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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spread the Love in the Bedroom

Spread the Love in the Bedroom
The bedroom is the special room for anyone. Especially to those who have a spouse, it is the most private room in the house. However, if you feel bored about your bedroom`s decoration, now it is the perfect time to do something different.

Use curtain to be more romantic
Besides providing a cover for the sunlight through the window, curtain also becomes an important part in decorating the bedroom. The suitable color of the curtain and the wall will harmonize the room. To add the romantic impression, choose curtain with flower design or other style which is compatible with the romantic atmosphere you want to present. Creativity plays the most important role in this activity. Prefer to use softer material such as satin rather than the heavy one.

Change the color of bed sheet
Though simple, the color of the bed sheet will contribute a lot to the mood of you and your spouse. Try to put the color which showing your love. In coloring it, start by imagining the romantic thing such as warmness, coziness and etc. This can emerge the new ideas which can be used as a reference. You can also give some perfumes so that it will be more romantic.

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