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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Classical Contemporary Interior Design

Classical Contemporary Interior Design

Throughout the house, the décor reflects what Brown and Davis call “classical contemporary,” a luxurious but streamlined look that has become their signature. “One of our trademarks is the juxtaposition of old and new, and bringing colors together in unexpected ways,” Davis says.

The contemporary was revamped by Poggenpohl, house designe architect modern kitchen cabinets modern interior home BEDROOM FURNITURE SETS Design Ideas

Contemporary Kitchen Interior
The contemporary was revamped by Poggenpohl.

The more formal rooms at the front of the house exemplify this mix of traditional and modern elements. In the living room, Brown and Davis replaced the fireplace mantel with a carved limestone surround and installed new architectural moldings to create a classical backdrop to stylized, Deco-inspired furnishings. Instead of pairing sofas around the fireplace, they arranged seating areas at either end of the room and connected them with a floral-patterned carpet of their own design.
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“It was inspired by a late 19th-century Chinese import rug for another client,” explains Brown. “The furniture has a Deco flair and in terms of Deco interiors, Chinese rugs were often used.” Ivory upholstery on the chairs and sofas provides a contemporary twist within the room’s traditional setting.

The husband’s cherry-paneled study centers on four chairs originally designed by Brown Davis for the British Embassy, bedroom decorating ideas Designing of house photos House interior idea steel and glass house Washington

Classic Interior The husband’s cherry-paneled study centers on four chairs originally designed by Brown Davis for the British Embassy.

Across the hall, a similar contrast is evident in the dining room, which also serves as a music room for the couple’s three children. A baby grand piano faces upholstered chairs pulled up to a rosewood table and a banquette in front of the windows. As in the living room, the piano and furnishings are linked by a large rug in subdued tones to match the upholstery. In both living and dining rooms, marigold silk draperies add a jolt of color. “These rooms tend to be dark because they face north,” says Brown. “We chose a golden tone to warm them up.”
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Abstract prints by noted American artists Robert Motherwell, Robert Rauschenberg and Richard Serra, and large paintings by Spanish artists Miguel Angel Campano and José Freixanes underscore the contemporary feeling. “We think the art reinforces the importance of simple furnishings—the furnishings do not collide visually with the art,” says the husband.

In the master bedroom, Donghia wallpaper provides a dark backdrop to light-colored furnishings and a sleek stone fireplace mantel, modern kitchen cabinets bedroom decorating ideas Designing of house photos House interior idea steel and glass house Washington design minimalist small nyc apartment decor bedroom decorating ideas  
Classic bedroom
In the master bedroom, Donghia wallpaper provides a dark backdrop to light-colored furnishings and a sleek stone fireplace mantel.

Upstairs in his study, Brown and Davis extended the same strategy applied to the living and dining rooms, but reversed the approach. Instead of ornamenting the walls with intricate moldings, they used streamlined cherry paneling and shelving as a modern backdrop to traditional furnishings, including four chairs the designers originally created for the British Embassy.

Contrast continues in the master bedroom, where light-colored bedding, drapes and upholstery are set off by raisin-colored silk wallpaper. “We were asked to make it a cocoon,” says Davis. “So we used materials to absorb sound from the street.”At one end of the room, a print by British artist Henry Moore hangs over a fireplace framed in a simple stone surround. “It’s our favorite room, especially in winter with the fireplace burning,” says the husband. “We are often there, reading or working late at night when the house and the city outside are quiet.”

INTERIOR DESIGN: Rob Brown and Todd Davis, Brown Davis Interiors, Inc., Bethesda, Maryland, and Miami Beach, Florida.

For two decades, the Georgetown couple walked past a Colonial Revival brick house near Tudor Place and wished it could be theirs. “We admired the simplicity and elegance of the architecture,” says the attorney husband. “The home is somewhat unique because it is freestanding rather than a row house. It came with one of the deepest gardens in Georgetown.”
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When he and his wife, a telecommunications consultant, discovered their dream home was finally for sale, they jumped to buy it. The interiors needed updating so they turned to Rob Brown and Todd Davis, who had remodeled rooms in their previous house. “They know how to integrate clean, modern furnishings with older homes in which the preservation of the historic details is essential,” says the wife. Brown and Davis, who have offices in Bethesda and Miami Beach, are best known for decorating the Washington, DC, and Chappaqua, New York, homes of former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, as well as Hillary Clinton’s former Senate office.

