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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Singapore's Future Condominium - Interlace

Site and Location

The Interlace is located on an elevated eight-hectare site, bounded by Alexandra Road and the Ayer Rajah Expressway, amidst the verdant Southern Ridges of Singapore. The development is commissioned by local developer, CapitaLand and its partner, Hotel Properties Limited (HPL). Ole Scheeren, partner in the renowned architectural firm, Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), was invited to create a Beverley Hills style luxury large-scale residential complex on the former Gillman Heights site.

With about 170,000m² of gross floor area, the development will provide 1,040 residential units of varying sizes with extensive outdoor spaces and landscaping. The site completes a green belt that stretches between Kent Ridge, Telok Blangah Hill and Mount Faber Parks. Together with Gillman Village, residents can enjoy a variety of nature trails and restaurants within walking distance of the site.

Ole Scheeren said: “The design addresses concerns of shared space and social needs in a contemporary society and simultaneously responds to issues of shared living and individuality by offering a multiplicity of indoor/outdoor spaces specific to the tropical context.” Scheeren is responsible for the office’s work across Asia, including the China Central Television Station (CCTV) headquarters and the Television Cultural Center (TVCC) in Beijing, and the MahaNakhon Tower in Bangkok. His previous work also includes the Prada Epicenters in New York City and Los Angeles.

The apartment blocks are stacked in hexagonal configurations to create an interconnected network of living and communal spaces integrated with the natural environment.

Controversial Design

The project aims to generate ample spaces and opportunities for social interaction and shared activities while also providing intimate spaces of privacy and quietness – simultaneously fostering a sense of community and maintaining individuality and identity. Commentators have said that the controversial design of Interlace building, shares a similar look to the work of Soviet era Architects.

Instead of creating a cluster of isolated, vertical towers – the standard typology of residential developments in Singapore – the design responds to the issues and challenges of tropical living by proposing an expansive network of recreational and dwelling spaces integrated with the natural environment. It manages to look low level, but actually it’s 24 stories high!

The private balconies give apartments large outdoor space and personal planting areas. Cascading gardens spill over the façades of the buildings drawing a visual connection between the elevated green refuges and expansive tropical landscape on the ground. The continuous landscape is also projected vertically, from the planting of green areas in open-air basement voids, through balconies and rooftop gardens.

Environment-friendly Factors

The design capitalises on the generous size of the site and further maximises the presence of nature by introducing extensive roof gardens, landscaped sky terraces and cascading balconies. Above-ground vehicular circulation is minimised, liberating large green areas within the development. The Interlace incorporates sustainability features through careful environmental analysis of sun, wind, and micro-climate conditions on site and the integration of low-impact passive energy strategies.

Extensive residential amenities and facilities are interwoven into the lush vegetation and offer opportunities for social interaction, leisure, and recreation.

Trees, plants and flowers form a part of the residential program and provide a lush tropical environment for the residents to enjoy and provide settings for leisure activities. A number of landscaped open-air voids are introduced to allow light and air to the basement level and first floor parking deck, creating areas of lush vegetation and trees below ground and connecting these subterranean spaces visually and through planting, to the courtyards above.

Two types of roof garden space are provided – Sky Gardens located where there are blocks overhead; and private roof gardens located on roofs open to the sky. The Sky Gardens offer a variety of public programs and can be used by all residents.

Panoramic views across and beyond the site are offered throughout the project, given the advantageous site elevation, massing and overall height. Views from Superlevel 2 Sky Gardens will be at the top of the tree canopy; therefore creating a more enclosed feeling and a focus on foreground. Views from Superlevels 3 & 4 will be well above the surrounding tree canopy, offering distant panoramic views of Singapore’s CBD and the Sentosa coastline towards the sea.

Extensive residential amenities and facilities are interwoven into the lush vegetation and offer opportunities for social interaction, leisure, and recreation.

