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Friday, May 14, 2010

Four Great Wood Stove Accessories

Four Great Wood Stove Accessories
Life is made up of thousands upon thousands of details. Every time, every space, every person, is just a huge collection of details, all arranged in such a way that they create the concerted whole. When decorating, controlling those details is vital, as they allow you to evoke the type of space that you desire. The more you are able to influence the nature of the very tiny, the greater power you will have over the entire space.

While a home has a certain architecture to it which is inherent, there are a variety of smaller details that make up even the bare bones of a space. Walls, fireplaces, shelves, and windows are all important elements in the home, but they are made up of seams, of lines, of molding, and of panes. You can decorate all of these features using stencils or paint, or even just by trailing lines of ribbon or garland along them.

Once you get into home décor items, details become very important. Each piece will be a tiny portion of the concerted whole, an intricate portion of the jigsaw puzzle that is your home. Things such as drink coasters, clocks, place mats, candle holders, vases, and other decorative and functional items are all part of the atmosphere, and should be chosen to compliment one another, rather than to detract from any other portion of the space.

One of the important things to note about details is that they speak to perfection. When you have something that is perfect, smooth, solid, unbroken, it is the congruous nature of its details that makes it that way. This can only be maintained however through constant vigilance. Trash cans should be floated throughout a space for getting rid of debris, beverage coasters should be slipped under glasses, place mats should adorn tables, and napkins should be bountiful and easy to find.

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