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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Modern Interior Design for Living room and Bedroom

Interior Design Ideas for Living Room and Bedroom...
Interior Design Ideas

Living rooms provide safe haven from the outside world and the living room design should reflect this. Opt for a soothing color scheme and avoid colors and busy patterns on walls. They will not be to everyone’s taste and can make a room seem small and cluttered. Modern wall unit gives you an opportunity to create something really eye catching, nice, unique and futuristic piece of modern furniture.

Interior Design Ideas

Interior Design Ideas

modern TV stand or modern entertainment center for your living room because your modern sofa position and measurements will very much depend of the placement of your TV entertainment center, TV stand, or the complete modern wall unit.

Coming up with good living room designs should not be based primarily on the aesthetic value. Functions should come off as the top priority. You would not want your imported vases to be useless if you will display them in your living room and block the necessary space. Keep in mind that when creating living room design, it is best to always consider the space provided.

India Classic Livingroom Interior design

India Classic Livingroom Interior design

Chinese Antique Bedroom Design

Chinese Antique Bedroom Design

Cabinets For Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design, Cabinets For Bathroom Design
Cabinets For Bathroom Design

Cabinets Of Bathroom Design, Bathroom Interior Design
Cabinets For Bathroom Design

Mode Classic Bedroom

Mode Classic Bedroom

Contemporary Living Room Furniture Design

Contemporary Living Room Furniture Design, Contemporary Living Room, Living Room Design
Contemporary Living Room Furniture Design

Contemporary Living Room Furniture Design, Contemporary Living Room, Living Room Design
Contemporary Living Room Furniture Design

Beautifully ornate entryway

Beautifully ornate entryway

Outdoor Patio Trends Design

Outdoor Patio Trends Design

Outdoor Living Room classic Furniture Design

Outdoor Living Room classic Furniture Design

Outdoor Living Room classic Furniture

Outdoor Living Room Classic Furniture

Luxury Tree Bench Design

LuxuryTree Bench Design

Contemporary Classic Patio Furniture

Contemporary classic Patio Furniture

Contemporary Patio Furniture from Horchow

Outdoor Classic Patio Furniture

Outdoor Classic Patio Furniture

Outdoor Patio Furniture

Home Decoration Novelty

Home Decoration Novelty

Classic Decoration Accessories

Classic  Decoration Accessories

Decoration Accessories

Decoration Accessories

Country Home Accessories

Classic Home Accessories

Country decoration Accessories Design

Lampshades are a part of every type of home decor. A perfect home decor gift idea, you can select lampshades in just about any budget. Most of us think, that country home decor means a rustic log hut appearance. But that’s not at all the case. Go for bright and attractive lamp shades and your gift is sure to find a place in their home decorations.

Classic Home Gifts

Rustic and country decor is one of the favorite styles of home decorations nowadays. Being one with nature and having a decor that complement your choice is simply a dream come true. And if you know someone who also enjoys country home decorations then selecting unique gifts for them is a complete pleasure. In this section of country home decor gifts we bring together different ideas to make the house decorations charming and completely unique. Make your friend’s home a haven as you select from these different country gift ideas.

Classic Home Gifts

Country Decor

Classic Bathroom Remodeling

Well to start with the utilitarian concept is out. Think big – think spa. Make space for your whirlpool tubs, multiple showers and even provision for steam shower. If you want to try something more upscale then go for towel warmers, heated floors etc.

Luxury modern and Classic Dining Rooms

Luxury modern and Classic Dining Rooms

Dining Rooms collections

Dining Rooms collections

Dining Rooms collections

furniture dining room design

Dining room furniture

dining room furniture

Dining room furniture

modern Dining Rooms

Luxury Dining Room Design

For a different mood, consider creating a serious, luxurious space set aside specifically for great meals and conversation.

Don’t limit yourself to thinking that meals must be restricted to a formal table. A kitchen island, or even a counter top fitted with stools or high-sitting chairs, can also make for a fun dining experience.

Here are some modern designs for you to get the inspiration, when planning for the dining room furniture.