South Korea’s ‘Green Urbanism’ - Songdo IBD

Remarkable Vision

Songdo IBD is a pedestrian city - the furthest residential districts are only a thirty-minute amble from the centre. All blocks are designed to connect pedestrians to open space, walking/biking corridors, and public gathering areas. Songdo IBD is located within the Incheon Free Economic Zone. This new metropolis will be connected to the Incheon International Airport, one of the world’s busiest, by a 7.4 mile highway bridge, and linked by subway to Seoul and its surrounding suburbs.

It is being developed by New York-based real estate developer Gale International in a joint venture with Korea’s POSCO E&C. In fact, Songdo’s backers, which include Gale, Morgan Stanley and Korean steelmaker Posco, are betting the city can become a northeast Asian trade hub, linking nearby Shanghai and Tokyo.

Furthermore, Songdo IBD will also feature a first-rate system of public transportation and green transportation schemes comprising buses, subways (with connections to Seoul and Incheon City), and water taxis zipping along the city’s seawater canals, as well as extensive bike ways and electric-car rentals. Preferential parking spaces will be available for low-emissions vehicles.

The Songdo International Business District, “The Gateway to Northeast Asia,” will be the first new city in the world designed and planned as an international business district.

The Grand Master Plan

Long-term sustainability and the minimisation of the city’s carbon footprint have been considered in every design and engineering decision by master-plan architect Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates PC, and chief engineers Arup and Cosentini Associates.

Songdo IBD officially opened in August 2009, as the first “new” city in the world designed and planned as an international business district. With its more than 40% green space, including a $220 million park, the city is designed to feel as airy as Vancouver. It offers every conceivable amenity including a world-class hospital, an international preparatory school, a 100-acre Central Park, a 1.1 million square foot premium retail mall and a championship 18-hole golf course, the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea. 

Green Urbanism

One of the explicit goals of Gale International is to create an elegant urban environment with a significantly reduced carbon footprint compared to a standard baseline Korean or US design. In addition, Songdo IBD is master-planned for 40% green space – a much higher percentage than nearly any other Asian urban centre.

Songdo IBD is master-planned for 40% green space – a much higher percentage than nearly any other Asian urban centre.

By its very design, Songdo IBD will be an environmental standout not only in Asia, where many urban areas are in a state of ecological crisis, but the world. The city is using as one sustainability framework the evolving LEED for Neighbourhood Development certification, for which Songdo IBD was recently selected as a pilot project and partner by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED-ND sets standards not just for green building but also for enhancing and protecting the overall health, natural environment and quality of life of a community.

Water efficiency is a hallmark of Songdo IBD’s development. Greywater systems from larger buildings will be collected, treated, and reused for non-potable uses such as flushing, cleaning and irrigation. The lake in the 100-acre Central Park and the canal system will use sea water, not fresh water, thus saving immeasurably on potable water supplies. The canals are powered by wind turbines and the entire body of water is refreshed every 24 hours.

Songdo IBD will be a model of the best of what is possible today as well as being able to grow and adapt to the environmental challenges of the future.

Baroque French Interiors " Old Interior Design "

old interior design
french interior design ideas
Old interior design french

old interior design ideas
French Old interior design ideas , the classical interior design from french is nice , looks the design above  , is very good ideas. You can find other design ideas in this site  . . .

Baroque French Interiors " Old Interior Design "

old interior design
french interior design ideas
Old interior design french

old interior design ideas
French Old interior design ideas , the classical interior design from french is nice , looks the design above  , is very good ideas. You can find other design ideas in this site  . . .

Baroque French Interiors " Old Interior Design "

old interior design
french interior design ideas
Old interior design french

old interior design ideas
French Old interior design ideas , the classical interior design from french is nice , looks the design above  , is very good ideas. You can find other design ideas in this site  . . .

Friday, October 22, 2010

Water from air: Water Building Resort

Aesthetic Concept

The Water Building Resort’s concept and architecture were inspired by the form of a falling drop of water. It is a sustainable building, envisioned and thought through to create a consciousness of water. Orlando shares his philosophy on architecture: “The integration of elements gives us an integral vision of the man with his environment and we answer to his needs, through an Architecture and a sustainable Urbanism.”