Contemporary Interiors

In the living room off the stair hall, Brown and Davis unified the seating groups with a Chinese-inspired rug of their own design. Contemporary interior design,modern decoration

Living room furniture
In the living room off the stair hall, Brown and Davis unified the seating groups with a Chinese-inspired rug of their own design.

Hardly the typical Washingtonians whose conservative tastes run to wing chairs and Oriental rugs, the well-traveled homeowners prefer more stylish, pared-down designs. “In essence, we are Bauhaus admirers,” says the husband. “We dislike clutter, excessive ornamentation and overly decorated spaces.” At the same time, he and his wife appreciate the historic charm of Georgetown and made sure renovations respected the architectural character of their 1883 home. “The challenge was to find the right balance between preserving the best of a 19th-century structure and furnishing it with designs that are clean, simple and elegant,” he says.

In the dining room, golden drapes warm the north-facing windows. The rosewood table, upholstered chairs, banquette and rug were designed by Brown Davis, interior decorating ideas small apartment interior design ideas

Classic Living room

In the dining room, golden drapes warm the north-facing windows. The rosewood table, upholstered chairs, banquette and rug were designed by Brown Davis.

Brown and Davis addressed both modernity and history by setting sleek furnishings into rooms outlined in elegant architectural details of their own making. “The façade is gorgeous but the interiors did not match that,” says Brown. “To either side of the central hallway was a jumble of rooms. It was time to give the house new life.” On the main level, archways between the hallway and flanking spaces were widened and raised to improve flow. A small room behind the living space was replaced with a coat closet and a powder room with a sculptural stone sink.

Brown Davis designed new paneling in the family room, where they repurposed furniture from the couple’s previous home. The print is by Robert Motherwell, house design sydney australia house design front bedroom design ideas pictures

Brown Davis designed new paneling in the family room, where they repurposed furniture from the couple’s previous home. The print is by Robert Motherwell.

At the rear, the kitchen was completely overhauled by Poggenpohl with contemporary cabinets, glass backsplashes and stainless-steel appliances. It now opens to the rebuilt back porch overlooking the terraced garden and pool. The room across the hall from the kitchen was framed in new paneling and built-in cabinetry to create a family space. Chairs and sofas were recycled from the couple’s previous home and reupholstered to provide comfortable seating for reading and watching TV.

France Style - Luxury Living Room Design

European Living Room Style, Living Room, Living Room Design

European Living Room Style, Living Room, Living Room Design, European Style

Kitchen Interior Design

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Given the generous size of the kitchen, the space needed to be careful divided into individual work zones. This is accomplished by creating two islands with distinct functions. The main island features a prep sink and pull-out trash, while the secondary island encourages guests to visit without getting in the cook’s way. The main sink under the window serves as the principal clean-up area with two dishwashers. Pull-out pilasters next to the sink even conceal the dishtowels. Finally, a small peninsula veers toward the family room to house refrigerator drawers, an ice maker and bar sink for guest’s beverages.

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Best Basins carrying an electrifying grace

Are there any rules and regulations for creativity? No, the creativity has no limits and we don’t have to follow strict rules for it. Everyday new designers are coming up with their fascinating ideas to modernize the beauty of your sweet home. Sometimes a slightest renovation brings mesmerizing glow to your surroundings. In case of remodeling of bathrooms, the simple replacement of Basins proves to be best task for maneuvering of bathrooms and at an affordable price. The pretty and trendy latest design basins will change the entire impression and will emanate out positive ambience.

Especially basins renovate your bathrooms in modish and fashionable manner which brings an electrifying grace. They are manufactured with special care with the pure, rich material and natural material which adjoin the dazzling and fantabulous germ free finish. Flexible and wonderful material gives a perfect style and shape results in creating endearing and captivating basins. Designer basins in ravishing colors easily capture the attention of lots of people. You would surely love to grasp them in your bathrooms and creates a pleasing ambience inside your baths.