LuxuryDining Room Design

Design Dining Room

yellow dining room

yellow dining room

Luxury Dining Room''Style''

Dining Room Furniture should be inspired by a sense of grandeur, impression, and elegance. To truly make a dining room formal, you need to pay attention to details from the window treatments down to the place mats.
Luxury  Dining  Room''Style''

Luxury and Inspirational Dining Room Designs

Most often, formal dining areas are in a separate room, while informal dining areas are more commonly out in the open—frequently attached to the living room, family room, or kitchen.
Luxury and Inspirational Dining Room Designs

Modern Dining Room Designs

Modern Dining Room Designs ining room decoration

High Style Dining Room Design

Luxury Interiors Classic'' Style''

Luxury Interiors Classic'' Style''
Luxury Interiors - High StyleLuxury Interiors - High Style

Luxury Versace interiors Design

Luxury Versace interiors Design

Harga Gazebo

Seperti Halnya Rumah Kayu, Harga Gazebo pun Mengikuti Type dan Ukuran. Dibawah Ini Daftar Type Beserta Harganya.

  1. Type Segi 4 (2.5m x 2.5m) Harga Rp. 8.000.000,-
  2. Type Segi 4 (3m x 3m) Harga Rp. 10.000.000,-
  3. Type Segi 6 (2.5m x 2.5m) Harga Rp. 8.000.000,-
  4. Type Segi 6 (3m x 3m) Harga Rp. 10.000.000,-
  5. Type Segi 8 (3m x 3m) Harga Rp. 10.000.000,-

Friday, December 11, 2009

Proyek Maskarebet

Rumah Kayu Type 48 ukuran 6 m x 8m ini Telah Terjual Kepada Bapak Bayu. Lokasi Pemindahan Terletak Di Kota Palembang Tepatnya Di Komplek Maskarebet. Proses Pembongkaran Memakan Waktu 1 hari, dan akan Langsung Di Rakit Kembali Yang Memakan Waktu Tidak Lebih Dari 5 Hari.

Type - Type Rumah Kayu

Harga Rumah Kayu Bongkar Pasang Mengikuti Type dan Ukuran, Semakin Besar Ukuran Rumah Akan Semakin Murah Harga Yang Ditawarkan, Hal Ini Berbeda Dari Rumah Beton. Berikut Type - Type Rumah Kayu Serta Harga Yang Kami Tawarkan.

  1. Type 16 ( 4 x 4 )
  2. Type 20 ( 4 x 5)
  3. Type 24 ( 4 x 6)
Harga Rp. 1.800.000,- / M2*

  1. Type 30 ( 5 x 6 )
  2. Type 35 ( 5 x 7 )
  3. Type 40 ( 5 x 8 )
Harga Rp. 1.700.000,- / M2*

  1. Type 42 ( 6 x 7 )
  2. Type 48 ( 6 x 8 )
  3. Type 54 ( 6 x 9 )
Harga Rp. 1.600.000,- / M2*

  1. Type 63 ( 7 x 9 )
  2. Type 70 ( 7 x 10 )
  3. Type 77 ( 7 x 11 )
Harga Rp. 1.500.000,- / M2*

  1. Type 80 ( 8 x 10 )
  2. Type 88 ( 8 x 11 )
  3. Type 96 ( 8 x 12 )
  4. Type 104 ( 8 x 13 )
Harga Rp. 1.450.000,- / M2*

  1. Type 120 ( 10 x 12 )
  2. Type 140 ( 10 x 14 )
  3. Type 150 ( 10 x 15 )
Harga Rp. 1.400.000,- / M2*

Selain Type dan Ukuran Diatas, Kami juga Dapat Menerima Pesanan Rumah Kayu Sesuai Desain Dari Pelanggan.

Keterangan :
* Harga Masih Bisa Di Negosiasikan

Harga Diatas Belum Termasuk :
  1. Izin Mendirikan Bangunan (IMB)
  2. Sambungan Listrik (PLN)
  3. Sambungan Air Bersih (PAM)
  4. Sanitasi
  5. Finishing (Politur)
  6. Genteng
  7. Dapur


Spesifikasi Komponen Umum Terdapat Dalam Semua Type Namun Ukuran Menyesuaikan Type Rumah.


