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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Interior Design of Angels Wine & Cocktail Bar


Immediately attracts the new counter, placed at the center of the hall, built in cocktail, black glass, corian illuminated steel and satin finishes. Designed to perform a dual function, the new bank, is divided on the one hand and the other wine-bar/reception cafe / cocktail where dall’happy hour onwards, with a “dressed” in the corian window turns into console for the dj set.

The Dining Area Design of Angels Wine & Cocktail Bar


All this in just a few meters of development. The tables and chairs from the most fluid and lacquering glossy white and black are continuing the concept of elegance of the bar along with white leather sofas placed on either side of the hall under the walls exhibit rationally enriched by a frame of volumes with the same finishing plaster and backlit with white LED light.

Ceiling Design of Angels Wine & Cocktail Bar


Lighting Design of Angels Wine & Cocktail Bar


A “rain” of lamps pvc coated fluorescent hues in the center of the hall Ceilings Design is the only chance of color in a neutral and elegant Lighting Design. From the main saloon is accessed, then, for a small living room lounge (accessible from both the restaurant from the cocktail as well as the Hall of Cavour), where the neutral colors of the walls are strongly opposed the inclusion of large leather sofas fuchsia , by the use of wallpaper from abstract textures and a large silver zebra rug, voluntarily transgressing the concept underlying the two adjacent rooms, though maintaining, through the use of lighting, the same warm and relaxing atmosphere.

The Etalase Design of Angels Wine & Cocktail Bar


Living Room Lounge of Angels Wine & Cocktail Bar


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