, the whole kampong concept of Singapore had to give way to a much more modern aspect of Chinese, Indian, and of course regional design elements, that was punctuated when the government of Singapore then decided to segregate and divide Singapore into a sum of many parts. But of course, today, we are not discussing on the finer aspects of how Asian design came about, but more so, where it is not today, and we can safely say that Asian design has taken a more contemporary take in this day and age, and some might say that it has been drowned out by a modern design imperialism that seemed to have dominated the skyline of the design industry.

Cool Home Theater Decor Ideas

Cool Home Theater Decor Ideas
Having a great home theater experience requires more than just a big screen and a projector. Here are some cool ideas for home theater decor to help you create a picture perfect room.

Comfortable couch or cinema seating. Consider your audience to help decide on seating. The most popular choices are recliner theater seats, leather sofas, or sectionals. Arrange seating in a rectangular shape to maximize the picture and sound.

Guide your guests right to their seats with classic velvet ropes and metal posts.

Nothing says movie theater like the smell of warm popcorn. A nostalgic red striped popcorn machine with a trolley can be tastefully displayed at the entryway of your room.

Tiffany inspired sconce lighting on either side of the screen adds an elegant look.

Cardboard cutout life size stand-ups of your favorite action hero, celebrity or cartoon character to add a fun touch and pay homage to your favorite film icon.

Create a great view with wallpaper murals. A panoramic mountain vista or sophisticated city skyline adorning the walls adjacent to the screen creates a great background and gives an expansive feeling when the lights come up.

Steps to Take For Good Home Decorating Design

Steps to Take For Good Home Decorating Design
Home decorating design is a very popular and growing trend. Many homeowners are taking advantage of all the different design ideas and styles that currently exist. There are numerous different ways that someone could decorate a space within their home. It's possible to decorate an entire home in the same manner, and it's possible to decorate each individual space differently.

The best part about home decorating is the fact that it's possible to change a design down the road if you grow tired of it, or if you just want a change. There are certain elements of design that need to be considered within every space in your home. These include balance, focus points, harmony, color, rhythm, proportion, and scale.

There are some strategies to help bring a design idea together. This involves emphasizing certain areas of a room and balancing the rest of the space out. This makes it easy to decorate around a focal point and draw a person's eyes to a specific location within a room. An example of something that does this is a fireplace.

Another example would be a beautiful art piece that hangs on a central wall. You want to be able to balance a room visually so that it subtly spreads throughout the rest of the area. This makes it more appealing to the eye and provides a good balanced space.

Designing Your House With Bar Stool Cushions

Designing Your House With Bar Stool Cushions
Every house comes with aspirations and likeliness of its own. Each family wants their home to look beautiful, and charming. They decorate it with furniture, paintings, wall hangings, patterned wall papers, antiquities, stools and innumerable items that they feel will make their home look good. In the process of doing so, a huge amount of money is spent. However, there are many easier solutions to making your home look equally good without spending too much money. Here are a few tricks that can spell magic by simply decorating stools. Invariably stools make an important part of seating arrangements. They are to be found everywhere, in the dining area, drawing, kitchen, bedroom or balcony. Bar stool cushions are fashionable and an innovative way of decorating the house.

The soft furnishings of bar stool cushions can be used to tone brightness of a room by pairing them with room color and wall paintings. This often allows a home owner to play with colors of his choice while choosing adequate vibrancy for interiors. Bar stool cushions come in different shapes, including oval, circular, rectangular, rhombus, etc. This helps easily match individual stool types and room arrangements. Moreover, these bar stool cushions are readily available in the market at twelve inch or seventeen inch diameter forms with vivid designs and colors to choose from. People looking for expensive and inexpensive bar stool cushions can have a go at these covers and pick as per choice or price range.

Italian Home Interiors

Italian Home Interiors
One thing that you need to know about the Italian version of the home interior that there are quite demanding features that you need to recognise before you can call it Italian. For one thing, the common aspect of the Italian house is that it is very relaxed and it gives off a very warm feeling. These are the looks that are more villa and country, and of course these means that there is a specific use of architecture, tools, natural light and of course colours. These are some of the things that you need to know about when thinking about the Italian home interior.

The next thing you need to know about is that they can be divided into many different aspects when you think about the Italian design. Of course, what you need to know about is that there is the more predominant Tuscan style decorating, which is more use of hardwood and natural stone. You may or not find a water element, but there is something about the use of water elements like a small fountain or a pool to accentuate the natural feel of the room and to make it more warm and akin to nature. Of course these are just the things that are on the surface that you need to know about. Now, there are other things that can be used within the Tuscan design, and this of course the heavy use of elements of nature.

