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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Modern Rooms Interior Design

modern living room design 
Modern living room design

modern room ideas 
Modern room ideas

modern room painting 
Modern room painting

contemporary room design 
Contemporary room design

contemporary modern room design 
Contemporary modern room design

Creating a Minimalist Home Design That Embodies "The Luxury of Enough"

Why Houses Minimalist
Creating a minimalist home design that embodies "the luxury of enough" | Minimalist House Design

Why Houses Minimalist?
Many Americans long for a simple life and there are so many books and guides to help us find it in their daily routine and in the workplace. However, most of us are unpracticed in explaining to others (or even ourselves) what a simple house or a minimalist for a truly life would look like. We feel that there is something missing in our hurried routines, but we do not know where to start editing the complexity.

In my book, we began a simple exploration of the 21 homes across the country and the experiences of people who built them. The houses and their owners travel offers an interesting counterpoint to the way most people buy a new home developers in the market today.

Pathways to Home Search
21 houses are arranged in six lines that people use simple ask what really matters to them well in their lives and homes. Ranging from saving for flexibility in design, this track can help you consider your own home and how to simplify it. Roads are as follows:

Simple and minimalist design of the house is enough - A house is minimalist and simple is a positive affirmation of "the luxury of simply" By this we mean that a simple home design begins with finding out how much you really need and what you can eliminate .. Luxury of sufficient means to face the fact that you really do not need eight-burner stove and a larger kitchen for the house. Forty years ago, the utility used to be a bad word in home design. In the 1950s rambler, the utility room is not really a showplace for our guests. But today, many utilitarian buildings such as warehouses and an old barn, is a highly desirable location for new housing and work space. They are designed for pure function for storage and industry, but this time they worked brilliantly for the open-plan living. They offer the luxury of living in a world apart.

simple, minimalist home is often a rectangular, sometimes square, and was always "enough," whether in terms of dormers, the number of bathrooms, or square recordings. At this point, we visit homes that reflect their owners choosing to live instead of images they want to present to the street. This design for "adequate" appear deceptively simple because they really grew out of a lot of careful decision making.

Best Home Furniture Interiors

modern home furniture interior 
Modern home furniture interior

elegant home furniture design 
Elegant home furniture design

simple furniture interior 
Simple furniture interior

home furniture interior 
Classic home furniture interior

simple home decor furniture 
Simple home decor furniture

Shower Doors Design Pictures

Modern shower door design
modern shower door design

 Minimalist shower door
minimalist shower door

Shower door picture
shower door picture

Glasses shower door paint
glasses shower door paint

Classic shower door design
classic shower door design

The Latest Home Interiors

The latest bedroom interior
the latest bedroom interior

Latest contemporary home interior
latest contemporary home interior

Modern and lates home interior
modern and lates home interior

Simple latest interior design
simple latest interior design

Latest kitchen remodel
latest home remodel

Dome Decorations Ideas Samples

guest rome decorations 
Guest rome decorations

contemporary home decorations 
Contemporary home decorations

modern home decorations 
Modern home decorations

home decorations design 
Home decorations design

home furniture decorations 
Home furniture decorations

The Kitchen Design Ideas

kitchen desing 
Modern kitchen desing

classic kitchen design 
Kitchen design interior

contemporary kitchen design 
Contemporary kitchen design

modern kitchen painting 
Modern kitchen painting

Best Kitchen Decor Ideas

kitchen decorations with ventilation 
Kitchen decorations with ventilation

classic kitchen decorations design 
Classic kitchen decorations design

kitchen decorations design 
Large kitchen decorations design

modern kitchen decorations 
Modern kitchen decorations

kitchen decor ideas 
Kitchen decor ideas

Best Home Design Ideas

modern home design 
Modern home design

classic home design 
Classic home design

luxe home design 
Luxe home design

Modern Shower Stalls Pictures

shower stalls interior sample 
Shower stalls interior sample

bathroom shower stalls interior 
Bathroom shower stalls interior

acrylic shower stall 
Acrylic shower stalls

glass shower stalls interior 
Glass shower stalls interior

small shower stalls 
Small shower stalls

The Best Bedroom Design

contemporary bedroom design 
Contemporary bedroom design

simple bedroom design 
Simple bedsroom design

bedroom design interior 
Bedroom design interior

elegant bedroom design 
Elegant bedroom design

Friday, April 23, 2010


Today was set up day at the Remnants of the Past show in Nipomo, California... can you SEE the sunset reflected in the mirror above?
And let's talk about the orchards of LEMON trees, perfectly placed to add the perfect natural accent to our displays. And the fragrance of those blossoms.... oh, lawdy, I SWOON!
No, that unripe lemon is not a prop. That's where the branch ended up popping forward out of the tree behind the cash wrap. Incredible. I could not have planned it better myself!

This place is astounding... everywhere you turn, it's a photo op. And that's just the farm, barn, gardens and historic home. Add 50 of the best vendors we've ever SEEN and it's just eye candy everywhere. There was a fabulous dinner party this evening in the gardens. Photos of that next week!

It's been a long, busy day working in hot sun (YAY!) getting everything in our orchard-side booth just so. There are some very and I DO mean VERY special guests attending this show. {I can't tell you who they are because then I'd have to kill you. ;0) } OK, you know about the fabulous Sue Whitney of JunkMarket - SHE'S a VIP. And an absolute doll - we met her tonight at dinner. A couple of magazines. And... I heard to day that her highness will be in attendance. She's on a West Coast tour right now. She's very .... chic. Yes. That's all I can say. ;0)

And to top it ALL off, tonight at 8:30 PM, we watched our only son get married on a beach in Maui! Yes, via the wonders of the Internet, family participated via web cam as they said their vows and became husband and wife. We welcome our 'fourth daughter' with open arms and full hearts!

Yep, it's been a busy day... and things aren't about to slow down any time soon!!! We hope we get to see you at the show tomorrow!


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