  1. Dinding Menggunakan Kayu Meranti (2 x 25)
  2. Kitau Menggunakan Kayu Seru (10 x 16)
  3. Belandar Menggunakan Kayu Seru (6 x 6)
  4. Cengkam Menggunakan KayuSeru (6 x 12 )
  5. Lantai Menggunakan Kayu Seru (2 x 25) / (2 x 20)
  6. Sako Menggunakan Kayu Seru (12 x 12) / (10 x 10)
  7. Jenangan Menggunakan Kayu Seru (8 x 12)
  8. Sento Menggunakan Kayu Seru (5 x 10)
  9. Alang Menggunkan Kayu Seru (8 x 12) / (8 x 10)
  10. Kuda-Kuda Menggunakan Kayu Seru (6 x 12) / (5 x 10)
  11. Kasau Menggunakan Kayu Seru (5 x 5)
  12. Reng Menggunakan Kayu Seru (3 x 4) / (2 x 3)
  13. Tangga Menggunakan Kayu Seru (5 x 25) / (5 x 20)
  14. Jendela Menggunakan Kayu Meranti
  15. Pintu Menggunakan Kayu Meranti
  16. Kaca Jendela (Riben / Polos)

Stylish Bathroom Design

Design bathroom with the bath oval design with modern interior, elegant enchanted design bathroom that gave ease and comfort. the color of the basin used the white color was same as color of the wall as well as the living flower made beautiful bathroom. Roof ceiling was open used the roof from glasses gave special information for bathroom

Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas

Luxurious bathroom collection from Carmenta. That’s a stunning wood bathroominnovation, exotic and minimalist, simple and elegant design, suitable for any bathroom space, large or small. features a timeless harmony of minimalist design and richness and liveliness of wood. Incorporating wood in various unconventional places, such as the sink, the extra-size luxurious shower cabin

Elegant Home Decoration

traditional easyrise_bedroom Arched windows window treatments

arch window Arched windows Arched windows are a wonderful element to have in a home. They add elegance and sophistication to a room and exude old world charm. However, they also cause a huge problem. For many people it is impossible to find window treatments to fit these windows. They are at a loss as to what to do with these windows and the arch just ignored while the rest of the window is covered. The result is a disjointed look both from the inside and out. Here are some window treatment ideas for your arched windows.

Treat it like a
Normal window:

For a
wall of arched windows that you would like to cover with window treatments, hang a straight rod above the windows the length of the entire wall. Then hang curtain panels that cover the entirety of the windows and wall when the treatment is close. When open, it will reveal as much window as possible. Ideally, when the curtains are open, only the wall in between the windows should be covered with drapes.
Arched windows window treatments

For a single arch, hang a rod above it the window that is wider then the
arched window. This way when the curtains are opened, you can reveal the beauty of the entire window.

Adapt regular curtains:

Regular pocket rod window treatments panels can be hung on a curved rod. You can find curved curtain rods or rods that you can shape in your local hardware store or by mail order. Once the curtain is hung, you will then need to cut the bottom straight across and re-hem it. You will want to purchase extra long panels for this.sunny interior design traditional look

Hang tab top curtain panels from antique hooks installed around the
arch of the window. Cut the bottom straight across and re-hem.

Custom shutters:

You can purchase wooden shutters with that includes a sunburst top that fills the arch attractively or custom shutters that curve at the top to fit the arch.

Install shutters or blinds across the window leaving the arch exposed. Then hang a decorative window scarf in the arched section. This is done by installing three hooks or drapery ornaments. Install one on each side, and the third one at the top center or off to one side depending on your personal preferences.
great arched window
Leave them bare:

Chances are you picked a home with arched windows because you thought they were beautiful. Unless privacy is an issue, why not leave them bare or at least nearly bare. You can add interest or coordinate them with your décor by hanging a simple swag treatment above them, or you can place a standing translucent floor screens in front of them to filter light.

To give the windows some extra interest when you do not want to cover the window, you can
add panels of fabric between or on either side of the windows hung from attractive hooks or window ornaments.

curved window slide doors
Create a
curved window where you do not have one:

If you do not have an arched window, but want to give the impression that you do, you can create a straight top, arched window treatment by taking a regular window topper or cornice board and cutting an arched shape out of the bottom edge.
Elegant Home Interior Decoration

Generous curtains that co-ordinate with an upholstered screen add a touch of flamboyance to a dressing room, while a fluffy rug softens a wooden floor for extra comfort


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