It is not only stunning from the architectural viewpoint; this ecologically friendly building is set to become the first building with the capacity to extract pure water from the air using an innovative generator and solar power. Tying in with the water theme, the building will also feature an indoor and outdoor aquarium, spa and wharf. The basement of the building will house a water tank, a filter system and a desalination plant to purify salt water.

The Water Building Resort is a sustainable building, envisioned and thought through to create a consciousness of water.

Innovative Design

Water Building Resort’s ability to ‘transform’ the air into water, may seem a little like science fiction, however it is a reality thanks to new technology, TeexMicron, incorporated into the building. Water production is based on the condensation of humidity that is in the air. Its location in close proximity to the sea, allows for enhanced condensation, allowing it to take advantage of daily evaporation and the night’s condensation.

Meanwhile, the design of the building integrates generation of renewable energy. The Southern façade, oriented towards the sun, is covered by photovoltaic cells of the latest technology that allow transparency and yet capture solar energy to supply electricity to the building. A lattice design on the North facing facade allows for optimised natural ventilation, which reduces the amount of energy required to keep the interiors cool.

This ecologically friendly building is set to become the first building with the capacity to extract pure water from the air using an innovative generator and solar power.

Green Features

De Urrutia's resort, designed for humid areas, will contain an aquarium, restaurant, gyms, spa services, and exhibition rooms. Moreover, the basement of this resort complex will have a water treatment zone for purifying rain water and salty sea water and a technological investigation centre to control and verify water quality. The resort makes innovative use of Atmospheric Water Generator technology to convert condensation and humid air into drinking water. At full capacity, an AWG system can produce 35,000 to 109,000 gallons of water per day.

To complement its water generating features, the Water Building Resort will also recycle water taking rain water as well as marine water, purifying it with equipment incorporated in the basement of the building. The façade of this elegant hotel is engineered to face the sun to make most use of its energy in order to purify water.

The TeexMicron generator is designed to work in warm, humid climates with an ideal temperature range of 20 to 40 degrees celsius (68 to 104 F) and humidity of 30 to 95 percent. The innovative technology behind the TeexMicron generator allows it to use ocean air condensation and evaporation. It is capable of producing of up to 5,000 litres of water per hour.

Plano de Casa de 2 dormitorios y 102 metros cuadrados

La casa de hoy es algo extraña, si uno ve sus dimensiones parece una casa muy grande. Pero el interior parece algo pequeño y hasta parece que uno estaría chocandose las cosas. No me gusta para nada como se ubico el comedor. Lo que si me gusto es la cocina, parece tener el espacio suficiente para cocinar en familia sin molestarse entre si.

Seawater Vertical Farm in Dubai by StudioMobile

Studiomobile, an Italian architectural firm, have been working during the last couple of years in the United Arab Emirates and their most recent development is the concept seawater vertical farm. Their design, the Seawater Vertical farm utilizes seawater to keep cool and moisten greenhouses and to transform enough humidity back in to water to irrigate the plants. This project would be very much helpful where the supply of fresh water is limited and not much local cultivations are taking part. This project is very expensive but has been considered feasible because of the urban transport problem and the high soil value.

seawater vertical farm

seawater vertical farm

How the concept works :

Phase 01
The air going into the greenhouse is first cooled and humidified by seawater, which is trickled over the first evaporator. This provides a fresh and humid climate for the crops that in these conditions need very little water as they are not stressed by excessive transpiration.

Phase 02
As the air leaves the growing area it passes through the second evaporator which has seawater flowing over it. During this phase the humid air mix with the warm dry air of the ceiling interspace. thus the air is made much hotter and more humid.