Minimalist kitchen interior ideas for single line

Minimalist kitchen interior ideas for single line
Minimalist interiors kitchen ideas for a comfortable yellow

Minimalist kitchen interior ideas for single line
Minimalist interiors kitchen ideas for an elegant black color

Size limited space requires a form fitting kitchen set. Form a single line to be the main choice. Long table as a work area not only save space, but also the rhythm of work in the kitchen. Placement table against the wall on one side only. On the table there will be a three-part task: preparing food, washing, and cooking. Since the three events, we can choose a table made from strong, heat resistant, and easy maintenance. Like the table, kitchen cabinet can be extended. Size according to the length of the table. Width did not differ. This is to facilitate the placement of the cabinet, so do not take up the place. Kitchen interior with minimalist ideas to make a small space can be comfortable.

Minimalist ideas to light a room interior

Minimalist ideas to light a room interior
Ideas minimalist interior with window lighting

Minimalist ideas to light a room interior
Minimalist ideas with interior lighting

Minimalist ideas to light a room interior
Ideas minimalist interior with glass lighting

Minimalist ideas to light a room interior
Ideas minimalist interior with glass and lamp lighting

All would agree that the atmosphere of gloom can make sleep more soundly. But, that does not mean we should just put on a light. In fact, we actually can save energy with lots of lights. Adjust the lighting for minimalist interiors ideas bedroom is tricky. Given the requirements, it would sound so easy. All it takes is building a dim atmosphere. That is, the light used should not be too bright, and should be creamy.

Best Importance of Towel Rails in Our Bath

From history to today bathrooms have transformed from a mere place of cleaning ourselves into a luxury to relieve from the day stress and strains. For many it is a relaxing room and a place to spend time with self. In most of the cases it is equipped with the whirlpool tubs, singing and dancing shower cubicles and spa baths.

Towel rails have been voted the most wanted accessories to make your luxurious bath special. A towel rail is very important to top the luxurious bath. Just imagine your situation when you just had a hot bath and were enclosed in a cold towel. It will definitely give you shivers leaving the warm fresh feeling of the bath far behind.

Towel rails keep your towel warm when you are having bath. You no more feel lazy to go for a bath. You will feel like going for a bath even in winters and at nights.

There are two basic forms of towel rails electric and thermostat. Electric rails are wired into the main switch board and have an on-off control. The thermostat is fit in the center house heating system somewhat like radiators. Both the styles are equally effective and ensure to keep your towel warm.

Best A Few Things to Take Care While Selecting Kitchen Taps

The market is full of various kitchen taps design, style, color and manufacturers. Gone are the days of the old grandma fashioned kitchen where the utensils kept popping out from the kitchen racks and stands. The modular kitchen are so designed and fitted to occupy everything that is put in. In fact from the outside unless you see the gas the kitchen does not look like a kitchen.

Kitchen taps add a finishing touch to the kitchen and should be selected based upon the style and design of the kitchen. The market trends can change anytime, what looks good today might look ugly tomorrow. Kitchen taps should be so selected as an answer to the questions like does the tap suit your Kitchen interior? Or does it match with the modern looking cabinets and cupboards?

It should also be decided if you need two different kitchen taps for hot and cold water. You can also go for a single tap giving both hot and cold water on as required basis. Whether you need deck mounted or wall mounted tap should also be decided. The only difference between the two is the flow of water from the sink to the tap and from wall to the tap.

Best Enchanting Your Bathroom with Designer Mirrors

Bathroom is an important element of the house. It can be placed anywhere in the house, but the important things to keep in mind that the cleanness and beautifulness of this place. Many things to be customized such as wall color, taps, door, towel rails, mirrors and much more in your bathroom. Out of all these things, the bathroom mirrors to be considered first because it gives bathroom looks bigger and brighter. Designer Bathroom Mirrors are available in three common shapes, oval, rectangular and round. According to your choice and bathroom look, it can be selected.

If your bathroom is very small, don’t worry! You will find a mirror that can reflect artificial as well as natural light, which makes a bathroom look more spacious and brighter. If go for a designer mirror than ordinary mirrors, you will see it has a different style and look. It can be available in frame and without frame also. If you can’t able to select perfect mirror for your bathroom, then you can take an advice of interior decorator. The second category of bathroom is contemporary bathroom mirrors. These are very modern in design and provide practical and convenient features. Their frames are plain in color and design is so simple. One thing keep in mind that the bathroom mirror represents the character as well as your bathroom’s image. Enhancing your bathroom with mirrors of today is not only gives a beautiful looks to your bathroom but also feel you a great when you enter in!

