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Friday, May 21, 2010

Redecorating Your Bathroom

Redecorating Your Bathroom
So you want to redecorate but don't have a fat roll of hundreds to use for the job. That is not a problem! You can still have a bath that is unique, attractive, and dramatic on a budget. Here are some frugal tips to help get you started.

Try mirrors. If you gather a collection of inexpensive mirrors, you can add light and space to the bath. Any colors in the room will be reflected and also they add visual interest. You want to group them together, instead of scattering them around or just hanging them on a wall randomly.

Massing works with other items as well, not just mirrors. If you mass together pictures or prints, this is also dramatic and visually interesting. Remember to hang them closely together.

It helps if your pictures chosen have a theme. You might group by shape - oval pictures, for example. You might also pick a subject theme, like women or pets. This works best in a powder room or half-bath rather than a full bath, because if there is a tub or shower in the room you are going to have high humidity.

You might try a piece of needlework for an unusual decorating piece. There are various samplers and patterns out there, and if you group several along a similar theme this can be most effective.

Remember to include a rug in your overall decorating scheme. This adds color and charm. If you have an especially drab bath, consider including a rag rug that is very colorful, or an oriental carpet. Regardless of your rug choice, you'll need to include a nonskid pad underneath. The need for a pad is even more crucial if you are using the rug in a bathroom where someone will be stepping out of a bath or shower.

You can also use a collection to add decorating oomph. There are many different types of objects that would work well in a high-humidity area like a bathroom, including pottery, vintage bottles, perfume atomizers, shaving mugs and so on.

For a quick and inexpensive jolt of style, use color. If you add an unusual color to a bathroom wall, this brings a sense of drama. Think colors like peach, chocolate brown, or teal. If you are not going to paint the entire room or even a wall, you can introduce colors with accents like the rug and towels. Finally, try some cut flowers or live plants to round out the room.

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