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Monday, June 14, 2010

Interior Living Room

Whether room is a 21 foot length with a large picture window at one end or live in a tiny apartment and the living room is bijou to say the least, there are living room décor ideas to suit and budget. can go for cozy chic and warm up living space or go for open-plan with vaulted ceilings and an expanse of herringbone hardwood floor. At the end of space have available. Are aiming for a peaceful retreat, full of serenity and harmony or a more user-friendly, basic living space where feel comfortable slipping shoes off and putting your feet up.

was choosing a color scheme for my living room I would go to the cooler colors on my color wheel chart - the blues and greens which can be used in different shades to achieve a 'joined-up' look of cool elegance. make sure that, when my ceiling, light shade of the room's main color on my ceiling so, color scheme was blue, would use the lightest eggshell blue find for my ceiling and then a slightly deeper shade of blue for my walls. If have mouldings could paint those completely white, or go for a darker shade of blue to both the walls and the ceiling. use matt paint on my walls and a paint with some kind of sheen on the mouldings.

For windows, to add height, place the curtain pole as high as possible near to the ceiling. This will give curtains plenty of drop to achieve an elegant drape. Modern décor arrangements always suggest that the fabric should be allowed to pool on the floor - never in my house. To me, artistic though it evidently is, this 'pooling' idea for the fabric is just a dust collector and, if have dogs like I do, is just asking them to make a bed out of the fabric! Why did I mention this? Find out what the trends are, but that does not mean have to follow the trends slavishly. Adapt styles to suit you and your lifestyle.

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