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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Best Decorating Your Living Room Using Turquoise

Even if some people might consider turquoise an exotic color, this color is in fact one of the most easiest colors to use in the real life. As it is light and suits a lot of complementary colors ( dark brown, black, dark red and so on), decorating a living room with this color is quite easy.

Before continuing, a certain thing must be recalled to all the readers: turquoise is way different than light blue, especially from that light blue that is commonly used in bathrooms.

Best  Decorating Your Living Room Using Turquoise

When it comes to decorating a living room with turquoise, people have 2 possibilities: either they choose to paint the walls of the room with this color, either they choose to decorate it with accessories. The gamma of accessories which can be found in this color is quite large and includes candle supports, candles, chandeliers, pillows, curtains, glasses and many other more. And, as turquoise is complementary with the colors that are used for the regular pieces of furniture, it is definitely guaranteed that this color will definitely suit in the landscape of the room extremely well.

Best  Decorating Your Living Room Using Turquoise

This year, home interior designers are using turquoise as the main color for the most successful curtains. They compile the turquoise curtains with a dark colored string, and what results is definitely sophisticated and elegant.

Turquoise is also perfect for decorating the living room in the cold season. As it is a little bit cold, even icy, turquoise will fill extremely well the room. In fact, in can even be used as the main color for a modern table, especially if it is compiled with a brown table accessory.

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