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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Smart Home Design 2010

This design inspiring by renovated chicago’s most green house in front of the Museum of Science and Industry. It is open to the public in 2008, but has recently been renovated to Midwest Living. The house is designed to reflect the lifestyle of the couple with empty nests and has a smooth texture, color, combine with modern design – and unique environmentally friendly technologies in the 21 century. This shows that you can use at home with plenty of room for entertainment, bedroom, who arrived here as a refuge, whimsical nursery / playground for a grandson and a functional home office in a building lot in Chicago standard.
The culmination of the first floor of polished concrete and wood dining table, old furniture designer from Chicago Killeen Kennedy, woodcutter oak 100 years old, have fallen on the basis of the museum in 2009. Chicago artist Terry Karpowicz also make a head, 3 coffee table, side table in the tree for use in the home.
Top, soft, green, and blue symbolizes a new beginning, and renewable energy. Bedrooms and bathrooms are designed as a personal holiday for couples, with a bamboo bed with organic bedding. Bathroom, beautiful glass tiles made from recycled wine bottles fell from recycled porcelain creates an elegant, low-flow shower heads and toilets, double showers.

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