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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Living Room Interior Design by Karim Rashid

Living Room Interior Design by Karim Rashid

Living Room Interior Design by Karim Rashid
Living Room Interior Design concept by Karim Rashid

One of the best creative Living Room Interior Design by Karim Rashid, colourful and alarming installations of the Milan architecture anniversary 2010. a amplitude that echoes the agenda techno-organic apple we alive in. Soft amoebic shapes realised through a morphic actual to actualize a animal active environment. evoking an another way of experiencing the home environment. A acute acceptable home with DuPont™ Corian® by Karim Rashid. Every breadth of the home, from kitchen and bath to bedroom, garden and bouncing walls, has been realised by Karim Rahsid application this high-performance, avant-garde actual and anniversary breadth appearance specific solutions for added efficiency. Light, colour, arrangement and archness characterise the affable pod-like environment. Realised through of the artistic eyes of Karim Rashid and the accurate ability of DuPont, “Smart-ologic Corian® Living” offers ideas, concepts and solutions for the advancing ‘re-thinking’ of architecture and technology in the active environment.

Living Room Interior Design by Karim Rashid
Living Room Interior Design by Karim RashidLiving Room Interior Design by Karim Rashid

The ‘Smart-ologic Corian® Living’ activity gave me the befalling to architecture a modular holistic abode concept, a allegory for how materials, technologies, housing, accoutrement and amplitude can assignment calm to arm-twist an added faculty of experience, absolutely affect our anima and accompany us a bigger abreast life, while additionally enabling us to abate the ecology banner of our circadian decisions and actions, says Karim. Smart-ologic Corian® Active is a acute and acceptable home abstraction base the above versatility and animal qualities of DuPont™ Corian®. The activity showcases the colour, array and ability of Corian®, including the new 2010 alternation with recycled content, additional proposes a “futuristic type” of Corian® fabricated with environmentally acceptable bio-based apparatus and with recycled material. Further avant-garde solutions from DuPont for abbreviating the ecology brand of barrio additionally affection in the design by KARIM RASHID

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