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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

O-Lithas Patio Furniture Design

Outdoor and indoor Furniture Design by Efrain E Velez

Outdoor Furniture Design

O-Lithas is a collection of patio furniture which was designed by Efrain E. Velez, an architect and designer in Austin-Texas. The Design Inspiration is based on the idea of making stone-like slabs appear to be light and fluid like a wave. The project started as play of words combining the Greek word ‘Lithos’ (Stone), with the Spanish words ‘Ola’ (Wave) and ‘Olita’ (tiny wave), and is now evolved into a new and consistent means to integrate steel and cement with Design. Please take a look…!

Patio Furniture Design by Efrain E Velez

Patio Furniture Design

O-Lithas Furniture Design by Efrain E Velez

O-Lithas Furniture Design

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