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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

lake modern house

Johnsen Schmaling Architects are the designers behind the rustic Camouflage House, hidden in Green Lake, Wisconsin. This magnificent, modern lake cabin is perched on a steep hillside overlooking the lake, surrounded by trees in a veritable nature-lovers wonderland. This densely treed plateau has inspired the look of this natural house design; a rustic, low-profile silhouette with cedar and glass panels, framed to resemble the forest’s vertical lines and repetition. An understated, low-lying entrance gives way to a stunning, 2,700-sq.-ft. two-storey lake house that appears to spill down the hillside, with the breathtaking lake just beyond. Like the cabin-like exterior (a very chic cabin!), interiors are rustic and minimalist, yet sophisticated, elegant and chic all at once. Natural elements prevail, like warm and rich woods, and earth tones, and the panoramic views

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