Best Bathroom Suites to Match your Luxury Quotient

Luxury has set in for the new generation people. They are now able to demand for luxury in all their routine activities the most important being the bathroom. The designers have taken care of this by providing a wide range of bathroom suites to match each ones luxury demands.

Bathrooms suites are now available in various designs, colors and textures to give you the peace and relaxation. From the Georgian range including pedestals, basins and pan cistern fittings to the Amor range with minimum linings all have seen a tremendous change in their designs.

Many of the bathroom suites designers have designed them with a theme like Zero (designed to reveal a zero), Qube (cubical washbasins and toilet pans), the Dee and Vee range (Depicting the alphabet D and V). These can be matched with custom made bathroom taps to give them the complete look. They look the best when combined with a white base.

The different bathroom suites accessories have different features like the shower screens, shower screens, heated radiators cum towel rails, basin mono and kilk wastes, bath taps, bath fillers etc. However these can be customized especially for you in the way you like them. If you want to cut on money it is advisable to go for a complete bathroom suite rather than buying the accessories separately.

Best Bathroom Cabinets Reduce Bathroom Clutter

If you are a house wife and tired of the clutter in the bathroom then it is time for you to go for bathroom cabinets. They are an important part of the bathroom and can solve half of your bathroom clutter problem as all the things in the bathroom will find the best place to be kept.

Uniquely designed bathroom cabinets will add to the look of your bathroom. They are available in different design patterns to match your traditional, contemporary, modern or elegant bathroom. You think of a shape for the bathroom cabinets and you will find one to exactly match your requirement.

Bathroom cabinets are very easy to fit and do not take long unless you want a customized bathroom cabinet. Before you set out to shop for bathroom cabinets you should have a good look at your bathroom to decide the place where the cabinet can be fitted. It will also give you an idea of the design and the style of cabinet to match your bathroom.

Once you know the place where you want to fix the bathroom cabinet, take the dimensions. You can always shop on the internet for the bathroom cabinets with the specific dimensions. This will save you lot of time and hassle.

Best Basins at the Jaipur Hotel

We just returned from Jaipur and I was thinking about the hotel we stayed in. It had a lovely ambience and the bathroom accessories were indefinable. Everything in the hotel looked custom made. The basins were beautifully shaped like flowers and so was the bathtub.

In my 30 years of life span I have been to many places but have never seen and felt such lovely flower shaped basins. Even today whenever I think of them I can see them live in front of me. They were made of glass to give them that elegant look. The basins were accompanied by handblown faucets which match the basin design. It was amazing to find taps in such shapes and colors. Faucets are available in a variety of colors and designs to suit your basins.

Since its inception to now basins have come a long way and are no more simple. They have been made more fancy and durable. Most of the designs are inspired from mother nature and the surroundings. The modern design basins have given a new scenario to the basin look and feel and are quite expensive. They can cost you anything between £75 and £2000. It is wise to have a bigger budget then to compromise on quality.

The other room at the hotel had copper basins. They are also a good option as bacteria are not copper friendly. Basins are generally termed as the house of the bacteria and copper can be used to keep them sterile. As time passes a thin greenish layers forms on the copper basins which makes it even more beautiful.

Best Find Treasure of Bath and Kitchen Wears at Victorian Plumbing

Are you boring from searching bath and kitchen wears of your choice? If yes, then I come here to take you on the Jungle of Victorian style bath and kitchen wears to make over your bathroom and kitchen. There are numbers of wears are available for dressing up your bathroom or kitchen with your style at Victoria Plumbing. You will find treasures of relaxing and well-designed bathroom suits with all at an affordable price.

Victorian Plumbing is the online shops to make shopping for the perfect kitchen and bathroom accommodations. You will get a relaxing and indulging experience over our collection of bath suits. Bathroom and Kitchen, both are key places in everyone’s house. That’s why we taking care of all your needs. We have a detailed list of all products in the categories of bath and kitchen. Victorian Plumbing offers all styles and tastes and have an extensive collection of Basins, Bath Screens, Boilers, Cloakroom Suites, Door Furniture, Accessories, Bathroom Mirrors, Bathroom Suites, Curtain Rails, Taps for Bathroom & Kitchen, Triton Showers, Radiators & Towel Rails, Showers, Wastes etc. Don’t waste your time; all you need to do is access the Google and search for the Victorian Plumbing.

