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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Home Interior Paint Ideas

Living Room Interior Design by Karim Rashid

Living Room Interior Design by Karim Rashid

Living Room Interior Design by Karim Rashid
Living Room Interior Design concept by Karim Rashid

One of the best creative Living Room Interior Design by Karim Rashid, colourful and alarming installations of the Milan architecture anniversary 2010. a amplitude that echoes the agenda techno-organic apple we alive in. Soft amoebic shapes realised through a morphic actual to actualize a animal active environment. evoking an another way of experiencing the home environment. A acute acceptable home with DuPont™ Corian® by Karim Rashid. Every breadth of the home, from kitchen and bath to bedroom, garden and bouncing walls, has been realised by Karim Rahsid application this high-performance, avant-garde actual and anniversary breadth appearance specific solutions for added efficiency. Light, colour, arrangement and archness characterise the affable pod-like environment. Realised through of the artistic eyes of Karim Rashid and the accurate ability of DuPont, “Smart-ologic Corian® Living” offers ideas, concepts and solutions for the advancing ‘re-thinking’ of architecture and technology in the active environment.

Living Room Interior Design by Karim Rashid
Living Room Interior Design by Karim RashidLiving Room Interior Design by Karim Rashid

The ‘Smart-ologic Corian® Living’ activity gave me the befalling to architecture a modular holistic abode concept, a allegory for how materials, technologies, housing, accoutrement and amplitude can assignment calm to arm-twist an added faculty of experience, absolutely affect our anima and accompany us a bigger abreast life, while additionally enabling us to abate the ecology banner of our circadian decisions and actions, says Karim. Smart-ologic Corian® Active is a acute and acceptable home abstraction base the above versatility and animal qualities of DuPont™ Corian®. The activity showcases the colour, array and ability of Corian®, including the new 2010 alternation with recycled content, additional proposes a “futuristic type” of Corian® fabricated with environmentally acceptable bio-based apparatus and with recycled material. Further avant-garde solutions from DuPont for abbreviating the ecology brand of barrio additionally affection in the design by KARIM RASHID

Design Modern Iconic Egg Chair

Design Modern Iconic Egg Chair room

God actualize first, Design Modern Iconic Egg Chair. Almost agnate to the Lobster Chair, this Arne Jacobsen’s armchair of the 1958 Egg Armchair was already fabricated its mark throughout the years. It’s been 52 years already and Fritz Hansen is ablution a bound copy Egg Armchair with a abundant covering upholstery installed in it. Here beneath we accord you how the acclaimed Egg Armchair has been adapted these days.

Design Modern Iconic Egg Chair room
Design Modern Iconic Egg Chair room
Modern Iconic Egg Chair Design

Just for all of us to bethink that the aboriginal iconic and common accepted Egg Armchair was advised by Danish Architect Arne Jacobsen in 1958. The Fritz Hanzen’s bound Egg Armchair are produced in 999 bound assemblage designs. The bound copy included amber amber suede on the aback and amber aphotic covering aloft the front. Beneath we accord you the account of the Egg Armchair transformation now canicule forth with the Fritz Hanzen’s Egg Chair.

Fray León House Family

Fray Leon House by 57studio in Santiago Chile

Fray León House that located on the east side of Santiago, Chile, is a residence for a family looking for a bigger field and more space, without leaving the traditional neighbourhood where it has lived for almost 30 years. Designed by 57studio, this home design is a family house that brings the fauna inside. The main characteristics of the area are the presence of many huge old trees with houses that have a limited relationship with the street.

Eliminating an old architecture building and respecting the native trees with a major presence and landscaping value on the site, the spaces are organised on an ‘H’ form plant with a second level over the central wing, following the same space relation pattern of the house design that the family left. This ‘H’ form space distribution adapts well to the site form without touching the trees and creating different patios that harness their presence from the interior design.

The home interior design spaces are organised around a native tree (Cryptocaria alba) that accompanies the access from the south. Through the hall, the presence of an enormous avocado tree (Persea americana) is framed towards the north, and a private wing towards the east is delimited by an old macrocarpa cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa) and some crape myrtles. Over the central wing, a second private level extends in all of its length, leaving on one end a terrace at the height of the tree’s crowns. On the west wing, the public spaces open towards the northern garden through a porch, and the service areas direct their view towards an ashleaf maple (Acer negundo). The wing of services extends towards the south by means of a roof with an opening that surrounds a native Crinodendron patagua that separates the closed garage from the rest of the home design.

The swimming pool in this home design is located towards the west on the site’s lowest point, where the ground drop helps to conform one of its borders, articulating its presence to the rest of the home garden. The house design is preceded by an extensive paved esplanade that, being requested as an open visitor’s parking area, prolongs the approach of the visitor towards the main access where the Cryptocaria alba gains a major presence.

Fray Leon House, exterior facade and home garden
Fray Leon House, exterior family residence
Fray Leon House, interior design hallway

Home White House Extension

White House Extension by Urban Architecture in Dublin Ireland

The White Extension was designed by Urban Architecture that located in Dublin, Ireland, is a house extension for a photographer and his family. When Urban Architecture first met the homeowners of this house they were house hunting for a new home. However, through sketch designs it quickly became apparent that the transformation of this small two bedroom red brick terraced house to a family home design would be possible. The extension of the home design that called White Extension, consists of two white boxes across the width of the rear of the property. The lower box, containing open plan living space opens fully to the rear using a bi-folding glazed screen with roof light drawing light into the deep plan.

The second box sitting above contains a master bedroom, the large window with vertical screening to ensure privacy. The home garden has been treated as an extension of the living area. Salvaged radiators, floor boards and door furniture were sourced for the existing parts of the house, while the detailing of the extension is for a clean modern look, clearly showing the distinction between old and new. Built in furniture is used in every room to maximize storage. The success of the project lies in the opening up of the rear of the house and the use of every part of the space to its full potential to create a light filled family home.

