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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Contemporary Bedrooms For Little Girls

Contemporary Bedrooms For Little Girls
You aren't a fan of pink and baby blue isn't something you'd consider for your child's bedroom. In a world full of pink princess themes and baby boy clouds and cars, parents are starting to rebel against the traditional children's bedrooms. Current design trends have started to veer into the territory of contemporary bedrooms for children that, while still cute and childlike, are also striking and modern. How do you create a bedroom for your child? Simply remember, less is more.

Picking your paint colors can be a daunting task if you ask you child's advice. Often kids will choose the brightest, boldest colors they see. You can still have a minimalist feel and give your child a color they'd love by having an accent wall. Does your daughter like fuchsia and fairies? Paint one wall in her bedroom dark pink and the rest of the walls white. Take that dark pink color and find a stencil that she loves. If it's fairies she wants, find a Disney stencil that has Tinkerbell or her Pixie Hollow friends. Stencil on the white walls a set pattern, but try to avoid the trap of painting a boarder around the room. Stenciling 10 fairies in no particular pattern will be much more striking than following the wall.

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