Best Why Do You Need a Bathroom Bath Transfer Bath?

It is often hard to believe but true a simple 15 minutes shower can free us from all the stress and laziness of the day. However there are many people on earth who do not find it all that easy to use a bathroom bath tub to have a relaxing bath. These are people with some disabilities or inabilities to hold their feet firm to the floor. Bathroom bath transfer bench is a very interesting bathroom accessory for such people.

It is very easy to use and a good accessory if you face difficulty getting in to the bath tub. Bathroom bath transfer bench should be placed in a way that a part of it remains outside the bath tub and the other inside the bath tub. For using it you need to just sit on the bench on the part outside the bath and then gently slide yourself inside the bath tub. It can be wonderful tool for someone on the wheelchair to self assist oneself.

However physically able or mobile you are there are all possible chances that you might slip in the bath tub and if this happens you are sure to get seriously injured. But if you have a bathroom bath transfer bench it can work as your support in such time and once again give you the chance to have a lovely shower or bath without falling. They can be bought from any nearby store. Before you buy them it is suggested to check with your insurance company as they might be covered.

Best Kitchen Taps - A Piece of Glamour

I don’t believe that anyone can live without kitchen in the house. It’s an essential part of the house and the kitchen taps are most important element in the kitchen. It’s mandatory to have at least one source of water in the house that should be perfectly fit in the kitchen not elsewhere. We will generally find the sink in kitchen used for activities like washing, draining and cleaning the liquid wastes. If you want this place to be fully functional, then it has to be equipped with the best quality and functioning kitchen taps.

Generally, two types of taps are available in the markets that are customary kitchen taps and latest kitchen mixer. It can be differentiate according to the supply of water. In the latest mixer taps, the hot and cold both water has been mixed before leasing out from the outlet. Its dual levers control the temperature when moved on two sides and regulates the flow of water.

Best Door knocker – First impression is last impression!

When we enter the house, what do we see at first? Exactly, the door. The door actually most of the times tells us the story of the house. From the olden times, door knockers were used, when there was no bell system. They has variety of knockers that they used for their house, some made of brass, gold, copper, wood, you name it. They were very creative in every minute details of their house. Now a days Door knockers are in great trend, especially to acquire that contemporary look.

There are numerous ranges of door knockers found in the market. They are specially designed to fit the look of the door. They are beautiful and artistic and at the same time very elegant. This gives a complete new look to the doors. Such door knocker adds to the beauty of those wonderful doors. Choosing a right kind of door knocker for your house is very important as it would be the first impression of how your house must look to any new comer.

Best Why Heated Towel Rails Are Important?

Just imagine a cold winter morning when you will not feel like moving out of your bed and having a shower. This is the case with most of the people who hate to take bath in the winter days. However this feeling can be changed with a luxurious bathroom made hot with the help of heated towel rails.

The bath is sure to take away all the laziness from you and give you a fresh new feeling. Towel rails are particularly designed to hold your towels by the time you finish your bath. They need their own handy place to give you comfort of finding them.

If they are placed on a normal stone shelve there are all chances that it will freeze by the time you get out of bath or many times may be out of reach. Think of the situation how you will feel when you have completed a warm bath and suddenly freeze with the towel. You will hate it of course.

Hence it is important to have heated towel rails which can keep the bathroom as well as the towel warm. There are two types of heated towel rails electric and radiated. The electric one can be fitted through the main switch board while the radiated can be connected with the central home radiator.

Best Bathroom Mirrors, Types and Sizes

Bathroom mirrors are undoubtedly the most needed bathroom accessories. There can be many body problems like tooth ache which we might want to check in solace and bathroom mirrors give us the chance to do so. They also are important to dress up after bath.

The bathroom mirror should be selected based on your taste, use, décor and budget. Markets are full of bathroom mirrors of different shapes, sizes and design. Only you can best judge which mirror will suit you and the bathroom. It should not be a haste decision rather take some time and think of the various factors. If you are not sure you can consult the experts at the shop to assist with the selection.

Bathroom mirrors can be briefly categorized into three categories the fixed, wall hanging and moving ones. The fixed as the name suggests are the fixed model mirrors generally fitted into a steel, aluminum or plastic frames. These are less expensive. Wall hanging mirrors are very modern and stylish. They are artistically designed and give a solid look to your bathroom.

