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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Helal New Moon Residence, Luxury Residence by Ehrlich Architects

Helal New Moon Residence, Luxury Residence, Luxury House Design

Helal New Moon Residence, Luxury Residence, Luxury House Design

Helal New Moon Residence, Luxury Residence, Luxury House Design

Helal New Moon Residence, Luxury Residence, Luxury House Design

Helal New Moon Residence, Luxury Residence, Luxury House Design

Helal New Moon Residence, Luxury Residence, Luxury House Design

Helal New Moon Residence, Luxury Residence, Luxury House Design

Chic Sophistication Interior Green Home Design

Here is sophistication green home design in the Covenant city, this exquisitely renovated property is situated on 8 acres, all usable, and 5 star hotel with 8 barns, stables, sand arena and direct access road.
there are Tennis Court, Rolling Meadows, citrus and fruit gardens, pool and spa, some of the magnificent facilities must provide this invaluable link. The interiors are designed with detail. 6 points design following one-bedroom suites, Venetian plaster walls, fixtures, water pipes and tiles, solid surround sound system, paving European upgrade hardwood floors throughout, wine bar, gourmet chef and kitchen library.

Chic Sophistication Green Home Design, venetian plaster walls

Chic Sophistication Green Home Design, venetian plaster walls, modern living design

Chic Sophistication Green Home Design, venetian plaster walls, modern interior design

Chic Sophistication Green Home Design, venetian plaster walls, modern kitchen design

Chic Sophistication Green Home Design, furniture dining design, venetian plaster walls, modern dining design

Chic Sophistication Green Home Design

T-Clinic Design by Suppose Design Office in Hirosihima, Japan

Instead of places are closed, typically for the movement as an elevator and stairs, we wanted the open to collect light to them as atriums, lighting, keep the page.

Modern Architecture Design, Great Architecture

Drawing T-Clinic Design, Concept Design Architecture

Design Living Office, Modern Wooden Design Table

Modern Design Architecture

Upstairs Design

Perfect Design Architecture

Influenced Traditional English Style Garden Design

This luxury garden design have lines of traditional English garden style. With features of herb plants, make this garden more useful. Massed pines, yews, and junipers impart form and provide an evergreen compositional backdrop for large beds of daylilies and perennial flowers.

english style garden landscape architecture

elegant garden landscape design ideas

garden landscape design english traditional style ideas

english traditional style landscape design ideas

Custom wood fences highlighted by an arbor-gate structure, a central rose garden, are some additional features incorporated in the planted grounds surrounding this elegant residence.

Alpine Shelter; Technologically Hut Design

Designed in glittering crystal shape, this shelter demonstrates state of the art technology। All the façade and load-bearing elements as well as the interior partition walls are the results of computer-aided design and computer-integrated manufacturing in a way that material consumption and transport weight are reduced to an absolute minimum. This innovative production technology facilitates the construction of the various elements and therefore cuts mountain modern home design ideas technology achieve

modern technology green eco friendly home design concept

This shelter, Monte Rosa hut win Bronze Awards of Holcim Awards 2008 because of its technology and autonomy demonstrated. Built on sensitive landscape, an extreme climatic, this shelter relies completely on its own energy production, water collection, and systems for treating solid waste and waste water.

Designed by Andrea Deplazes, Studio Monte Rosa, DARCH, ETH Zurich, the project is based on a five-storey, segment shaped wooden lathe building method. The computer-aided mechanical production process makes it possible to use traditional construction methods such as half-timber building with its geometrically complex wood junctions.

[green building technology climate design ideasmodern green building plans technology future designfuture technology green home design ideas plans concept

The result is a wide range of possibilities for the use of timber. The concept of the highly insulated façade is the result of a mixture of energy saving and energy production. The facet-like, metallic skin is studded with photovoltaic panels that supply the building with the necessary operational energy.

A spiral-shaped glass band that follows the sun and conducts passive energy into the dining room and peripherally ascending cascade staircase is wound around the whole building and presents the guest with an impressive landscape panorama.

Some Interior Designers Busy in 2009

Starting in 2007, the market for interior designers turned into quicksand. The credit markets tightened, and projects that typically went to designers were brought in-house both residentially and commercially.

HGTV and the Internet created more competitors in the middle of the market from the consumers themselves, and frankly, for most designers, those weren’t and aren’t your best clients anyway.

High-end projects stayed fairly steady until the economic debacle of October 2008, and then many of the projects slowed, stopped or didn’t start at all. Especially in markets tied to the financial markets like New York, the wealthiest clients lost their jobs and their sense of security if they were in jobs associated with money and wealth.

The commercial market was devastated by the credit crisis, and according to economists, the concerns aren’t behind us yet.

Even with this perfect storm, some designers were very busy. Why? They adapted to the market shifts, changed their pricing strategies, developed an online presence, spent as much as 10% on marketing, focused on a niche, learned how to differentiate themselves better, and didn’t wait for the phone to ring. They took these conditions as a challenge and they worked even harder than before.

If commercial and hospitality is your preferred area of business, you’ll want to focus on renovations. If you can show companies that an investment in renovation can lead to more dollars at the bottom line especially if they depend on consumer spending, then you have an opportunity to build a logical reason why a company should invest. The commercial designers that become a marketing partner with their clients differentiate themselves and become a valuable solution-oriented team member instead of an expense.