This can be things like the use of crumbling stone walls and iron walls as well. Now of course, there is no one rule of thumb when it comes to these sort of home interior, and when you are trying to port it into your modern house, you might find and run into some problems, and this is because of the fact that when thinking about it, you are going to be limited by space and the way that you can renovate your place. One of the things that is common in modern interpretations is that they often use paint and wood features within the house to make things look much more ideal when thinking about the Italian way of making things beautiful. These of course are just some of the things that you can think about when you are going to want to change your interior to something that closely resembles the Italian countryside.

Different Sorts of Home Interiors

Different Sorts of Home Interiors
There are many kind of home interiors out there, and this article will be talking a lot about the types that are out there. For one thing, even in small countries like those in Asia, you would be surprised at the varied and almost eclectic nature of the most of the house and home interiors out there. Today, we will be looking at the many different sorts out there, from the big houses, the Asian influences and those in the modern and post modern eras. Of course, we are going to be able to cover a few only, and thus if you need much more information and even images, you would be able to find more on the internet.

One of the more common ones out there are the Asian decors, and there are many functions you can think about when thinking about the Asian decorating style in the home interior. And most of the time, you would be faced with simple and minimalistic design in the Asian style, which is becoming more and more popular in this day and age. Things that you might find within their design styles are more use of wood and natural colors, in the celebration of things that are much more natural than most. Of course, these are often commanded by colors of red and even more use of fabric than most other designs.

The thing about Asian interior is that they are made to bring balance and plenty of peace, the whole idea of ying and yang to the room. This means that there is plenty of space within their interiors, and of course the uncluttered look is something that is very valuable. One thing that is quite unique to the Asian design is the use of craftsmanship and the merging of different styles within the decor.

Exterior Home Improvement Projects

Exterior Home Improvement ProjectsIn the hot days and cool evenings of summer, nothing beats sitting outside and enjoying a cool drink and good company outside, maybe to grill food, or just enjoy spending time. Yet how can you enjoy these wonderful moments if you have nowhere to sit, and nothing to look at but your home that could probably use a little fixing up? I know exterior home improvement projects may not be at the top of your to do list, but acting now, while home repair is cheap is your best chance for having the space you have always dreamed of.

My fondest memories of being young were sitting in that old rocking chair on the screened porch, enjoying the outdoors without the bugs and allergies. Why not make your house a home with a porch, or deck to grill up your favorite summer treats? Home improvement companies specialize in these "a little too big" job for an ordinary homeowner. Its not just large additions that a specialist tackles either, carpentry repair and framing, something VERY necessary, can be handled without the headache by hiring a professional, and resting assured the job is done well, because you don't pay until you personally inspect the work done on your house.

Sometimes these projects are imperative too. When your hardboard masonite siding begins to falter, repair is truly the only option, and doing it yourself is almost impossible without knowing the ins and outs. So again, instead of spending your time worrying, and perhaps spending money to NOT fix your problem, take advantage of the tough times and do that fix up your wife has been asking about for so long.

House Design and Renovation Tips

House Design and Renovation Tips Remember the song from the sixties that sang about little boxes on the hillside, and they are made out of ticky tacky, and they all look just the same. Bit of a cynical look at modern housing methods and probably not too far from the truth. Good house design has given way to mass produced housing at budget building prices.

We have gone through lots of housing phases in the past as governments try to get the equation right. At one stage they were building whole suburbs of welfare housing that did all look just the same. A building contractor would get a contract to build a whole street of these things and so everything was mass produced. All the timber was pre-cut in the factory and the whole street went together as one as various tradesmen went from one house to the next doing the same job over and over again.

Of course the system didn't work as tenants didn't appreciate being housed in little boxes in rows and rows all the same. Therefore they did not look after the properties and the government ended up with whole suburbs of substandard property that was never going to be worth anything. Welfare housing is now integrated into the community and is the same standard as any other house in the neighborhood. At least the tenants feel a little more accepted.

This mass produced concept has spilled over into the private sector of housing too and has adapted some stereo type ideas of modern society. To take the traditional housing method in Queensland Australia as an example we can see the massive swing away from functional housing. Queensland has a warm climate and is famous for the traditional housing system there known as the Queenslander. This was a timber framed house built up on stilts and surrounded by a verandah. It was on stilts to create a cool draft under the floor. It had a varandah right round to keep the sun of the house walls. The effect was a very comfortable and functional house that has stood the test of time and is prized today as a symbol of prestige and wealth in the inner city suburbs.

