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Monday, November 1, 2010

Scotland Sustainable Low Energy House Designs

Sustainable Low Energy House Designs in Scotland
Simon Winstanley Architects has done great architectural residential project with this sustainable low energy house design located in south-west Scotland.
The house plan is built on a former quarry, mirroring the stone that characterizes the area and surrounded by a green landscape. The stone home design is topped by a wood and glass enclosure that offers beautiful scenery to the surrounding countryside and the sea, lightening up the heavy stone architecture. This glass wall house area is built using a steel frame with cedar panels and triple-glazed windows, and is topped by an overhanging roof framing the outdoor entertaining areas.
This eco sustainable home is “green” in more ways that one – apart from its views, the sustainable house boasts recycled and Earth-friendly materials and technologies throughout, including: the masonry base is finished using recycled quarry stone; high-insulation exterior walls, floor and roof; triple-glazed thermal windows; heat pump for sub-floor heating and hot water system with a closed combustion wood burning stove for back-up heating; roof-mounted Photovoltaic panels; whole-house heat recovery ventilation system.

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