Phase 03
The warm air is forced to flow upward by the stack effect that is temperature induced. In the central chimney the warm and humid air will condense when in contact with plastic tubes where cool sea water is pumped. In the surface of the condenser many drops of fresh water will appear, ready to be recollected in a tank to water the crops and for other uses.

seawater vertical farm

seawater vertical farm

seawater vertical farm

seawater vertical farm

Designer : StudioMobile via TreeHugger

Design Light Up Starway

Lights staircase is a low voltage (which implies a low cost) LED system with which you turn on your stairs with or without switch. The lights automatically open when you near the stairs, but they can also be controlled. There is also a generator connected to the system, so that in the case of a blackout of the stairs will still emit light for 12 hours.

Design Light Up Starway1

Design Light Up Starway2

Design Light Up Starway3

Each staircase is illuminated by three low beam and all the hidden son is intelligent. If you want to buy the kit, it costs you $ 140. However, the kit includes four sets of light, so you must add $ 34.95 for each phase of the fifth.The total cost is quite high, but you can check in that light, every step of seconds, for example. – Via Gadget Venue

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Modern Home Design Nicolas Cage

Here is home design Nicolas Cage as a famous actor. Although not many know he is the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola and have a beautiful loft in New York with the Empire State Building to see.

Coppola, Nicolas Cage has a game designed Frank Gehry Power Play chair in a corner, and what appears to be a Barcelona by Mies van der Rohe day bed at the foot of the bed. The two sounds, so the obvious choice for a collector of furniture. The bathroom was obviously have done with mirrors and black onyx. Via

celebrity condo, Coppola, loft, New York, Nicolas Cage, NY

Drawing Modern Home Design, celebrity condo, Coppola, loft, New York, Nicolas Cage, NY

Boeing 787 interior by BMW DesignworksUSA

Boeing 787 interior by BMW DesignworksUSA

Design studio DesignworksUSA has developed an interior design for long range aircraft which is based on an original three-dimensional concept. The project was commissioned by Boeing for its 777, 787 and 747-800 models.

Boeing Business Jets used the concept developed by BMW Group DesignworksUSA for the 787 Dreamliner as a marketing tool to draw potential clients’ attention to the benefits of its fleet of wide-bodied aircraft comprising the models 777, 787 Dreamliner and 747-800.

Consequently, the design proposals were permitted to deliberately extend beyond traditional regulated limitations.


Boeing 787 interior design byBMW DesignworksUSA
The long-haul aircraft interior design

developed by BMW Group DesignworksUSA forges a unique link between diversity and modern luxury tailor-made to individual requirements.

The interior space is absed on a new three-dimensional concept that replaces the traditional structure normally found in conventional aircraft.

The lateral usage of space is complemented by a multi level vertical experience giving Boeing 787 conceived by BMW Group DesignworksUSA a predominantly open-spaced atmosphere in which even longer flights become a pleasant experience.

With vertical lines and a high degree of transparency – right down to a glass floor that provides a view onto the vehicles parked in the cargo hold below – a very versatile environment has been created.

Boeing 787 interior design byBMW DesignworksUSA

The unique interior design of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is conceived for just about 20 passengers.

The designers have given special consideration to the needs of highly discerning travellers to whom an aircraft is not solely a means of transport, but also a place to live and express their personality.

The ideal daily routine in which office duties, caring for guests, relaxing, and recuperating prior to starting another busy day and after landing at a destination were key design objectives.

Boeing 787 interior design byBMW DesignworksUSA

The concept includes an exclusive leisure environment created for the international business traveller to rejuvenate and enjoy some quiet time.

From the desk the traveller’s eyes may wander through the electro chromatic glass enabling a glance throughout the main lounge with the cocktail bar in the foreground.

A fully equipped gourmet kitchen and a big-screen theatre are also at his or her disposal.

An elegantly furnished master suite is available for the owners usage and there is two spacious guest suites for fellow passengers.

A fitness centre, sauna and wellness facilities are located on the lower level of the passenger area.

A section of the cargo hold is reserved for vehicle transportation.

The basis of the concept implemented by BMW Group DesignworksUSA was the vision of combining individual lifestyle with the unlimited freedom of travelling.

