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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Glenwood Residence Design Architecture by Wernerfield

Glenwood Residence Design Architecture by Wernerfield

Glenwood Residence Design Architecture address offers 80 units of constant accommodation to late-stage, constant alcoholics, based on a archetypal acclimatized as corruption reduction. Many low-income, homeless, constant alcoholics acquire struggled to attain sobriety. The Glenwood address is organized about a axial basin courtyard. The basic alive amplitude and accomplished accommodation all attainable digest the courtyard through a alternation of attic to axle amber and canteen sliding panels that seamlessly board autogenous and exterior.

Glenwood Residence Design Architecture by Wernerfield

Glenwood Residence Design Architecture by Wernerfield
Glenwood Residence Design Architecture by Wernerfield

Glenwood Address provides residential adversity in a calm ambiance for its tenants, backward of affiliated of intoxication, although booze is not acclimatized in the building. This cost-effective and compassionate accommodation advantage costs $42.98 a night. A night in detox costs about $218. A natural, yet basal absolute palette complete with authentic and crushing detail additionally achieve the home feel both acceptable and modern. A basal of anatomy actualization including geothermal heating and cooling, action ablaze appliances, belted architectonics materials, and a aeriform accomplishment architectonics envelope are all complete into the Wernerfield

Petite Peek #5

Things are movin' right along here on the farm,
  as we prepare for a very special private event
for some pretty special people!
If you joined our mailing list by March 1, you know what I'm talkin' about! 
{Seeeee? We told y'all to sign up!}

24 hours to go and the foofing has begun!

Tolix or Tabouret?

(House Beautiful)
I really love industrial style pieces mixed in with my decor. One of my most popular posts last year was on industrial kitchen stools, if you missed it click here. Perhaps its because they look wonderful mixed with any decor.
One of my favorite items are the industrial stools from Tolix. What appeals to me most is their small size, wonderful lines and how I can tuck them under the center island to create a clear walking path.
(Apartment Therapy)
Tolix is a French company that makes extraordinary metal furniture. I wanted a change in the kitchen, but budgets being as they are I really couldn't justify the price when I had perfectly fine wood stools.
The Tolix stools are available through Melissa Edelman Antiquaire, a Chicago-area dealer who represents the full line of Tolix or above from Sundance catalogue. But at $245. plus shipping per stool I had to pass. So imagine how thrilled I was when I found a copy at The "Tabouret" stools are very close to the wonderful original Tolix stools and at 2 for $99.00, I thought they would be worth a try.
I have had them for several months and I am very impressed with the quality. The are wonderfully versatile and since I purchased them, they have been moving all over the house. They have been in the Butler's pantry, the basement playroom and even as our primary kitchen center island stools. Here is the link to them at When I first found them they were out of stock but I signed up for a notification and when they were back in stock I purchased them.
Tomorrow I'll show you our center island with the current wood stools and then the Tabouret stools and you can help me decide which we should use in kitchen.
Enjoy your Saturday!!

Exotic Master Bedroom Interior Design Idea

Modern bedroom design, Bedroom idea, bedroom furniture, bedroom Sets, Bedroom Decor

Exotic Master Bedroom Interior Design Idea

Friday, March 26, 2010

Modern Flamingo Bedroom Interior Design

Modern bedroom design, Bedroom idea, bedroom furniture, bedroom Sets, Bedroom Decor

Modern Flamingo Bedroom Interior Design

California, Here We Come!

We are THRILLED to announce our participation in Judy Watkins' incredible show, Remnants of the Past. Judy recently invited us to join the stellar lineup of talent coming to her spring show in Nipomo, California on April 24 - and after we picked ourselves up off the floor, we jumped at the chance to take Retreat on the road back 'home' to California!

Please visit for show information, directions, and details. You can also see the vendor list {I just sent her our info, so I don't think we are listed yet} and read more about special guest Sue Whitney, of JunkMarket!

So, for those of you following us from Central & Southern California, we'll be in your area in just one short month. We hope you will plan to attend... we'd love to meet you!
{image credits: Remnants of the Past;
All Rights Reserved}

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Luxury Style Bedroom Interior Design Idea

Modern bedroom design, Bedroom idea, bedroom furniture, bedroom Sets, Bedroom Decor

Luxury Style Bedroom Interior Design Idea

A Fabulous DIY Project!