White House Extension exterior facade detail windows
White House Extension interior kitchen and dining area

Friday, May 7, 2010

Montana genuine Italian Leather Sofa

Montana genuine Italian Leather SofaMontana genuine Italian Leather Sofa

Are you looking Italian Leather sofa? Montana genuine Italian Leather Sofa is italian leather sofa from a very strong and good for your sofa. Montana genuine Italian leather sofa is a design with the materials and the best quality of all-weather resistant. Are you interested in Montana genuine Italian leather this sofa? please you click here to order.

Contemporary Italian Kitchen Design

Contemporary Italian Kitchen DesignContemporary Italian Kitchen Design

Are you looking contemporary Italian kitchen design for your home kitchen design to look contemporary and elegant, these are the design drawings of Modern and contemporary decorating italian kitchen you can make reference to design your home kitchen. Hope you like it...

Contemporary Italian Kitchen DesignContemporary Italian Kitchen Design

Home and Interior Design

image Cabo San Lucas 3 080 
Cabo San Lucas 3 096 Cabo San Lucas 3 089 
 Cabo San Lucas 3 094 Cabo San Lucas 3 085
Cabo San Lucas 3 084 Cabo San Lucas 3 074
Cabo San Lucas 3 072 Cabo San Lucas 3 066
 Cabo San Lucas 3 098 Cabo San Lucas 3 051 
Cabo San Lucas 3 090 image
Cabo San Lucas 3 092 Cabo San Lucas 3 061 
Cabo San Lucas 6 037 Cabo San Lucas 6 013 
Cabo San Lucas 6 031 Cabo San Lucas 6 025

Interesting Big Double Bed with Contemporary Design

Interesting Big Double Bed with Contemporary Design – Squaring Penisola by Bonaldo

This attractive bed is one of the Bonaldo collection. Bonaldo is a Italian company that produced creative and elegant furniture for the entire house, since 1936. Thanks to the great experience every product done by this company is characterized by the stylish design and the excellent Italian quality. Bonaldo offers a large selection of various contemporary beds, which could become a proud of any bedroom. A very interesting model, Squaring penisola, is created for big rooms and presents itself as the double bed upholstered on all sides. This bed could perfectly be located in the middle of a room. Thanks to the large bed base you could not only comfortable sleep on it, but also have enough space to place small portable Tv or laptop and pleasantly relax. This construction could be also comfortable for those people who like to eat in the bed.

Modern Luxury Living Space by Tyler Engle Architects

This luxury Living space has a modern style designed by Tyler Engle Architects. Watermark Tower Condominium is the project that combined two separate condominiums into one living space. Thick walls were used to hide plumbing risers delineate the public living spaces from the more intimate master and guest suites.
 Modern Bedroom Furniture with White Color – Elumo by Huelsta
Set new white furniture bedroom, Elumo,has been presented by the famous company, Huelsta, for the modern interior design. White color is calm and can help to relax after a working day. Many people think that white color is a perfect one for a bedroom, because it is light and associates with cleanness. Elumo including stylish bed with high headboard, an evening table, side table and other items. All furniture is made in a minimalist style and fashionable looks very interesting. Sleeping in such bedroom will be comfortable while awaking very pleasant.

Decorating Interiors Idea

Is a great company interior design that has the ability to cover almost any style, and not focus only for example, in the modern. The common point in all his creations is the functionality and touches of color at different levels. I invite you to better understand the basis of their ideas touring some environments that were commissioned to decorate. 

Decorating Interiors Idea by Commune

Classic House with Turquoise Accents

House of Turquoise has accustomed us to show great post with environments in which the main color is turquoise . But what caught my eye in the house that we will see below, is that it is not entirely of this color, but who knew how to add it and give life to every space with minimal detail, and the result is great. It is a house near a lake, with lots of wood present, both in furniture and floors and... 

Classic House with Turquoise Accents

Home A Water

Nantucket Charm in Montecito, Montecito CA Single Family Home

Home House In Garden

Windows on the World, Pacific Palisades CA Single Family Home

Gated, Private, Extraordinary Light, Immaculate Traditional. Fabulous floor plan that accommodates an entertaining lifestyle. Rooms in all the right places with all the right transitions. Even a Secret Room/Office! Master and 3 other bedrooms, magnificent art walls on wide open hallways, decks and laundry room complete the second level. Breathtaking vistas from the rooms on the first level, opening out to pool, outdoor living room, BBQ/kitchen area.

Full Happily Settling for a More Modest Country Getaway


A histoty homesteading




Living close to the land.

Using the resources found locally to help care for and sustain your family.

Are you looking for your own little piece of heaven? Due to high demand, we've put together a special
Land for Sale section for our readers! You can post your farm, homestead, or piece of land that you have for sale - free of charge! You can also find that perfect piece of land for your family!

A Table Home Decorating

Home Decorating

cottage style sofaHome decorating allows us to unleash our creativity in a way that nurtures our family, as well as every guest that enters our home. We each have to decide what colors, furniture, and textures make us happy, then, like an artist, we get to blend everything together into a living canvas in which we get to live each day!

I try to learn from all different types of design styles, and truth be told, I love them all!

But, since I can't have them all in one space, for my own home, I like to pull from a few styles such as; Cottage Style, French country, and English farmhouse.

And... the wonderful thing about home decorating is, your choices are limitless!

You can see our own pictures and Home Decorating ideas at our blog.

Decorating your home does not have to break the bank! I hope you enjoy these money saving home decorating ideas.


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