Moving bathroom mirrors are generally small and used for vanity purposes. These are useful when you are putting make-up and need to change the mirror directions to get a closer look at all the parts of your face.

Best Decent and Sophisticated Toilet brush holder

If you wish to keep a luxurious style of bathroom it becomes very essential to keep it neat and tidy or it must contain some accessories to organize it in a proper way. As compare to other rooms they are always smaller which requires much concern to maintain it in order. For that the most easiest and cheap source is to keep a nice toilet brush holder. Toilet brushes is one of the foremost item present in every home for keeping your bathroom organize, efficient and hygienic.

Nowadays you can introduce some style to modish looking toilet brush holders. There are plenty of new designs, shapes and sizes which are much compatible with existing style and accessories in bathrooms. It is the finest way to utilize the space with decent and sophisticated holders which will make your bathroom even more organized. They also need proper attention as they become reason for creating a foul smell. Just grab a colorful holder for the toilet brush to keep it secretly.

Best Bathroom Mirrors- Its all you need to make your bathrooms beautiful!

Bathroom may be the last place a person will care about while designing the interior of the house but it is certainly the most important space of any home. We see many bathrooms that look lousy, lame and boring, which clearly takes our attention even if there is a perfect interior design outside. Perfection comes when every nook and corner of the house looks beautiful. We never fail to accessorise out rooms, why should we forget about out bathrooms?

Bathroom is the place of hygiene and were we spend some time with ourselves, thus it need to be perfect. With the Bathroom accessory industries coming up with different plans to make the bathroom more creative and beautiful, Bathroom Mirror is the most important and inevitable accessory for any bathroom. You clearly don’t want to look in the mirror early in the morning looking dull and boring cause that would spoil all your day. In market you would find number of bathroom mirrors, some wooden, rot iron made, some with variety of designs in the corner, some looking antique and send you back to that medieval era.

Bathroom mirrors are something that will define your taste in designs and colours. Again placing them at the right corner of your bathroom is also very important and matching the interior of your bathroom is also that much important. Carefully chosen mirrors can give just the most fabulous look to your bathroom!

Best Sensuous and mesmerizing bathroom bathModish designer Toilet Seats

Over the globe, nowadays people are much aware about the present stylish bathroom accessories and dream to renovate their places into elegant style. In response to such awareness, even designers beautifully designed products as per the need and desires. Different varieties of bathroom accessories are available matching up with the surrounding like cases, curtains, shelves, toilet seats, showers, baths and many more.

Earlier people never pay much attention to the design of toilet seats but now in this modern time they are also are given equal importance. You can easy install them according to the modish and fascinating interiors your bathroom. You can select any style from the collection of masterly crafted designs as per the bathroom requisites. Just allow your bathroom interior with the flaunting designer accessory.

Best Sensuous and mesmerizing bathroom bathVersatile and convenient electric showers

Just relax yourself with the amazing range of electric showers and get refresh in magical calm environment. The marvelous variety base showers will bring elegance in the bathroom. Fresh revolutionary designs known for there superb blending style of upgraded technology which easily cope with all situations and even avoid water wastage. As after a long tiring and exhausted day it is essential to take a relaxing shower whenever you required.

The wide series of electric showers will benefit you with its convenient plug-in buttons and allows to an easy set up of flow of water with controllable temperatures. You can well imagine that showering could become much easier with instant regulation of warm water flow. They are wonderfully equipped with variety of neon lights indicator which provides peace of mind. Apart from these the latest electric showers has multi-inlet selection for easiest functioning.

Best Importance of a Pleasurable Bathroom Bath in our Life

Bathroom bath is the most relieving activity of the day. In your busy days this is the only time you get to spend with yourself. Different people have different definition for a relaxing bath and a majority of them believe that it is important to have a calm and peaceful bath to relieve self from the stress.

The most important factors to make your bathroom bath more pleasurable are the design of your bathroom and the time you can give for the bath. Though it is difficult to take out time for a long bath what is easy to do is spend less time but make it qualitative.

It is a known thing that what is beautiful and soothing to the eye is neat and clean. Similarly a clean bathroom will easily make it to your heart. You will feel each moment spent in the bathroom more pleasurable.

Bathrooms are the most prone to becoming shabby and untidy. It is quite a difficult task to maintain the beauty of the bathroom. However to make the task easy you can use one of the many bathroom products.

