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Friday, April 16, 2010

Luxury Modern Kitchen Trends Ideas

Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas
white kitchen cabinets and kitchen storage for minimalist home  design
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Modern Kitchen Trends Cabinets and Islands Design Ideas

Casa Elegante - Pure Luxury

Casa Elegante is a pure simbol of luxury, that I’ce decided to post under my Dream Homes collection. I know that I didn’t post to much in that category, but this house is really amazing, and I had to post about. Now let’s find a few things about this luxurious home. The home was developed by Laughlin’s Luxury Lifestyles and built by Triangle Construction and is a lavish 14,243 square foot residence. Believe it or not, the listing says this one is a certified green home. There are five bedrooms and the finishes include lots of marble and travertine as well as exotic woods including Brazilian cherry, teak and bamboo.The grounds include a large pool and spa and a dock and boat lift. Now if the pictures that I’ve posted here are not enough you can take a virtual tour of this home by going to this link, and you’ll be able to see a few 360 degrees pictures. Finnaly if you wonder how much a house like this cost …the price is $9.950,000. - Via - Luxist

luxurious houseluxurious houseluxurious houseluxurious homeluxurious houseluxurious houseluxurious houseluxurioushouseluxurious house
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More of the Maine Beach Cottage

I wanted to share with you more of the photos Jamie Salomon of Salomon Photography, sent to me of Interior Designer, Francine O'Donnell's wonderful Beach House in Maine. Of course the blue ceilings in some of the rooms really caught my eye, but it's the whimsical, vintage decor that kept me wanting to see more.
From dining room above you can see the kitchen (and the beautiful blue ceiling) through the doorway. Notice the fabulous door moulding.
I like the use of the garden table with marble top and a mix of two different chairs. The addition of old chippy garden urns and the crystal chandelier adds to the warm, relaxed feeling.
Here you see a better photo of the table. Adding a thin stone piece on the radiator creates an instant shelf and display area for the owner's garden urns. Painted antique desk continues to enhance the cottage feel.
What an incredible eye O'Donnell has! She truly has a gift for combining vintage objects into beautiful vignettes.
Here is a closer look. Urns, statues, marble, painted tables, iron furniture, distressed mirror!! Fabulous!!
An old stove becomes a table for two antique garden chairs!! So many great ideas!!
Here is a great shot of the dining room looking in from the living room and beyond into the kitchen.
Gray walls continue from the dining room into the living room and provide a great backdrop for the interesting artwork. Clever mix of florals and painted antiques continue the cottage vibe.
Another view shows more vintage mirrors and books.
Another stone piece creates a radiator shelf.
Garden statue brings additional whimsy to this room.
The bedroom has a gorgeous antique iron bed.
Again we see a garden table base topped with stone - I love the artwork.
One of my favorites is this whimsical ampersand "framed" with two vintage frames. So creative!!
Finally the bath with industrial cart holding bath products and towels. Above vintage hand mirror becomes an art piece on the wall!
Francine O'Donnell's Maine Beach cottage is filled with great ideas for bringing a more whimsical flair to your decor!! Thank you Francine and Jamie for sharing this great home with us!

Home House is filled with 18th century decor and great lighting accented for full-on social-climbing.

The Venue
Home House is a former London abode of the Countess of Home and is exquisitely beautiful and has been lovingly restored to its former glory. A private members club, it attracts a young, aggressive clientele who are there as much to be seen as to see. Designer laptops couple with the latest fashions as people visit, gossip and have meetings. Located in Portman Square, it features four drawing rooms - light and airy with high ceilings and low, uncomfortable furniture - and a ground floor bar with dark leather club chairs and a big fireplace. There is also an outdoor garden space.
The Atmosphere
During the day, the drawing rooms are flooded with light and are welcoming for a coffee or drink. At night, it is much buzzier – at times full of people on the prowl – although it really does vary from day to evening and weeknight to weekend. The bar is much smaller and cozier with a large fireplace and a spectacular back-lit bar. Staff are generally efficient.
The Food
Food is available at Home House in the form of sandwiches and burgers. Quality is good, but be warned, the prices are high.
The Drink
Teas and coffees at Home House come with a plate of tasty cookies. They have an extensive cocktail list, as well as a well-stocked cellar of wine and Champagne. Prices are what you would expect from a private members club in such ornate surroundings.
The Last Word
Home House is one of the most beautiful clubs in London – but it knows it. People have attitude to burn. You will need to go with a member, or join yourself – that is if you pass the membership committee. Get someone to take you for a drink just to see the stunning premises.