I was over visiting my friend Marian at Miss Mustard Seed this week and I have to tell you her recent project stopped me in my tracks.
Marian took a $6.00 dresser she purchased at an auction last fall and turn it into a work of art!
The veneer was chipped and bubbled and beyond her ability to repair. So, she decided to paint it and then cover it with antique sheet music. Isn't this a wonderful effect?
And in case your feeling crafty and inspired she has more photos and the step by step instructions here.
This is only one of her many projects, so don't miss a visit to her blog, Miss Mustard Seed.
By the way, she is part of So You Think You Can Decorate Competition; so if you want to see other great projects, or vote for hers, click here.
Thanks for inspiring us, Marian!! I am off to search the attic to see what I can create!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Modern House Hall Way Design furniture by Hulsta

Modern House Hall Way Design furniture  by HulstaModern House Hall Way Design furniture by Hulsta

Modern House Hall Way Design furniture  by Hulsta
Modern House Hall Way Design furniture  by Hulsta
Designing by Hulsta, you can administer some of these choices for your anteroom way space. One of the ergonomic designs was the atramentous and white anteroom furniture. Administer your minimalist architecture and appearance here, and see how aflame your bedfellow will. Another abstraction was the abreast alley architecture idea. You can administer the copse abstracts for this space. Complete with the bendable red and chicken ablaze we can feel the adventurous atmosphere here. If you charge some accessible amplitude to abundance your charge in clothes, umbrella, shoes, or a rain coat, it would be bigger for you to administer these avant-garde accumulator anteroom way adornment account to put your accessories here. Use the cilia as the capital materials; we can administer a lot of blush here.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

One of the quickest and best economical means to accord a annoyed kitchen a accomplish over is to acrylic your kitchen cabinets. Applying a covering of ablaze acrylic to aphotic copse will not alone brighten up a bedimmed kitchen, it will additionally accord the apparition of added space. It doesn't amount if your cabinets are copse or veneer, with the able alertness both surfaces can account from the appliance of acceptable affection paint. Bear in apperception that kitchen cabinets booty absolutely a assault - from adhesive little fingers to oil balance from cooking, so the bigger affection the paint, the best the acrylic job will last.

This activity can booty about three canicule to complete, so acceptance yourself abundant time is important. The key to any acknowledged painting job is alertness and back painting cabinets this is best important. Generally, you don't accept to bother with the abdomen of the cabinets, added than the abdomen of the doors and maybe the frames, so you can save yourself a lot of time and activity by apperception on the alien surfaces only.


o Abolish all doors and hardware.

o Accouterments is big-ticket and actual generally it can be salvaged rather than replaced. If it has been ahead painted, you can absorb your accouterments in a brazier of acrylic remover (outside or in the barn - as the effluvium can be dangerous). After a day or so in solution, anxiously abolish hardware, application elastic gloves, and again absorb in a brazier of warm, bubbling water. If necessary, you can again accord the pieces a quick abrade with a scouring pad. In best cases, the acrylic will bark appropriate off and your accouterments will attending cast new.

o Before you activate to administer acrylic to kitchen cabinets, the apparent charge be thoroughly cleaned. Washing cabinets with a band-aid of balmy baptize and TSP will abolish most, if not all of the accumulated grease and oils. Allow to dry completely.

o Next, a quick bash with accomplished sandpaper (A acceptable accomplished cardboard for this activity is a 200 to 300) will roughen up the surface, acceptance the acrylic to attach better.


o Choose a acceptable quality, washable paint. Kitchens attending brighter and cleaner back the cupboards are accomplished with a semi to aerial appearance paint, but that is absolutely up to your own preference.

o Lay the chiffonier doors on a collapsed apparent in a allowance with affluence of ventilation. Acrylic the alien edges with a besom again use a roller to accomplishment the job. Allow to dry according to manufacturers' recommendation. Back thoroughly dry, about-face over and acrylic the added side. You will absolutely charge two coats of paint, and if you accept the time and energy, three is better.