Best Sensuous and mesmerizing bathroom bathModernize and chic toilet seats

Nowadays finest toilet seats are available with a variety of different designs, styles, materials and colors to choose totally compatible with modernize luxurious bathrooms era. Mostly the innovative designs are inexpensive and enhance the look with its exciting upgraded range of seats. They are integral section of the complete bathroom design so they need installed with utmost care.

Mesmerizing designs with lustrous outstanding quality, modish appearance and enduring fabrication will compel you to install them at one glance.
Innovative toilet seats replace the traditional specific and simple white colored dull designs. You can easily place sumptuous seats by matching them with existing ambience and color scheme of your personal choice. Well known fact that it is important; as it is something you will use daily, so select them carefully.

Best Bathroom Shower Doors for 21st Century Bathroom Design

While thinking of renovating or designing a bathroom we many times ignore the most important bathroom furniture the bathroom shower door. It gives a modern look to your bathroom and ensures you have a good handy place to hang your towel, toothbrush and shaving kit and many times it can also include a mirror.

Bathroom shower doors come in three different styles like the folding, bi fold, sliding and neo angle. These can fit any size and design of bathroom shower. The modern day houses are really very small and hardly have enough space for the bathroom. Hence it is important to wisely use the bathroom space. Corners generally remain unoccupied so it is crucial to fill them first with corner bathroom shower and door. This will not only save space but also give a different look. Folding bathroom shower doors are a good option to utilize the space wisely.

Door knobs creates an everlasting pleasant impression

Door knobs are something which repetitively coordinate the doors with the whole house and create a striking theme. It also builds an everlasting pleasant impression on whosoever visits to our house. They occupy an incomparable importance in our entire life. Door knobs come in wide variety of styles, materials and fabrication. This decorative piece of creativity door knobs wonderfully increases the beauty of every room and décor the home in a managed form. Nowadays market is flooded with magnifying door knobs giving a lively look to the doors.

Brass, Glass, antique brass, polished, solid brass or bronze door knobs are a huge choice because they add a lot of extra durability and style to your door. It will enhance your lifestyle as per your own liking and creativity. Grab these door knobs and add the elegant touch to your doors. Placed some royal door knobs in your entire house and increase the charm in your lifestyle.

Best Sensuous and mesmerizing bathroom bathCurtain Rails- Little things do matter to make your dream your dream house beautiful !

When you talk about decorating the house, we talk about the walls, the furniture, the garden, what we do not realize is the most important part of out house, which are the windows. How would it look if the windows that you see, look so simple and boring? Well, like curtains add something to make your windows fancy, curtain rails gives just a new look to the look of the curtains. Everyone is very cautious when it comes to selecting the right kind of furniture of out house, but ignoring the window part would literally kill the look of the whole house. Imagine beautiful glowing curtains that are swinging around the windows looking just perfect with your interior of the house. Doesn’t that bring that bring smile to your face?

Well, choosing a right curtain rail is very important nowadays, as it can change the whole look of the windows. You will find number of curtain rails in the market, some are designer, some simple and easy to use, some are artistic. Endless choices and endless designs just for you. You can choose the best that fits your choice and of your window. Get ready to be swept away by the look of your new house and give a new definition to your dream home, cause little things do matter for making your house a fairytale house!

Best Sensuous and mesmerizing bathroom bath

Bathroom always reflects your way of living or how well you carry your surrounding, they are regarded as complementary to each other. Nowadays bathroom designing holds undue concern of the people and wants them to be fully equipped with modern furnishings. From those unavoidable items baths, bath screens, showers and cabinets enhance your lifestyle. After a long exhausted schedule a refreshing bath will rejuvenate your mind and provides utmost relaxation. As in this competitive world our mind always entangled in numerous things and for sustaining mental balance the natural way of refreshing with an enchanting ambience illuminates our lifestyle.

Mesmerizing and astonishing bathroom bath concept is changing and upgrading at a faster rate and the new designs has an alluring effects create wonders in our life. There incredible bathroom baths are so comfortable and restful which promises to bring a marvelous impact on our personality. The magical bathtub imbibes romantic feeling with its aesthetic and lustrous design. Just introduce an impressive style to your refreshing bathrooms…

Best Magnificently Designed Bathroom Cabinets

Whether the people have a small or big house they want to design them in unique way. Sometime they don’t have sources or finances to decorate them properly but the people who are well accomplished with finances they want to live a luxurious life. Bringing more style and glamour the new trend of bathroom cabinets fascinates almost all with amazing outlook.

