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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Luxury Home Interior Design

When you’re choosing a firm for luxury home interior design, your first decision will be your definition of “luxury.” Some define “luxury home interior design” as exquisite workmanship; others think of it as including fine antiques; and there’s a segment that thinks of luxury in terms of customizing for their every whim.

However you define “luxury home interior design,” it will almost always involve renovation. In most major metropolitan cities, the basic cost of renovation is $300 -$350 per sq. ft. For luxurious details, such as mahogany bookshelves, you can easily go up to $800-$1000 sq. ft. Finding the right balance between luxury and value is very important.

Designer Previews will show you the work of many of the finest luxury home interior design and architectural firms and help you compare their strengths in relation to your needs.

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