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Friday, July 2, 2010

Cool Home Theater Decor Ideas

Cool Home Theater Decor Ideas
Having a great home theater experience requires more than just a big screen and a projector. Here are some cool ideas for home theater decor to help you create a picture perfect room.

Comfortable couch or cinema seating. Consider your audience to help decide on seating. The most popular choices are recliner theater seats, leather sofas, or sectionals. Arrange seating in a rectangular shape to maximize the picture and sound.

Guide your guests right to their seats with classic velvet ropes and metal posts.

Nothing says movie theater like the smell of warm popcorn. A nostalgic red striped popcorn machine with a trolley can be tastefully displayed at the entryway of your room.

Tiffany inspired sconce lighting on either side of the screen adds an elegant look.

Cardboard cutout life size stand-ups of your favorite action hero, celebrity or cartoon character to add a fun touch and pay homage to your favorite film icon.

Create a great view with wallpaper murals. A panoramic mountain vista or sophisticated city skyline adorning the walls adjacent to the screen creates a great background and gives an expansive feeling when the lights come up.

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