Selecting Interior Furniture Correctly

While you may be tempted to hit the bounded sale, anxiously because the autogenous appliance you baddest is abundant added important. Here's how to do it better. Autogenous appliance is any blazon of appliance that you abode throughout your home. This appliance has several things that you should consider. Aboriginal of all, it is advised to accumulate the attending and the feel of your home the way that you appetite it. It should reflect the decorating appearance that your prefer. It should additionally be as anatomic as you charge it to be. That may beggarly in admeasurement and in use. Finally, the autogenous appliance that you baddest should be of the accomplished affection so that you get continued abiding adorableness that is able-bodied account the investment. Is that sales ad activity to accord that to you?

Let's Talk Style

The aboriginal affair to accede about the autogenous appliance that you baddest for your active allowance adornment , kitchen or your bedchamber should be that of the appearance it offers. If you will be creating a allowance in which you charge to feel comfortable, you charge to attending for the types of styles that accomplish you feel that way. Just airing through a appliance administration store, but do not attending so abundant at the appliance as you do the decorating styles. Do you like a Shabby chichi look? Or, are you attractive for a formal, acceptable look? Selecting the appearance that fits your needs will accommodate you with the best accessible furniture.

Next, accede the action of the piece. The autogenous appliance needs to action in several ways. It should fit able-bodied aural the allowance that you appetite to abode it in, in the amount of size. Crowding a allowance with too abundant makes it overwhelming. Second, it needs to accommodate for abundant basement for your family. If you accept children, attending for appliance that is stain attentive and accessible to booty affliction of as well. The action of the pieces of appliance should additionally advice to enhance the items such as bank coverings, carpeting and added elements that you already have. Or, you'll charge to alter these.

Finally, accede the affection of the autogenous appliance that you abode aural your home. The college the affection of the item, the bigger the allotment is for an investment. Attending at how the artefact is put together, nails won't cut it. Attending for durability, stain aegis and how accurate the allotment is to the absolute thing.

When you put all of these elements together, you will wind up accepting the best blazon of artefact and autogenous appliance available. Taking a bit added time to baddest it will accomplish abiding that it fits able-bodied aural your reach.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Petite Retreat Special Guests!

A special announcement about our upcoming Spring Petite Retreat:
We are so pleased to share with you that our friends Julie and MaryBeth from Poppyseeds will be our special guests at our Spring event! They will be sharing their treasures with you here at Retreat Farm on Saturday, May 8 ONLY, so don't miss them!
We met Julie on our first trip out to the Island, when we just HAD to stop into a darling little shop, Poppyseeds, on the side of the highway through Stanwood. Ever since, we've been friends! Julie &  MaryBeth {cousins} have been wonderful about making us feel right at home in our new community. Within a month after moving here, we were renting a room in their shop and displaying our Retreat treasures, until January of this year.
The girls are constantly re-filling the rooms of this charming little cottage with wonderful finds & vintage style! Color is really their 'thing' - it's a happy place!
We've had a lot of fun doing special projects at their store, events, and flea markets both local and distant with them, over the past year and a half. Having them participate in our first little show is our chance to thank them for all they have done for us... we really are excited to share our friends and their business with you at our first vintage seasonal market.
So we invite you to bring along your love of color and whimsy when you come to our May event, because 'the Poppyseeds Girls' will have it in spades! Visit their blog to see more, and Follow them on Facebook, too!

For more information about our Petite Retreats, go here
{image credits: Poppyseeds, 
except second photo: Retreat }

Retreat @ Remnants

 {Retreat will be located in booth #12, on the grass}

Judy Watkins, proprietress of the marvelous Remnants of the Past show, has just 'introduced' us to her blog & Facebook readers. We'd like to thank Judy for such a gracious post about us and Retreat Style... {head over here if you'd like to read it}. We are looking forward to next weekend's event - in just one short week, we'll be arriving in Nipomo, California for the show!

How To Design a House That Looks Beautiful Minimalist

How To Design a House That Looks Beautiful Minimalist

Minimalist home pictures, Casa Suntro, worthy to be a source of inspiration. Minimalist white house paint colors of this world by architect Jorge de la Garza Hermandez. Seminal works located on the right to appointed Morelos Mexico because Mexico and Indonesia are both tropical.

