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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Luxury Japanece furnitures

Cherry blossoms are symbolic for appreciating the here and now and they serve as a reminder of things short lived. Fans can be found repeatedly in Japanese design. This image represents a wish for unlimited success. The association is probably due to how the fan increases in size as it is opened.
Colors in Japanese design also have symbolic meaning. Red and white are symbolic of good luck. It would not be unusual to receive a red and white silk garment on your wedding day. Numbers have their own meanings. The most common gift that holds symbolism in Japanese design is a Temari.
Temari is a fiber art and it has been in use for centuries. It is customary to give these at very special occasions. A Temari is always made from left over or recycled material. They were originally crafted from the leftover fabric from Kimonos.
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Whether it is found on a tapestry or on a celebrity’s neck, symbolism in Japanese design is an incredibly interesting subject. Discovering the meaning behind the images may help you choose your own images for your home or even for your body.Black and White furniture - interior ideas
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Japanese design goes way beyond aesthetics and mere beauty. In every painting, sculpture, fabric, garden and architectural design, there is a symbolic meaning. The most obvious form of symbolism in Japanese design can be found in an unexpected place. The tattoo is a traditional form of art that is permanently worn on the skin. There has been an incredible increase in the number of both men and women getting tattoos.

The trend is so popular that you are very likely to see your favorite actor or actress sporting a tattoo. The most popular tattoos right now have meaning and are selected from Japanese designs. Many people are sporting these images on the lower backs and nip of the neck. Some prefer to place the Japanese design tattoos on their upper arm or ankles as well. While we are seeing this trend in tattoo art many designers wonder if the individuals choosing Japanese design for their images really know the meaning behind the icon.
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Japanese design holds more than just aesthetic value. Every Japanese design has a symbolic meaning associated to every aspect of the presentation. Different animals have different meanings in Japanese design. For example, cranes and turtles represent long life. Both turtles and cranes live for very a long time and the association is quite appropriate.

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Daisies symbolize good fortune in Japanese design. The flowers associated with good fortune have several pedals on them. These symbols will repeatedly be found in Japanese design that is used for gift wish the recipient well. It would not be unusual to receive a Japanese design floral arrangement with plum blossoms in them. Plum blossoms represent hope.
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