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Friday, June 11, 2010

Small Spaces Home Garden Ideas

Many of us have this dream of living in an elegant beautiful refreshing house in the middle of a garden full of green plants and that they would have the pleasure of looking at the beautiful scenery every day. But, unfortunately, most of them don’t have the chance to have such spacious gardens and, thus, have to resort to making a small garden to save this space to be used for living in. And so this beautiful dream just fades away. However, you can enjoy all the above mentioned things when you find the best solutions for these problems.

Now we are going to explore some of these solutions through which you can organize a garden using little space as well as enjoying having your favorite plants in it.

First solution:

Dedicating a special corner for the growing suitable plants

Steps to be followed:

Decide on the space you want to use for growing the plants

After deciding on the place you will use for the plants, you should clean the surrounding area and pave it.

We will add fertilizers to the place that will be used for growing the plants.
Here the corner was drawn with parallel lines for the fence.

The area in the middle of the garden will be paved with tiles or marble or any material you like, you can also use natural rocks like basalt to make it as natural-looking as possible.

You can get some plants ready in a gardening pot and decorating the rest of the garden. The types of plants to use are up to you to choose according to the weather and environmental conditions.

In this photo the same idea is applied in another garden but the space is used in making a swimming pool.

Another design for the same idea

You can use the space between the tiles to grow some orchards

Second solution

The second solution is to use fences in growing plants more heavily in the garden. You can make gardening basins for growing plants and flowers on the fences.

Or you can make basins directly below the wall that can be made of marble

or wood in an elegant decorative way

You can also grow plants along the line parallel to the fence

Alternatively, you can use the passage to make a mock fence and growing plants inside it.

Third solution

The third solution is to use windows to add external basins to grow plants in; these can be made of wood.

You can make these basins from iron or brass and add whatever pots made from different materials in them.

Or else, you can use the outside sill of the window to put some small gardening pots

Fourth solution

The fourth solution is to use stairs in place the largest number of plants inside your garden. Here, you can organize the plants on the stairs in different ways. Or you can dedicate a place in the stairs to grow plants.

Or you can use readymade plants and spread them on wooden or iron stands

You can also place some plants inside lighting posts

Fifth solution

The fifth solution is to use hanging units of plants; these can also be used on the outside wall of the house.

or on pillars

Sixth solution:

It is the easiest one to apply. It is the use of mobile basins and distributing them in different places inside the garden without making it difficult to move inside the garden. We can use pillars in the above way.

metal stands

Or you can place it in one of the corners

or in any other place in the middle of the garden

I hope I was lucky enough to make these solutions easy for you to apply and I hope that we can always find nature around us.

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