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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Home and Garden Design | Tips for Utilizing Trellises and Arbors in Your Garden

Denver, Colo. (PRWEB) -- Landscaping elements can enhance the style of your home and also serve as a smart investment. A recent study by Michigan State University shows that a good landscape design can add 6 percent to 12 percent to the base value of a home.
"Choose your garden structures wisely," said Wayne Lewis, president and head designer of GI Designs. "Make sure that the trellises, arbors and gazebos you buy now, not only fit your landscape design, they also should fulfill the future needs of your plantings."
"Study the entire landscape before you begin your project," said Lewis. "This helps to ensure harmony and flow."
Lewis knows about metal garden accessories. Through GI Designs he has provided sculptures, arbors, tripods and the entryway to the Children's Garden in the Denver Botanic Gardens, arbors for the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, Mich., and tuteurs to the Chicago Botanic Garden.
"Garden structures like arbors or trellises must complement your home's exterior and landscape design as well as fit the growth requirements of the vines or plants you are planning to use," said Greg Isabel, vice president and founding partner of GI Designs.
Keep your plant materials in mind when choosing landscape elements. Many arbors and gazebos simply aren't strong enough to support the weight and abuse that a mature wisteria or grape vine can bring, said Isabel. Structures that look great the first year or so after planting are later overwhelmed by the heavy, woody vines.
"It's a shame that a favorite plant may have to be severely cut back or even removed because the gardener didn't plan ahead and pick the right trellis or arbor to fit the future needs of the plant," said Isabel.
"Think of your garden structures like furniture," said Isabel. "Spend a little more on the big pieces to guarantee many years of enjoyment. Then spend less on accessories such as garden stakes and yard art to easily update the look of your garden."
Isabel recommends selecting metal garden structures that are easy to assemble, yet have strong welds and a substantial feel to the supports and cross-members.
When deciding on an arbor, look for one that serves more than one purpose. Some newer arbor designs feature integrated side planter boxes for easy planting and can be placed on decks or patios without having to be permanently mounted, as well as used in the landscape.
Combining a garden trellis with a planter box is one of the new trends in products for landscape design. Some units feature casters to allow easy movement around the porch or patio. Hotels and restaurants can use these planters and their trellis screens to separate parties and areas, or create a temporary wall and move it back as the party grows.
"Few items of home or garden decor are as versatile as this all-in-one planter and trellis. Use indoors or out for large house plants or climbing, flowering vines," said Isabel. "You can also utilize arbors with integrated side planter boxes for easy planting on decks, patios or in the landscaping."

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