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Monday, May 10, 2010

Contemporary Japanese Home Architecture by ARTechnic Architects

Taking up the shape of nature, Japanese architect Kotaro Ide from ARTechnic firm has designed an amazing private villa in the middle of the forest, surrounded by caves and rocks. As the name implies, SHELL has the shell shape with an upgraded feature as a warm and cozy shelter in the wilderness.

Shell House Modern Home Design

Shell House Exterior Home Design

The SHELL villa in Kaurizawa has two storey structures, two tubes with oval sections which arranged around a fir tree. The top of the oval shaped building wall thickens by 330mm and its width continuously increases up to 730mm at both sides to meet the structural requirements. The floor is built 1.4 meters above the ground, with the lower half of the shell structure protruding greatly towards the outside, supporting the terrace of the same height.

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