Boeing 787 interior design byBMW DesignworksUSA Boeing 787 interior design byBMW DesignworksUSA

With the partitioning of the cabin into different horizontal levels, an entirely new dimension in travel has been achieved.

Through the inclusion of part of the cargo hold, it was possible to increase the space occupied by passengers during their stay on board. The result is a feeling of spaciousness far superior to the conditions that prevail on conventional commercial aircraft. This is enhanced by elegant and distinctively designed fittings featuring bright, high-grade materials, state-of-the-art technology and architecturally sophisticated details.

"By rendering this means of transport itself the center of daily routine, the designers have lifted the barriers between travelling and arriving at a destination."

(Source: BMW DesignworksUSA)

Minimalist Interiors Designing in Apartment with Three Colors

Minimalist interiors is the simplicity usually associates with discomfort while the comfort with exuberant forms and colors. This apartment was designed as minimalist as possible without losing in comfort. Only 3 colors was used in this apartment color theme: white oak from the floor tiles, dark grey from the mirrors and white from emulsion paint. The furniture and wall structure around the apartment is as minimal as possible but without losing in functionality. As usual for such kind of apartments the living room is combined with kitchen and dining room to create feeling of space. Mirror walls make the bathroom looks much bigger than it is. Combination of such tricks could add a bit of freedom in urban living. Barrie Ho Architecture, who designed this apartments interior, successfully created modern and comfortable place for living.

Minimalist Interiors Designing in Apartment with Three Colors 1

Minimalist Interiors Designing in Apartment with Three Colors 2

Minimalist Interiors Designing in Apartment with Three Colors 3

Minimalist Interiors Designing in Apartment with Three Colors 4

Minimalist Interiors Designing in Apartment with Three Colors 5

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sky-Terra skyscrapers create green urban space in the sky

sky terra 1

Conceptualized by San Francisco-based designer Joanna Borek-Clement, the Sky-Terra skyscrapers is a neuron-like network of interconnected towers, designed to address the ever growing need for green urban space. This structure floats over the congested city and includes public parks, amphitheaters, fields, and public pools and bathhouses. The ‘Sky-Terra skyscrapers’ was among many of the implausible entries in the 2009 eVolo Skyscraper competition. This superstructure has been designed with Tokyo in mind as the city is already congested. The towers can be as high as 1,600 ft and then, they expand out to reach the flat top plaza layer. Sky-Terra forms a new layer for the city high above city jams and pollution. It aims to offer green space for citizens to spend time outdoors and relax. The towers’ structures will be made from modular parts. Another sustainable element is the transportation system of interconnected foot paths and 4-foot wide streets meant for bikes or small electric cars. If it’s not a pathway, then it’s an open green space.

The inner core of each structure features an elevator system that transports people from the street level to the top. The Sky-Terra towers are indeed a nice concept for urban areas, but don’t you think it will make life really boring for those on the ground level?

sky terra 4

sky terra 3

sky terra 5

Go Shop With HGTV

Go Shop With HGTV

With the number of HGTV Dream house offers, you can now start looking for different products on their homepage which might be necessary for your dream home. You can also participate in their sweepstakes which has a deadline of 50 days. The dream offers are amazing with spacious rooms and furnished kitchens and a nice front yard. The foyer also looks ultra-modern. The architecture is an ensemble of southwestern style. If you get lucky to win the offer, you may just have your unfulfilled dreams come true.

Hgtv Dream House: Dream Bad

There photos of different rooms of the HGTV Dream homes on the homepage to give you an idea about what they offer. You can take a personal tour through the drop down menu which takes you to interior spaces like home office, sunrise room, home theatre, kids’ room, laundry room and many others. The specifics of the construction of each room is explained clearly and also the dynamics which have been taken into consideration.

Hgtv Dream House: Living Room

You can view the photo gallery of each of these rooms and get an idea on what exactly HGTV Dream house has to offer. They fall nothing short of quality. They have taken each and every specification into concern regarding what a family would love to have in their houses and then gone ahead with the construction.


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