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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Attractive Swimming Pool in Modern Family Home

This family home is built above 18 by 24 meters site area in between two buildings. Designed by Andrés Remy, the Devoto house is closed from the neighbor and allows the client to get enough privacy. In order to balance the need of private space for living and great connection with the outside, the house is completed with a large backyard that is surrounded by walls. The garden space becomes a center piece of the house and almost all room is opened to this area. Glass panel from floor to ceiling separates the out and indoor, creating no boundary between it. Living room, kitchen and dining room have full access to view the garden space and even the bedroom is overlooking to the courtyard. The most attractive spot in the outdoor is the swimming pool. It is designed with wood deck and a transparent glass wall, which could show us the elevation clearly.

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