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Monday, July 12, 2010

exciting tree house design

If you thought you’ve outgrown your treehouse, guess again. Those who appreciate modern architecture with an unconventional twist will want to plan their next trip to North-West Germany, where you’ll find this tree house perched between an alder and an oak in Osnabruck. Designed by architectural firm Baumraum, a company specializing in tree-top dwellings, the treehouse stands out with its curved roof and many windows. Although this modern home carries a totally sophisticated design, it still boasts those traditionally playful elements that make it a true treehouse – a rope ladder, plenty of outdoor deck space, and of course, nature-inspired interiors.

This is just not for our children tree house for play but this is nice tree house to living in. It’s too small to living in with family but I think it’s nice to living in for a couple or for hang out with friend

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