If your specialty is residential design, bathroom and kitchen renovation is still steady. The budgets might be smaller, but there is work in this specialty area.

Some designers created packages of services they offered on their websites. Why did that work for them? The consumers wanted (and demanded) to know the investment required .

Other designers offered Value Based Fees because consumers resisted hourly fees. ASID surveyed consumers a few years ago and approximately 70% said they wanted fixed fees. Designers who offered this option found that it completely shifted their role from an hourly wage slave to a trusted advisor, and that helped many designers kick-start their businesses even during the last several months.

You could be the greatest designer, but if people don’t hear about you consistently, then your business will struggle. These days, you need great photography, a great head shot, articles about you in magazines, online and in newspapers (third party endorsements), a web presence including a website, blog and social media and search engine optimization of your website and blog.

And, if you don’t have a written business plan, marketing plan, vision and strategy for your business, it’s time to get busy and take action. Referrals and networking may have worked in the past, but they are less effective than ever, so that means it’s time to rethink and reposition your business.

Modern Raw Accent Apartment Interior Design

With existing bell-cap columns in concrete this apartment interior designed in modern way. Certain part of columns and walls covered by symmetric wooden boards, and certain of columns, walls, and roof don’t have covers. This interior accent idea, really created a dramatic view, and made tall interior spaces useful as aesthetic.

modern wood apartment large windows interior design

bell capped columns apartment interior design tricks

wooden board symmetric wall decorating accent design

contemporary bathroom interior desin ceramic tiles accent

raw columns accent living apartment spaces design ideas

modern apartment interior design roof concrete accent

modern bedroom interior design ideas wooden decorating

Large steel windows have own touch. The interior floors of the main living spaces were raised to conceal all of the HVAC ductwork and plumbing systems, while bringing the windows sills closer to the floor plane and further amplifying the panoramatic view of the skyline.

Artistic Wood Décor Marine Décor Modern Interior Design

Earth and sea mixing sense décor become unique theme of this interior design. Wooden sculptural works décor in artistic form with unique modern furniture and fixture in earth tone colors, wrap with white walls color and white furniture, bring warmth sense to this modern apartment interior design. Clean and cozy with mixed furniture style with good arrangement create comfortable indoor space performance for holidays. Marine décor themes like Boats and sea animals at cabinet and wall display look simple but really eye catching and have calm and relaxing effect of deep blue sea. For the bedroom, white milk color used. Designed by Frederico Zanelato architects.

clean cozy mixed furniture style apartment interior

wooden works artistic decor interior apartment design

sculptural wooden brazilian style dining interior design

marine decor theme relaxing living apartment space

mixed earth marine living space interior decor

mixed white main large apartment modern interior

long space apartment interior arrangement stylish design

cabinet decor display partition dining kitchen space

mixed furniture fittings white apartment interior style

white milk calm modern bedroom interior stylish

white earth tone furniture bedroom decor interior

Natural Luxury and Modern Colors in Decoration

Luxury Home Design

Autumn is, of Wealth and colors fills the lovely autumn landscapes. Yellow, green, tilesred, orange.
Which of them to "bring in your home?Maybe yellow to create our sunny mood in November's gray days? Tilered and orange or to give us warm on cold winter nights? And maybe you wish to keep the memory of azure blue sea?

Natural Luxury and Modern Colors in Decoration
Modern Yellow Design

The color of the interior of the house plays a significant role in art. Ьrchitectural positional he participated in the design of the house. Depending on the color the same room can affect us differently. Choosing the color palette in your home decor depends on the aesthetic preferences of the residents, their temperament and trends. Usually the big problem with this choice is to combine our current aesthetic taste and interior.

Natural Luxury and Modern Colors in Decoration
Great Orange Kitchen Design

The choice depends on the purpose of the room. To take full advantage of the richness of the color spectrum which decorate his house, it is important to develop a sense of color. They are divided into hot and cold.

To warm to associate warmth of the sun, apply a yellow-orange. They create the interior comfort and coziness. Light yellow, and beige colors are reserved tiles the classical style / rustication /

Natural Luxury and Modern Colors in Decoration

Luxury Red Living Room Design

Often in the yellow range are solved ethnodesign made by natural materials - wood and woven furniture fabric. Wear yellow colors calm and cheerful mood. Hard work in activating brain function. Used in the nursery room, they favor work. Softened to green or orange, yellow creates a feeling of optimism, wealth and fertility. The advantage of the yellow colors that combine easily with all other colors.

Natural Luxury and Modern Colors in Decoration
Great Gold Bedroom Design

One of the hottest colors is tiled. It contains enough brown tones, not to be too bright as red. Tilesred is very good choice for rooms that lack sunlight / north /. It can be successfully combined with gold, ecru, pale green, pale gray-green. Tilered walls are a good background of gray-green furniture. Wonderful to have stayed this background, and sofas with gold stripes. Not grout brick wall in the room gives bohemian type, which can be boosted with free cushions thrown in gold or green. If the furniture is in tilered, it is the walls are bright in color.


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