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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Futuristic Home Designs

Australian architects Tony Owen Partners designed Moebius House in Dover Heights, Sydney. Right from its very beginnings, this ultra-modern home design is the future of innovation and technology. According to Tony Owen Partners, the house is “an example of ‘liquid architecture’ whereby projects are designed parametrically using 3-D digital software to respond to environmental issues.” Maximizing natural ventilation, the views and the home’s efficiency, while minimizing its impact on the neighbors are the key criteria of the method. An innovative design process suits the end result – a futuristic style of architecture that seems to flow from the top down in smooth lines and curves. The steel-framed and-clad house cradles vast walls of glass, allowing for panoramic vistas of Sydney Harbour. The window walls open to outdoor entertaining areas, doubling the home’s living space. The sun-soaked interior, like the exterior, has a fluid open-concept layout with a minimalist interior palette and contemporary concrete floors and futuristic features like the suspended fireplace and semi-enclosed staircase

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