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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Alpine Shelter; Technologically Hut Design

Designed in glittering crystal shape, this shelter demonstrates state of the art technology। All the façade and load-bearing elements as well as the interior partition walls are the results of computer-aided design and computer-integrated manufacturing in a way that material consumption and transport weight are reduced to an absolute minimum. This innovative production technology facilitates the construction of the various elements and therefore cuts mountain modern home design ideas technology achieve

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This shelter, Monte Rosa hut win Bronze Awards of Holcim Awards 2008 because of its technology and autonomy demonstrated. Built on sensitive landscape, an extreme climatic, this shelter relies completely on its own energy production, water collection, and systems for treating solid waste and waste water.

Designed by Andrea Deplazes, Studio Monte Rosa, DARCH, ETH Zurich, the project is based on a five-storey, segment shaped wooden lathe building method. The computer-aided mechanical production process makes it possible to use traditional construction methods such as half-timber building with its geometrically complex wood junctions.

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The result is a wide range of possibilities for the use of timber. The concept of the highly insulated façade is the result of a mixture of energy saving and energy production. The facet-like, metallic skin is studded with photovoltaic panels that supply the building with the necessary operational energy.

A spiral-shaped glass band that follows the sun and conducts passive energy into the dining room and peripherally ascending cascade staircase is wound around the whole building and presents the guest with an impressive landscape panorama.

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