However, out in the outer suburbs, we have reverted back to the little boxes again all made out of ticky tacky and all looking just the same. We think it just grand to live in our brick veneer in the suburbs and spending a fortune each year on air conditioning. Why is the human race so thick sometimes.

Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

Interior Design Ideas For Your Home Interior designing has always been fun, hasn't it? The fact is, you do not have to cough up extra cash to 'expert designers' to design YOUR home. You can Do It Yourself! Just be sincere to your spouse and kids, sit down, think through and decide. It's actually that simple - I am giving you the tips that I myself have used and earned accolades from neighbours. I am sure, you will too!

As a general advice, keep your living room the brightest and your bed room the darkest. Keep other rooms in between. Remember, Kitchens may emit some smoke if you are not using a chimney. So, try to keep it a darker color at least on the walls if you do not want to clean them every other day! Also remember to match the color of your wall/furniture and even the appliances to the color of the tiles on the floor.

There are people who want neutral colors like Beige, Black, White, Grey etc. There are people who want vibrant colors on the walls and everywhere else. Consult with your partner to decide on which color you want painted for the walls, furniture and so forth. You may try painting all the rooms with just one color. This would be a great idea, only that some people who are creative, may not like it. The other extreme is to paint each wall in a room with different colors or at least alternate or opposite walls with different colors. There are people in between, who would like to paint each room with one color.

Create cup boards and draws to store your groceries. In fact, you will need ample space for this and this should be your foremost consideration in designing your kitchen. Design the height, placement and width of the draws based on how frequently you will reach out to the items; most frequently reached out should be nearest and the most easily accessible to you. Next up is moving space. Of course, you need space to move about, don't you? Keep ample straight line space so that you don't bump over your partner when both of you rush to your offices!

You don't want to forget your appliances, if you are a no-gadget-no-life kind of a person. You have the microwave ovens, multi-burner gas stoves, electronic chimneys, mixers, juicers, coffee makers, toasters and so forth. Design spaces compactly for these. You could consider buying custom packages from the market if you have a deep pocket!

Bed room has to be gloomy and yet full of life! Challenging, huh! It is really all about designing your bed room the first time. Choose appropriate colors on the walls and your bed and your sheets as well. Do not forget to light your bedroom appropriately. People often make the mistake of lighting the bed room as if to host the G7 summit. What? Well...

If you are having school-going kids or teenagers, ask them their thoughts. Get as creative as you can when you decorate your children's rooms. Use cartoons on the wall, but only wall papers so that they can redesign it after they grow up. Use vibrant colors. If you have 2 or more kids, consider buying a stepped cot. Most importantly, ask them. If they do not like your idea, they may resist using that room!

Disclaimer: This is not intended to replace professional advice and should at best serve as general information or tips. You are urged to seek professional advice from practitioners in the field to help you further.

Different Sorts of Home Interiors

Different Sorts of Home Interiors

Urban style in your bedroom

Urban style in your bedroom
will definitely give it a trendy look. While this approach to your interior design is generally contemporary in style, it gets you one step further by giving you an overall interior design that is flexible and adaptable in specific urban settings, especially for those we normally find in apartments and condominiums. A 4-piece bedroom set with leather panel platform makes for a great focal point for your interior design of your bedroom. It takes on a relaxed and understated elegance which is a distinctive character of urban style bedroom design. The lines are generally simple with metal accents that are highly-polished. The leather elements of the bed panels provide the cosmopolitan and luxurious feel of your bedroom.

Pirates Themed Bedroom and Facts

Pirates Themed Bedroom and Facts
Ahoy Matey! Pirates, buccaneers, privateers, corsairs, whatever you may call them, who really are these long haired, one eyed, wooden legged men? Well known since the early 1700's, pirates never seem to get old. One of my favorite pirate movies is the record breaking, box office hit "Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean. Did you know that this movie was actually named after a popular Disney ride? Captain Jack Sparrow, portrayed by the famous Johnny Depp, is a great example of what we picture a pirate to be. In real life, they dressed in checked shirts, long canvas trousers, red waist coats and wore a handkerchief around the neck, similar to an average sailor. They where private sailors who attacked and robbed snipes and plundered villages for their " loot" or stolen valuables. Unlike popular belief, they did not really steal gold and bury them. They did steal food, fresh water and even soap. Yes, they did at times steal ships, either to sell or keep for themselves because the ship was better then their own.