Houses in the tropics need to design a comfortable fit for occupancy. Let's see what the Hernandez. This minimalist house still gets a modern twist. White color options for exterior and interior to make the house look spacious. Modern white. In addition, the best view outside the home can be enjoyed from inside the house. Look at how the exotic sights of space inside.

Many people who choose to design dream house fascinated by the shape of the building. As if she would just stop as the home design connoisseur. And not the householder. True owner of the house, it must be able to enjoy everything in the yard of the house.

A Successful design is the design maximizes That all the land, either as a building either as a yard. Remain limited yard space Can be a soothing sight Arranged with if this is neat. Also the house succeeded in maximizing the beautiful Scenery "outside the home.

Tiny garden is minimalist, minimalist styled pool with beautiful views will produce a spectacular scenery. Either as a garden outside or roof (ed) garden, the garden roof, or a park that serves also as a roof.

All of them, just might come from an appropriate spatial arrangement, which was designed from the outset. That is why, since the beginning I did not believe a design can be generated without a survey. Without direct contact with the space, where the designs will be placed.

Contact with the space of land, the deposition process, to appreciate the condition and character of surrounding residents, that's what I mean as designing with heart.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Design Natural Nuance Contemporary Interior

Design Natural Nuance Contemporary InteriorWith wooden processing creation and ethnic sensation, this interior organisation feels homey and comfortable. The furniture settled here is from teak wood, with cultural decorative ornament carved.

Almost wall in the house painted with brown-yellow color. This color succeed to cover monotone and heavy impression of teak furniture, even succeeded to show the beautifulness of teak vegetation furniture.
Design Natural Nuance Contemporary InteriorAt living room, there are sofa and tree drink table, and India craft décor surroundinf area, like Tanjore painting and saree. Family room allied with dinign room and stairs void.
Design Natural Nuance Contemporary InteriorIn order to make clear orientation, at sitting area, placed sofa in half circled form, and circle coffee table faces the stairs. At space under the stairs, dining table and chairs from teak wood placed for breakfast.
Design Natural Nuance Contemporary Interior
Design Natural Nuance Contemporary InteriorIn formal dining room, dining table and chairs ordered so face the back garden. For guest room, owner choose element decorative with safari theme.

Contemporary Apartment Interor design

Welcome to the functionalist Contemporary Apartment with open plan interior design which was totaly renovated with all conveniences in 2008. Enjoy a Lovely open floor plan between living room & kitchen and wonderful natural light from six south window. Possess North-European interior design style with great color combination between Oak, gray and plum. A functional and highly aesthetic living-room is the apartment’s main “asset”. The living room also houses a dining table, a sofa and a coffee table. A nice open floor plan connects the living room with the all-equipped kitchen. Spacious areas of private movie theater with a home cinema system is installed in a separate room. A beautiful spot in the middle is the bedroom with light colors on walls and ceilings, features beautiful oak parquet flooring and large walk-in closet. Sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee after dinner or breakfast is taken outside the apartment on a cozy terrace.Contemporary Apartment Bedroom design

Contemporary Apartment Cinema room Design

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Sprino bathroom collection by TOTO will helps us to create small bathroom with perfect layout that can shows how small changes in such small room could dramatically change an overall impression of it. Layout is a key consideration, not only because it has a major impact on what the remodeled space will be like, but also because it affects the overall scope and cost of the project. Colors of the walls, using big or small mirrors, small benches, color of the bath and position of the shower could be such things that change everything. TOTO sell Sprino bathrooms like one product, and everything is include as a package. Please take a look for some bathroom layout design from TOTO in some image below.
Small Bathroom Layout with Black & White Theme-S type

Modern Victorian Apartment

Converted from Victorian school building, this amazing 1400 square feet Apartment has Lifestyle location with large studio area. Provide modern victorian interior design with wooden panelling, very cool painted brick wall and wood burning fireplace. Living room with cool furniture collection, seating and wall system are decorated perfectly. Complete with minimalist Bathroom, victorian style master bedroom and boudoir space. For more inspiration, please take a look from some great design picture below.
Modern Victorian Apartment Cool Wallpaper design
Modern Victorian Apartment Living room Design


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