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Friday, June 25, 2010

Luxury of Classical Interior Design of Home Architecture

This home design concept is adopting classic France principle design, which simplifies, and formed like chateau. Good to implemented design inspiration.
Luxury of Classical Interior Design of Home Architecture
In design concept, structural element and functional element of building which become Classic European design characteristic applied, like building proportion system, and curve details ornament, refers to Tuscan type. These matters seem on column, frame, cladding, and cornice at plafond. Canopy, main door, stairs fence inside home created from brass with Classic France flora motif. This form modified become more simple and the golden colors balanced with off white wall colors, so it clarify new packaging of classic European style of architecture.
Luxury of Classical Interior Design of Home Architecture
Symmetries compositions seem in room’s layout. Main door become axis illusion, and rooms inside home ordered faces to axis, so give formal and ordered impression. Repetitive pattern also applied like windows and balcony series. Foyer designed unity with lounge area. This area flanked semipublic rooms like formal dining room and stairs and one side, and breakfast room and pantry in other side.
Luxury of Classical Interior Design of Home Architecture
Then, formal dining room and pantry partitioned with glass door series and also curtain so give spacious impression but keep the privacy of every one who made activities. Next, lounge room side by side with family room and piano area, while side yard there is open veranda there and surrounding swimming pool, and also deliver us to fitness and spa room. At up floor, there are library surrounded with main bedroom, walk in wardrobe, and make up room, main bathroom, three children bedrooms, and also bathroom that use together.
house design inspiration
Luxury of Classical Interior Design of Home Architecture
European Classic Furniture
Inside, this home consists of furniture and accessories in Classic European nuance. Characteristic of this furniture seems on curve form which become identity of classic style, but modified so it become more simple, proportional, so more practical, not big. Colors compositions that choose are between cream, light brown, dark brown, dark green, moss green, maroon, and gold.

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