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Friday, July 2, 2010

Asian Interior Design

Asian Interior Design
There are many things to know when you are talking about Asian interior design, and this is especially true when you are looking at this in the context of the environment in Singapore. Because we are basically a Petri dish of mixed cultures and influences, there is no such thing as a one dimensional interior design, and because of this, you need to understand how this is going to be able to affect the aspect of this design as a whole, and we can look at how trends have affected Asian design in the first place and how this is going to evolve in the future.

The first thing that you are going to look at of course is the colonial design that is of course, a big feature within any home that started off when Singapore started the whole modernisation phase quite a long time ago. Now because of this, colonial design does not necessarily mean just classical roofs and sorts of things like classical furniture, but they can of course mean things like how the room is arranged, the patio area, the use of wood and of course, the grand scale of some of the older houses in Singapore.

One thing that you need to know about of course is how you are going to fit this in when thinking about Asian design as a whole. When the first of the boats started to come in, the whole kampong concept of Singapore had to give way to a much more modern aspect of Chinese, Indian, and of course regional design elements, that was punctuated when the government of Singapore then decided to segregate and divide Singapore into a sum of many parts. But of course, today, we are not discussing on the finer aspects of how Asian design came about, but more so, where it is not today, and we can safely say that Asian design has taken a more contemporary take in this day and age, and some might say that it has been drowned out by a modern design imperialism that seemed to have dominated the skyline of the design industry.

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