Kids adore them. They love the look of the pirate that they see on TV with its tricorn hat (popular three cornered hat), long boots and beards, cool swords and colorful clothing. If your child enjoys these cool privateers, they would love having their own pirate themed bedroom. Creating this fun theme is not that hard and can be quite affordable. Remove any carpeting from the floor and stay with the wooden floors which will be considered the ships wooden deck. A blue rug on the floor can also be considered to be the ocean. When it comes to bedding, Olive Kids Pirates is perfect choice. You can either choose the Olive Kids duvet cover or the Olive Kids comforter set. I would prefer the Duvet cover for kids but either one would be fine. The duvet cover features adorable pirate ships, treasure chests, sandy beaches and more on a light blue background that resembles the ocean. When you take a closer look, the duvet cover looks like a map. The comforter set is similar to the duvet cover. Purchase a toy treasure chest or a wooden chest to store your child's favorite possessions and place a lock on it so your kids can feel as though they are storing away their hidden treasure. Place hooks on the walls so your little buccaneers can hang their favorite toy swords, captain hat and eye patch. And finally, hang a skeleton head flag by the bed and place a large map on the dresser or wall. Do not worry, there are skeleton flags that look more cute then scary.

Gold Shower Curtain

Gold Shower Curtain
The gold shower curtain is a special decoration a luxurious decoration that will make your house look special and will make the house owner be envied by his guests, because a gold curtain will always spark comments and discussions. Even if you didn't believe it until now you will find that a gold curtain is very special because it will show the glamour of your house and if you decide to have one you have to know how to choose it not to waste money in vain because it is your shower curtain and must not be ugly or not matched with something from your bathroom.

A gold curtain will create the sensation of warmness and comfort and will be the attraction of your house but this curtain has to be accompanied by special colors and patterns in your bathroom because a striking contrast it is not at all pleasant.

There are many shops that are dealing with house or bathroom decoration from where you can buy a gold curtain or you can demand one because usually these are made on demand of the costumer with details and special notification about dimensions and patterns. There are many types from where you can choose but you have to choose one to fit with your bathroom's walls because if this is not well chosen you'll have a bad sight in the bath. Choosing a gold curtain is a real art work because when you decide to purchase one you can be sure that you will have the most beautiful bathroom and you have to take into account any detail related to model dimensions and the color of the walls of your bathroom.

Interior Decorating With Houseplants

Interior Decorating With Houseplants
Plants bring movement and life to every room in your home and has the advantage of changing the look of a room without major adjustments and costs. Even the smallest splash of green can enliven a space. There are many benefits to having indoor plants in your home other than aesthetic values. Indoor plants can also provide an uplifting spirit that can calm and relax you when you're feeling stressed. Not to forget also the improved air quality and oxygen they provide so you can breathe easy.

The use of plants to enhance the interior decor can be both versatile and cost effective. A display as dramatic as desired can be achieved with a little bit of imagination and by using the vast variety of plants available.

We'll show you what you should consider before adorning your home with houseplants:

Firstly, think about how much time can you afford to devote to your plants. Some plants require a lot of attention, and some flourish with almost no attention at all. For example, cacti and evergreens need very little attention, but an African violet needs almost daily attention.

Next, take note of the size of your living space. The larger the room you are working with, the bigger and more numerous the plants can be. Let's face it, a single small green plant looks lost in a large empty space, however, several flowering plants in a basket or arranged in small pots on the same table can serve as a beautifully colorful accent to a room. In a small room, large plants are oppressive and take up way too much space. To get the best effect, you should choose mid-size or small plants with large delicate leaves.

Plants always look best against simple backgrounds. If they have large foliage, they should be placed in front of wallpaper with a small pattern. Large patterned wallpaper calls out for filigreed leaves or ferns. Wood-paneled walls like climbing plants arranged on a wood or bamboo support. These also look great by brightly painted walls.

