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Monday, February 6, 2012

Pond kitchen

Women spend more than a quarter of their lives in the kitchen doing different activities there: cooking, washing the dishes and so on. So it would be best to make it a pleasant activity and environment. When you buy a very nice-looking piece of furniture or a funny sink or something else that you like watching and also helps in in the process of cooking or whatever you do there, you will feel a lot better and efficient. Look at this wonderful design of the Pond kitchen! I am sure any person will be happy to use it, whether a woman or a man.
This pond kitchen has a futuristic design and looks incredible. It was designed by the Korean designer Jaehoon Jung from Kamkam. The name is given by the sink that looks like a pond because it is built so as to imitate the shape of a pond with waves. The rest of the place is spread with little “pebbles” that are in fact different buttons that start different appliances in the kitchen. As, you can see from the pictures, this kitchen stand has three sides, so the cook is basically surrounded by it and only has to stretch a hand to reach the utensil they need. Any way, great design even if you won’t be able to buy it soon.

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