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Friday, May 21, 2010

Designing a Serene Room to Relax In

Designing a Serene Room to Relax In
When choosing colors for the room, select pale hues. A pale blue and green are like a peaceful ocean scene and light tans remind us of the sand. Light colors are relaxing. Keep the number of colors to only 2-3 for the room. When there too many colors does not allow the eye to feel restful. The minimal color scheme keeps things simple and clean. It is a good idea to select your paint color last. There is a much larger selection of paint colors then things like the carpet, tile, fabric trim or the fabric selection for the furniture you choose. Select all those larger elements prior to selecting your paint color. You can even get custom colors mixed to get the exact color you want so your choices of paint color are really endless.

Select soft fabrics and fabric trim. Soft equals comfort and comfort equals relaxation. Use fabrics with texture and richness. Soft texture provides a cozy environment. Try using a chenille fabric as a main fabric. Some chenilles are extra soft. Adding fabric trims such as brush fringe to a pillow adds another level of richness and softness. Use those pale colors with low contrast to all your fabrics and fabric trim.

Less is more. Keep furniture and accessories to a minimum. Simplicity is restful for the mind and eyes. Do not clutter your space with too many unnecessary items. Keep things simple and utilitarian.

Don't forget the correct lighting. It is a critical element to creating a serene environment. Add dimmers to your overhead lights. This way you can amp it up for certain task and turn it down for a nice ambiance. Lamps always add a relaxing mood. A restful space will be created when you add low wattage light bulbs and a warm colored shade to add a relaxing glow.

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