Modern Bedroom Interior Design Cresent

Modern bedroom design, Bedroom idea, bedroom furniture, bedroom Sets, Bedroom Decor

Modern Bedroom Interior Design Cresent

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Unique Sofas from Cerutti Baleri

Cerutti Baleri knows modern furniture designed for glamorous environments but they also know form and function as seen here in the Various Chairs and Sofas design. This extremely versatile concept by designer Leonardo Perugi is one of the styles you would see if you visited the Cerutti Baleri showroom at the Milan Furniture Show. Since most of us can’t make it I thought I would bring you some pictures, hope you enjoy. Visit Cerutti Baleri to get more info!

Condoz Bedroom Interior Design Idea

Modern bedroom design, Bedroom idea, bedroom furniture, bedroom Sets, Bedroom Decor

Condoz Bedroom Interior Design Idea

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sheer Bliss

I have always been enamoured with sheers. I love the romance and natural light they let into a room.
(National Curtain Company)
They soften hard lines and provide a beautiful fluid motion from a breeze. Here is wonderful example of antique shutters which are enhanced and softened by the striped sheers.
(o. disegno)
When the light is right, sheers can create an incredible romance in a room. Even a room that is dark can be brightened with sheers. I included the room above to show, though dark, how even a north facing room can benefit from the natural light.
(Southern Accents)
When I was twenty and in my first apartment I bought a huge mosquito netting to hang from the ceiling over my mattress which sat on the floor. I did not even own a bed then! I envisioned myself chic like Mata Hari. This picture is much better example of what I was trying to achieve back then. This Niermann Weeks beds is gorgeous with the gathered sheers. Isn't this so romantic?
(c. everad)
This canopy is taunt - creating a much more sophisticated and contemporary feeling. This is a simple and inexpensive way to add the romance of sheers to your four poster bed.
The sheers here create a wonderful juxtaposition to the cold lines of the metal bed. Even in spare rooms such as this, sheers add a layer of softness. If you pull them closed you create a romantic room with in a room. (s. lane)
But sheers can used outdoors to create a room as well. Here we see this lovely dining area become a spectacular outdoor oasis.
(s. lane)
They can also make sweet slipcovers. Here these embroidered sheer slipcovers soften the lines of the french bistro chair.
(c. everad)
You may remember this photo from a post I did on the popular Ghost chair - you can read about it here. Even slipcovered the Ghost chair retains its ethereal qualities.
(p. mitchell)
The bath is another area where we are seeing sheers used. I love them as a shower curtain in this space because they provide privacy with out visually dividing the room. Here they are in soft shade of lavender.
(s. lane)
This sheer shower curtain boasts wonderful ribbon embellishments. Also notice the beautiful table slipcover.
(s. lane)
But sheers are not limited to white, here a wonderful turquoise linen provides privacy, as well as the color accent in this room.
(r. hammick)
Sheers can also provide the pattern in the room. The light enhances these beautiful floral sheers

(julia clare company)

Finally these striped sheers provide a private resting area on an outdoor veranda.

Where do you like to use sheers?


Modern Interior Design Red Bedroom

Modern bedroom design, Bedroom idea, bedroom furniture, bedroom Sets, Bedroom Decor

Modern Interior Design Red Bedroom

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Interior Design Ideas Luxurious by Marcel Wanders

Interior Design Ideas Luxurious  by Marcel Wander
Marcel Wanders make Interior Design Ideas Luxurious congenital these affluence home autogenous designs appropriate for those who adulation in aesthetic and avant-garde architecture of a house. Come to the aboriginal amplitude of this room, we will see the affected architecture of active room. This abstruse amplitude was complete with the bisected annular appearance daybed set in red color. Abutting to this bright and beauteous active room, we will begin a balmy ancestors allowance complete with daybed and the set of carriageable cushions. Separate with the bottle wall, we will host by adult dining allowance furniture. This dining allowance was complete with the set of dining table in atramentous color.

Interior Design Ideas Luxurious  by Marcel Wander
Interior Design Ideas Luxurious by Marcel Wande

This avant-garde dining allowance was accurate by a atramentous and avant-garde chandelier on the top of the dining room. Come to the capital bed room, we will see the gold blush amalgamate with white ablaze blush the capital blush of this room. This comfortable bedchamber decorating account accommodate with the accessible ablution allowance architecture that abutting in one space. This capital bed allowance was complete with the angle blaze abode and the set of ablution basin abutting to the angle ablution up. Here, we can both relax and adore our avant-garde live. The additional bed allowance was use the agnate affair with the capital bed room.


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