Bathroom cabinets introduce an aesthetic sense to your lifestyle. It will enable you to design the available space with much storage capacity. It will accommodate all the necessary items like towels, toiletries, sink and many more in much excellent and organized manner. The magnificently designed cabinets bring more pleasure and contemporary look to your bathrooms.

Anytime you can select any custom bathroom cabinet depending upon the needs and space. It will also help in keeping your bathrooms neat and tidy always. Modern cabinets are equipped with waterproof laminations and panels creating enough storage space for you.

Best The dazzling and sensational bathroom shower gives you a thunderstruck

Whenever it comes to home decor usually we put all our concentration on remodeling of bathrooms. As bathroom serves in our everyday lifestyle so it should be spaciously designed. For restructuring bathrooms the first main item is the selection of the best and upgraded shower. Nowadays this trend is tremendously created with innovative designs and unique ideas. It will allow you to live a luxurious and modernize lifestyle. After a hectic day you will love to revitalize your mind with a fine shower.

Bathroom Shower needs to fix with an exact measurement enabling an accurate placement. Today there is wide range of showers available in the market with astounding designs. You can choose them according to required shape and sizes of showers and even at affordable prices also. A new stylish bathroom shower replaces your old boring lifestyle with the elegant dimension of calmness. As some of them are electric, mixer or power showers depending upon your choice. With alluring designs they also include different style like free hander, faucet showers telephone showers, rain showers and a range of shower cabinets, etc. Allow yourself to fulfill your desires of having a lavish trendy bathroom showers.

Friday, February 26, 2010


En este living han pintado las paredes color gris o plomo, sin embargo tiene muy buena iluminación y se ve freca con esos cojines naranjas. Los tonos beiges crean en esta sala, atmósferas suman calidez donde reinan el acero y el vidrio, a la vez que están en sintonía con los almohadones brillantes y sofás naturales.
Fotos de living:


Salas y comedores preciosos se muestran en el video de Revco International High Point Showroom y la colección de Candice Olson.

Unas ideas de decoración de living, salas y comedores con las últimas tendencias de diseño de muebles, salas super modernas y elegantes:

Me gustó mas el detalle de los cuadros con mariposas y las piezas de telas como si fueran cojines en la pared:

A ti, cual de los diseños de salas te gustó mas?


Si estan buscando que su comedor y/o sala se vea mas grande, pueden dar un efecto visual con un mural, gigantografía u obra de arte como ven en la foto.
Me encanta esta pintura de escalera, parece que hubiera unas cortinas y atras de ellas un jardín. Le da tanta profundidad al ambiente que realmente parece mas grande. Todo esta en elegir la imagen adecuada como en el ejemplo.
El uso de los espejo en los lugares correctos, hace que tu sala comedor duplique su tamaño visualmente. Para tener idea de cómo y donde colocar los espejos, puedes visitar: Cómo decorar con espejos.
Sobre la foto: Encontrada en como Alegoría en el comedor. Muebles imperio sobre una alfombra de los años 40 de Real Fábrica de Tapices de Madrid, y como fondo, Merienda en La Martinica, un trampantojo homenaje a Josefina Bonaparte. Lo pintó Isabel Alonso. La lámpara es una pieza antigua de la Real Fábrica de Cristales de La Granja.


Preciosa sala de Jab Anstoetz, donde predomina el color morado, sin embargo el centro de la sala es esa alfombra entre roja y guinda o vino, que sube hasta la pared como una obra de arte, creando un ambiente moderno, cálido pero a la vez diferente y original.

El piso de la sala totalmente blanco, le da la iluminación que se necesita cuando se pone colores fuertes como el morado. El estampado de la alfombra se usa no solo en el piso sino en la pared como obra de arte.
Foto de decoración de sala con alfombra:


Al decorar el comedor esta navidad, uno de los adornos que más resaltará en tu mesa, es el centro. Aqui fotos con ideas de centros de mesa navideños para todos los gustos:
Si tu mesa no es muy grande, te recomiendo centros de mesa verticales como el de la imagen, de esa manera ahorras espacio para colocar la cena.


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