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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cheap Decorating Ideas For Kid’s Rooms

Cheap Decorating Ideas For Kid’s Rooms
Interior decorating ideas can be over the top, a kids’ room isn’t a theatrical set, or a fairy tale epic. A kids’ mind can possess more imagination than any adult could ever have. Throughout my career of design, I have learned to leave this room for creative expression, young people are happy, with just enough, anything more is too much.

The important thing remember is to keep it simple, and maintenance free. Try to avoid hiring outside people to paint murals on the walls, fabricate expensive canopy beds, or swagging window treatments. Here are a few suggestions that have been success stories for my young clients who grew up, and left their rooms behind.

Young ladies prefer a princess, or ballet theme, and so why not combine both into one room. Every princess is a ballerina, and every ballerina is a princess. Young gentlemen prefer space, and sports subjects that still remain top trends. Whatever the theme is just remember, that there’s only one room in the home, that truly belongs to them.

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