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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wood and Glass House in Croatia

Check out the cool design for House K, located in Zagreb, Croatia. Designed by 3LHD Architects, this modern wood house leaves your typical brick home in the dust. The contemporary teak-clad facade boasts large expanses of glass set into its two-storey design. The obstacle of a sloped terrain became an advantage to the contemporary design. The architects created a volume that expands as you continue down the hillside, resulting in an understated grand space inside. The second storey slightly overhangs the main level, creating a covered deck surrounding the home. “The concept of the house is inspired by the shape of a snail’s shell, which involves a spiral twisting around its own axis,” according to the architects. “As such, all functional elements of the house follow each other and are built around a central atrium.” The atrium floods the space with natural light, illuminating windowless corners that would otherwise be cast in shadows. The open-concept interiors are designed for socializing, equipped with unique half-walls that define areas without closing them in. As on the outside, teak boards inside add an element of nature into the comfortable environment. An external staircase leads from the atrium up to a rooftop patio overlooking the horizon.











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