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Monday, November 1, 2010

Spain Modern Zen House Design A-cero Architects

Modern Zen House Design in Spain by A-cero Architects
This cool modern zen house design idea is located in Pozuelo de Alarcón Madrid, Spain designed by Spanish architects A-cero. The house is situated on a slope, inclined toward a lake, allowing for an upper and a lower terrace for outdoor living and entertaining. This futuristic home design is hided behind a harmonious sculptural set of curved walls made of stone dark granite and marble travertino that seem to emerge from a big water plate arranged in the house entry. This modern zen home has a modern features which applied to all kind of house elements such as lighting, blinds, safety, air conditioning and lots more by using computerized and motorized concept.
This beautiful modern zen house interior design is divided into upper and lower levels. An upstairs hall, lined with skylights, leads to the essence of luxury living – a spacious kitchen, wine vault, dining room, lounge and library; and continues deeper into the home’s private living spaces – the master bedroom, dressing area, bathroom, an indoor swimming pool and a gym. All the house rooms are provided with wide large windows in a dark safety glass.
The high floor communicates with a terrace. In the lounge the access to outside is made by a long large window that provides a continuity sensation from the interior space to outside. This terrace is covered by a pergola made of an aluminium structure that supports the sculptural premeditation of the building. In one of the side parts of the garden, there is a relaxation area with a pond of Buddhist inspiration.

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