Make sure your decorative scheme takes into account the way light enters your room. Not only do you have to consider suitability of the plant to grow in the conditions of light and warmth of the room, but also if you put the plants in front of a bright, sunny wall, their shadows can create interesting and unusual patterns on the wall or ceiling or even plain carpeting.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Modern white interior design of bathroom sink and kitchen

No body knows that if we combine bathroom with modern kitchen it will make a new concepts and ideas. , Roca, has launched the new sample of bathroom sinks that was called Urban bathroom sink and modern kitchen design with white color ornament. beside has original pattern of bathroom sink this room interior also gives a new modern kitchen which located beside the patio of the room and we can see the views of very beautiful cities such as Berlin, Barcelona, New York and Shanghai that we can see from the pictures of bathroom sink.

Stylish Divers Interior Design Furniture by SSH

This outstanding urban divers furniture by SHH was present for those who like to stay longer in their house. This big company was very care in the details of the house. So, it was a big deal if we call them as big divers interior decorators. Say for example, the bed room. Almost in every design for this room, was representing the comfortable and warm atmosphere for the user. They put the portable cushions in the soft and gentle bed. And then, special for the couple, they usually use the warm and romantic chandelier to support the intimate atmosphere. Please look the photograph of stylish bedroom décor to support your imagination. Similar to the bed room, the living room from these company ideas was very eye-catching. Come and see the design for both vintage and contemporary concept. They use warm and friendly color for this place. And then, for the bath room design, sometime they use the sexy lighting for this space. The latest product from SHH was the retro concept of bed room. This room completes in the abstract color but still make sense with the concept. Check SHH site for further information about these modern dives for contemporary interior space.

Modern Japanese Tea House

Stop in for a spot of tea at this sheet metal house, a modern Japanese Tea House located in Osaka, Japan. And if tea isn’t your thing, then you can just sit back and appreciate this modern work of architecture. Designed by forward-thinking Ks Architects lead by architect Hiroaki Kimura, this metal tea house is an industrial-style gem set amidst the serenity of trees and ponds. The juxtaposition of these polar opposites creates an interesting introduction into this unusual home. But somehow, the simple steel sheets that characterize this contemporary house really work. The fold-over roof overhangs floor-to-ceiling windows flanking the front of the house, creating a sheltered area with just enough room to kneel and sip traditional Japanese teas while taking in the calm surroundings.


Modern Japanese Tea House

Urban Home by Modern Japanese Architects


The modern architects at Japanese firm Suppose Design Office have designed this small urban home in Sakuragawa, Japan with the same innovation and modern method which they apply to all their projects. This compact urban home doesn’t disappoint, characteristic for its unconventional shape and awesome picture window overlooking the street. Set on a 50m2 corner lot, the architects maximized on space by employing a split-level floor plan. The lack of interior walls creates a totally open-concept house plan that enhances its sense of space. A minimalist, white-painted staircase with open risers connects each of the home’s three levels, and leads up to the expansive bay window with benches actually making you feel like you’re sitting in the park. Rich natural-wood floors bring a layer of warmth to the cool, urban interior design.






European Style Home Designs

Created for a couple living in Spain but yearning to come home to their native Columbia, architect Juan Esteban Correa Elejalde designed this unusual European style home design in Columbia with a contemporary, Spanish flair. The 500m2 holiday home, simply called “House on Lot 23,” is arranged in five phases – the main house with the kitchen, living, dining and guest accommodations; the “game” area with an outdoor space for entertaining; the entry foyer called the “zaguan”; the pool and deck area; and the interior courtyard at the heart of the house. A landscaped rooftop patio is the finishing touch to top off this gorgeous house design. This interesting architecture comes wrapped in a facade of wood and glass, providing views of the surrounding lush vegetation. Juan Esteban Correa Elejalde.




Wood and Glass House in Croatia

Check out the cool design for House K, located in Zagreb, Croatia. Designed by 3LHD Architects, this modern wood house leaves your typical brick home in the dust. The contemporary teak-clad facade boasts large expanses of glass set into its two-storey design. The obstacle of a sloped terrain became an advantage to the contemporary design. The architects created a volume that expands as you continue down the hillside, resulting in an understated grand space inside. The second storey slightly overhangs the main level, creating a covered deck surrounding the home. “The concept of the house is inspired by the shape of a snail’s shell, which involves a spiral twisting around its own axis,” according to the architects. “As such, all functional elements of the house follow each other and are built around a central atrium.” The atrium floods the space with natural light, illuminating windowless corners that would otherwise be cast in shadows. The open-concept interiors are designed for socializing, equipped with unique half-walls that define areas without closing them in. As on the outside, teak boards inside add an element of nature into the comfortable environment. An external staircase leads from the atrium up to a rooftop patio overlooking the horizon.












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