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Friday, January 7, 2011

Ultra Modern Architecture Office

Ultra Modern Architecture Office
Ultra Modern Architecture Office
Ultra Modern Architecture Office
Ultra Modern Architecture Office
This office interior design not only accommodate working activities, but also succeed to express product image which have environment approach & also make a bonafide company look. This office located in Rasuna Office Park, Kuningan, Jakarta, is base of Vidatech Company which have software products. A171 m2 space basic of two parts which become united & have triangle shape so the layout space more complex form usually office. Other unique part is there are low plafond & structural wall of building which across & can not be removed so make difficult to divide the rooms. As first step, designer divided office layout become two zone based on room program & use two accesses from old office. First zone consist of main access for staff & guest, main door, staff area, services area, two director room, & informal meeting room.

Second zone consist of special client access, formal meeting room, & management room. As a link of these two zones, there is lounge with café atmosphere. The floor is higher than the others. Those room order match with office needed which give attention to be representatives & marketing office, not the production.

In concept, owner & designer agree to express software product image in to interior design, & the concept get shape at capsule concept. This concept formulated as space with modular capsule shape with certain wall in round shape. Technically, all of structural wall let it flat, but other partition walls made curved with wooden skeleton & covered with panels laminated Formica Aluminum otherwise wooden profile in horizontal lines & deco finishing. This seems clear started from stairs area & main door, until formal meeting room until open ver&a which goes to lounge area.

Designer also applied rounded or curved shape at dropped down ceiling, explicated with indirect lightning lamp applied inside like seem in lounge area. Designers also cope to formed transparent, light, & sophisticated impression with applied fabrication material & up to date finishing. For example, almost of room partitioned with clear glasses from floor until plafond & frameless. Walls, plafond, floor dominated with gray & white color. As a room focus, there are digital printings with photos of sea living & attractive colors at certain walls. At staff room, filing cabinet from supercon material & acrylic finishing created, glossy with orange color to give spirit & joy of work. Lounge floor covered with 12 mm glass so indirect lightning more live.

Ultramodern office impression explicited with thematic lightning. For example, formal meeting room has blue lightning, so make dramatic impression, as if we inside sea. Last, furniture in this office is ergonomic, it means shape, measurement, & chair construction can prop up user body appropriate with user’s gesture & posture. Material & chair finishing do not use wood & usually seats, but have special material which flexible, strong, & sophiscated. These chairs have hollow shape, dynamic, sporty, light, & brief because stackable also easy to moved follow office activities (multipurpose).

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